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Will we ever have Pirate101 Music Scrolls?

Apr 30, 2011
I understand why we wouldn't.. some people don't like Pirate101, and Pirate101 and Wizard101 are not connected. . . .

But there's so many songs I'd LOVE to play in my Castle!

Mooshu Skyway, Mooshu Broadside, Cool Ranch Main Theme!

The list goes on..

So, is there a possibility?

Jul 26, 2011
I seriously don't think that Kingsisle will put Pirate101 music in Wizard101 because:
1) It's another game and none of the music in Pirate101 appears in Wizard101
2) Well Pirates and Wizards aren't supposed to be near each other so how are they going to get the music to us Just Kidding
I really love Pirate101 Music especially Aquila, Marleybone, Valencia, and Monquista but I highly don't think that its music will make it in Wizard101 Music Scrolls.

Dec 17, 2010
I'd love to have Pirate101 Music Scrolls in Wizard101. I absolutely LOVE the Marleybone Skyway theme.

Dec 30, 2012
People must understand there is a fine line between game franchises.
You need a reason to play different games. It would be truly boring if all games were the same. There would be no point in playing other games.
Why would I play pirate101 if Wizard101 has all the exact same features?
People ask for companions in Wizard101 but don't understand that companions are what make Pirate101 innovative and special. Just how magic makes Wizard101 special.
People ask to go to Skull Island in Wizard101, but for what reason? It would make no sense story wise and take away from the exclusiveness of the world itself. Sure, we have crossover worlds between both games, but Wizard City having Pirates roaming around it? Why on earth would we ever do that?

Music is a huge part of a game. Taking the music and adding it to another game makes no sense and takes away from the game it was brought from. If both games were the same, there would be no reason to play Pirate101, which by the way, is an amazing game.