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Winterbane, Pagoda, and Spirial Cup Dungeon

Feb 13, 2011
I have purchased all the dungeons, Winterbane, Pagoda, and Spiral Cup. I don’t spend that kind of money so I can run through them a few times and just have them sit there. I buy them for the kids who can’t afford it. This is a game and it should be fun for every one and I admit it tickles me when they get all excited.
So, I put them in the Castle Shop so anyone can use them at any time I don’t have to be there for them to port to me and now you have to be my friend to use it! Mercy my friend list used to be full all the time.
Please, tell me why you would set it up that way? If they can’t use it, it is not worth my money to buy it.
PS: I still haven’t gotten the dragon from Winterbane. Lol