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Why is reporting members only?

Jul 09, 2009
This is just a thought that came to my head, but why is reporting an option only members can do? I feel like if we want to keep this game clean and as safe as possible, everyone should have the option to report, not just us wizards that are able to pay. I understand that some people would make accounts to just spam reports, but there are ways around that, (waiting 48 hours of playtime before reporting is accessible, bans/IP bans, ect) Thoughts?

May 09, 2011
There are players in other games that I've seen who can falsely accuse others of cheating/other things and with the report system being literally right there in this game they could go off and waste the devs' time.

Aug 03, 2016
I have no idea if unpaid members can do this or not - but if this is the case, then my first thought is that there has to be privileges members have that unpaid members do not, or no one would buy a membership.

I don't know if that is why and I am not negating your other points. But you wanted thoughts and that's what came to mind.

I also think most times it is unpaid members who are doing a lot of the griefing. No I am not saying all unpaid members do or anything close to it. Not at all.

Sep 17, 2012
Members only reporting discourages false reporting. Non-members are also mainly confined to Wizard City. If everyone could report, the system would be horribly broken by false report abuse and false accounts just for reporting spam. This just makes real reports harder for them to find and respond to. The 48 hours would do nothing, that's far too little time. IP bans also do nothing, most people can change their IP with a simple router reboot, some don't even need to do that.

Mar 13, 2010
It's not member only. It's member or purchase of $5 in Crowns within the prior 30 days.

I believe KI wants to limit the reporting feature to accounts that haven't been created for the sole person of spam reporting and other exploits.

Oct 29, 2011
It may be due to report spamming and players reporting for unneeded reasons.