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Which schools go together?

Jun 02, 2012
Hi guys, so I have been playing the game for a while and want to hear your opinions. Which schools go together best? ( EX. Ice w/ Life secondary ) I have done every school except balance on my account. I've done Life for my secondary on every school except Life. On Life I did Myth and here's the reason why : If I had done death then I would be without an "all-enemy" attack until level 58 ( which is the level you get Forest Lord ). But this way I can get Humongo Frog, Minotaur, and EarthQuake. Also, Cyclops could be useful in Krokotopia and/or Marleybone. When I do use Life as a secondary I usually go up to Satyr or Centaur and do another school after that. After that I would do either Death up to feint, Ice to tower shield, or one of the Astral Schools. So far it's been working out great for me. Because you ALWAYS want to be able to heal. I would really like to hear your opinions so feel free to give me your feedback below. ( Excuse me if I misspelled anything ^.^ ) :)

Apr 10, 2010
Good topic. I use the method of crossing the street. If I make Fire mage i go with either death or life so i have the widest coverage of defences and the ability to heal. Frost up to tower shield is good.

Sabrina Raventhief

Jun 08, 2011
I think it's good to have a combo of ice/storm or storm/ice, life/storm or storm/life, so that you get really good health or healing and strong attacks. I have a Magus ice/storm person that is doing really well so far. I also have a Grandmaster fire/death. Death didn't work very well as a secondary school for fire; the only death spell I really use is Feint. I am considering buying back my training points and learning Life and Storm. The spells from Nile are also very useful.
Neither of my characters can heal, so I have to use treasure cards or gear. There's a lot of crowns gear that heals, and the Hearty Bear Hat gives Unicorn (and a lot of other stats)--and it's not crowns only! I would say pick a school that compliments the one you have (for example, if you have Life or Ice, pick an offensive school) and learn from Nile. Hope this helps.

May 24, 2012
I have been running Life/Fire. She's been strong until Dragonspyre and now doesn't have enough life score for stamina in a dungeon. I liked that combo for healing and power. I carried a balance wand too. That one gave me the sparklers that I could cast with no pip cost to me and not pop any traps I placed on someone else. Of the 5 wizards I've played she was the strongest. I'd love to figure out where I could build up my life score so I could be comfortable in DS. So far I haven't figured that out.

Apr 11, 2009
Mar 13, 2011
In my opinion, it's beneficial for every wizard to have Satyr and Feint. I wouldn't choose to attack with a different school 'cause I'd waist a lot of pips (and power pips.) I think that a secondary school is there to help you boost your power or heal. However, I'd love to read different thoughts on your subject! :D