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What's your favorite/least favorite world?

Aug 15, 2011
I think it would be easier to tell you which one is my favorite because every other one is annoying.

My favorite one is wisteria, the xp is great, questline is very sensible and cool, and I like them having another wizard school.

I hate gh the worst because of the low xp, and that every boss is extremely hard for lvl 20.
I hate mooshu because it never ends

Jan 26, 2013
Zafaria is the best!
it has cool animals!

i zafaria

Nov 14, 2010
favorite avalon least favorite wysteria

Aug 15, 2012
I have many favorites:

Krokotopia - awesome plot
Mooshu - Chinese and Japanese themed
Celestia - very attractive scenery
Zafaria - cool creatures and reminds me of The Lion King
Avalon - great plot, amazing scenery, the bosses were fun and challenging
Azteca - loved the plot and I loved the colorful scenery

The worlds I just can't stand is:

Marleybone - of course, even though I've become better at avoiding mob fights it's still annoying
Dragonspyre - didn't really look attractive to me, it was too dark and red
Wintertusk - the monsters annoyed me with their stuns and tower shield spamming. Other than that, I loved the music and scenery.

Feb 05, 2012
So far my least favorite world was Marleybone. It was long, dark, and I constantly got stuck in battle.
My favorite so far is dragonspyre. I think the clothes are cool and no one area is too long to bare.

Emily Icepetal lvl 51

Aug 30, 2009
My favorites are Mooshu and Marleybone... i like the scenery and music allot... the boses and stuff are cool as well. However my least favorite world is Celestia... i don't like how there isn't allot of space between you and the enemies... I also don't like how it is hard to get criticals and blocks, and everyone else gets the aoe spells (such as fire dragon, frost giant, storm lord, power nova, rebirth, and scarecrow.) but myth only gets orthrus which is hard to trap with it because you have to get two of each type of trap you want so by then you are out of traps so you have to stick with blades... and then you are having to keep healing because you (1 don't have good health and (2 and worrying with the astral spells with trying to boost your critical stats, defenses, accuracy, damage, healing (in/out), and pip chance... then the quest to get medusa was hard because the 10,000 health boos named talos who won't let you put traps on him so your orthrus isn't really good. I personally had to use minions and gear from the majestic bundle at level 60... AFTER I FINISHED THE WORLD!!!!

well ya, just my input on this topic

Mar 23, 2013
wysteria should of never existed.

Aug 09, 2009
I love Celestia so much because it's so different,creative,yet challenging but not impossible.

Least favorite? Marleybone. I literally danced for five minutes on the game with my friend when we finished together. I hated getting pulled into battles all the time. It's such a waste of time to me.

Dec 18, 2009
I loved Avalon because of all of the references to movies in it that I didn't notice in other worlds.

I didn't like Celestia because the theme was a bit weird for me.

Sep 17, 2011
Marleybone is my favorite! then celestia then dragonspyre than avalon zafaria azteca krokotopia grizzleheim wizardcity than mooshu i hate mooshu

May 06, 2012
least favorite is dragonspyher. it is to violent and hot. my favorite is avalon i like the story. i also like aztecas music.

May 21, 2013
hmm my favorite world seems to be wizard city since that is the only world that makes me feel like a wizard and i like the soft music there and pvp of course rofl. my 2nd favorite world is azteca because i like fighting 2 bosses at the same time that's what makes it a challenge and their cheats aren't that hard to solo (with the exception of belloq which makes azteca a little irritating) my least favorite world is well........... i don't even have a least favorite world i would say zafaria because their cheats are irritating and very hard but zafaria has great music and the fair bosses are great but i do hate cheating bosses i don't even know why they would even make cheating bosses the only reason i think of is that they want to give us a challenge but can they at least give you a way to prevent cheats on all cheating bosses like jabberwock and lower the ra damage a little on belloq XD so like i said favorite world wizard city but i have no least favorite (Blaze moonmender promethean Blaze ravenmender level 63)

Aug 08, 2010
My favorite world is marleybone because it is more of a city and my least favorite is grizzleheim because it doesn't seem that good

Jun 02, 2013
So far my favorite is Krokotopia. It is nice, sunny, and has manders!

I don't really have a least favorite, I like all the worlds.

Aug 01, 2010
Unlike most people, Celestia is by far my favorite world. I love the underwater theme and KI has done such a great job making the places look cool. Questing in Celestia is very fun and the storyline is cool. I think it is much better than some of the newer additions.

My least favorite world would probably be Marleybone. You are always sucked into battle and the storyline and quests are boring.

Mar 10, 2010
Ok.. revision on my post. Favorite worlds in order by theme:

Wizard City

I still that grizzlehiem is a very boring and good for nothing world. After all it is a side quest world

Amber Rainbowstone - - level 64

Sierra Hex - - level 33

Jul 09, 2011
This is the order from best to worst (I'm only up to MooShu by the way) And I've noticed it seems like they all have a certain school
1: MooShu
2: Wizard City All Schools
3: Krokotopia
4: Marleybone (The only thing I like in Marleybone is Big Ben but everything is dark and gloomy)

Jan 02, 2012
I love Wysteria. It's cute, short, gives good XP, and is really easy. I like all the worlds, but the one I like the the least would have to be Grizzleheim. Wintertusk is fine, and I like the GH quests, but it gives hardly any XP. Have a wonderful day!

Rebecca Shadowbreeze Lvl 66 Megan Sunsong Lvl 51 Ryan Lvl 44 Haley Stormcloud Lvl 43 Sophia Rubyflame Lvl 35 Isabella Rose Lvl 32 Thank you for your time.