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Why does it have to be humans?

Dec 16, 2009
KI does not need to completely remake the game it would have to be an addition from an expansion so it is doable

Aug 02, 2011
i like the idea of other races but i think it should be creatures that aren't spells... it always bothers me when i see my troll minion for myth using the troll spell. i always think why didn't you just run up there and smack him your self. so i say the marleybonian dogs, mooshu cows, the kroks and manders draconians, bears and wolves of grizzleheim and ravens, and maybe pigs of wysteria should be made. i know there are cards for mander and krok but as far as i know they're not actually taught... they're either treasure cards or from some equipment or pet... also if you went with any creature of the spiral some would be hard to make equipment for. for example i saw someone say they wanted to be an evil snowman, which would be fun, but what would the equipment be? hats and robes you could get to fit but how about the shoes? and if you maybe do away with shoes for this what would you give that would balance it out?

Dec 16, 2009
i would love to be a fire lioness from zafaria in full guardian gear

Feb 13, 2011
i have a better idea! ILLUSION VANITY ARMOR! it doesnt do anything exept make you look like the creature you choose, but it can be seamed... id personally get the clockwork golem of that, or maybe the cat... I LOVE CATS!