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Wish List

Jan 05, 2010
I've been playing for a few weeks now and there are a few things I would put on a wish list if I could change things. It is a short list because so far I am really happy with this game. :-) If any of these have already been brought up, please forgive the reposting...

1: I would prefer to press X to go in or out of doors. Getting randomly sucked into or out of a shop and other indoor areas gets a bit annoying. The home shop in Marleybone is one of the worst. When I have to go around the table by the front door I often go back out of the shop.

2: I love my Marleybone townhouse. One of the main reasons I bought it was because of the tiny park with the little pond. I wish I could place my Triton Statue in that pond. Is there any home item that can be placed in water?

3: I wish there was home items that would hold things like in the shops. A wand rack for the pretty little wands that my character has outgrown. A wardrobe that actually holds wearables. I love the little hat stands in the shops as well.

4: Flower vases that would hold the single flower blooms that we can get. I did discover that I can tuck those single blooms in the flower beds. I wish I could place my pretty orchid in a vase in my house though. It looked rather odd just standing there on it's bare stem.

Thats it! Like I said, its a short list.


Jul 11, 2009
I love these ideas; especially the one with the Wand Rack and Wardrobes that REALLY hold robes, and boots and stuff! Great ideas! Keep on sharing your ideas! :D