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why would you do this?

May 01, 2009
I would like to know the thinking behind makeing the best gear in the game only obtaniable from crowns? I will try to stay calm but this idea just seems like it was born out of just and no regard to the people who play this game. I used to save tons of gold so i could buy the good gear even if it was all white, but now that is totally pointless. what is the point of even haveing gold any more if you cant get good gear with it. The only good thing you can buy with gold is a house but who knows how long that will last.

I know this form has a team of moderators overseeing all message board activity. so this message may not be posted becase it makes KI look bad but im trying anyway.

Peace out
Cris MoonWever
LvL 47 Fire

May 03, 2009
Although the crowns gear is arguably better than the gold equipment no one is making you buy it. If you have the money and wish too good for you. I have never used crowns for gear and I am quite happy with my things. I do have one crowns item that I purchased with gold before they took that option away but I find the boss drops and other items to be fine for me. Perhaps you wish for the crowns gear because you are not very good and feel you need better equipment rather than a good deck and strategy.

May 19, 2009
you may not be able to buy crowns items in the shops but you can find them in the bazaar

May 29, 2009

so I do have some crown gear and I don't know whether I'd call it better. Crown gear has its advantages:

- it's generally more generic in nature (adds 3% to resist, adds 2% to accraucy, adds 5% to damage, etc.)
- a lot of crown gear comes with a card for an additional spell

However, I'm not even wearing some of the crown gear that I bought? Why? Because for my school (fire), a lot of the boss drops that I have are actually better than crown gear for fire school. while I don't get a 3% increase in damage for all school spells. I get a 6% increase in just fire spells which is more valuable to me.

May 28, 2009
The crown gear is now available as drops. Don't know who all has the stuff yet but I do know that Malistaire has the Storm Hound. And I got the crown gear that has the Ice shield / absorb thing with it. I don't know the name and I only know that it dropped in DS. Wish I could be more helpful but at least you don't have to "Pay" anymore to get crown gear, you just have to grind.