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winterbane gauntlet

Dec 13, 2008
I am pretty sure someone somewhere has made a topic about putting bane online and I think ki really needs to put it online to buy cause its not only me but a lot of people who say they cant find a bane at a walmart I looked online at a walmart for my whole state has nothing nada only pagoda and target was useless so if dino is leaving bane really needs to be put online no lie it would stop a lot of people from whining to you guys over the faq thing when I know all you kingsisle people say is sorry went cant tell you this or that
people are just gonna keep raging over a card bundle you people "say" is at a target or a walmart or even best buy or gamestop I checked every place in my state online its not in my state at all have you guys just completely stopped making them or what ru planning to move it online and stop selling at stores freakin tell us

Dakota FireMancer lvl95
Dakota IcePetal lvl93
Dakota NightCloud lvl92
Dakota DeathBlade lvl91
Dakota LifeFountain lvl72
Dakota MythBlossom lvl17