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What's the story of your Wizard?

Dec 17, 2010
I have a question for all of you: What is the history of your wizard? Rules are:
  • What world are they from?
  • How did they get to Ravenwood?
  • What were they doing before becoming a Wizard?
  • Why they chose their school of magic?
Have fun!

-Nicholas Hawkspear level 90

Jul 10, 2013
My Character was born and raised in Azteca

My characters parents sent him to learn the arts of like

Studying the arts of Death because i thought i would be a death wizard.

I chose my school if magic (Which is life) because i like to heal other people and help out.

-Ryan Unicornfriend 31

Nov 17, 2012
My wizard was born in Dragonspyre.

Since he is a Life wizard, he was treated as an outcast by the people of Dragonspyre and left in shame before the cataclysm that befell Dragonspyre. He came to Ravenwood to make friends and find his niche.

Before becoming a wizard, he was rather lazy, although enjoyed running through the streets of Drangonspyre and playing pranks on strangers.

My wizard chose Life for its simplicity. He didn't like the idea of dying, either, and the healing spells were a big factor in his decision.

-Reed Spiritcaster, lvl 47

Nov 26, 2011
Born in Dragonspyre and raised there.
Merle saw potential in her and teleported her to Ravenwood and has been there since.
Cooking for people in Dragonspyre, helping build weapons and studying fire magic
Chose my school of magic because I like to break shields easily, do nearly as much damage as storm but have more health and resist. (Fire.)

Feb 07, 2011
Oh, yay! I'll do this for all of my wizards!

Angela Nightflame is a teenager from Firecat Alley, who arrived at Ravenwood with her twin brother, Blaze- a notorious firestarter (lol), whose bad rap almost always falls on her shoulders. He likes to destroy things, so Angie chose Fire to prove that it can be used for good. But she's not at all like her brother~ she hangs out with thaumaturges and quite enjoys the company of her polar cat, Kitty.

Patrick Dreamstalker grew up on Cyclops Lane, the fifth of six siblings (he has 5 older brothers and a younger sister), and came to Ravenwood to "better" himself. He chose Myth because he enjoyed fantasy stories as a child and wanted to make them real... The fact that he's a conjurer has incurred the wrath of girlfriend Sestiva's father, but he's determined to win her family over.

As a child, Tavia Summershield rescued a pixie from the jaws of a deadly fly-trap and nursed it back to health. Her family is poor and couldn't afford to send her to school at Ravenwood. But, as repayment for her earlier kindness, Lady Oriel put in a word with Merle Ambrose and ensured that it would all be taken care of. With this all in mind, Tavia chose Life magic~ she's quiet and studious, loves animals, and enjoys doing odd jobs for Professor Wu. But she's not afraid to pack a punch, should the situation call for it.

Sestiva Stormblade grew up in the Haunted Cave, with her parents and two older sisters, but was disowned when she confessed that she was in love with a conjurer.She came to Ravenwood because she had nowhere else to go, but still chose Storm, out of loyalty to her family~ much like the school itself, she's a glass cannon: fiery and a tad unpredictable. In her final year at Ravenwood, she gets kidnapped by Malistaire and has to be rescued by her friends.


Feb 07, 2011

When his family was named by Grubb for execution, Valerian Deathwhisper's family simply disappeared. They relocated from Nightside to Dragonspyre's Plaza of Conquests, where they lived in relative obscurity for many years. Val is an only child, and doesn't have many friends~ he comes from a long line of necromancers, some of whom served Malistaire, but he wants to be able to use his abilities to help others, rather than hurt them.

The girl known only as Shadowsong is not a Ravenwood student, but Alhazred's apprentice. She was the only survivor of a terrible war, and Alhazred found her in the Tomb of Storms, wrapped in a moth-eaten blanket and half-starved. So he took her home and raised her as his own child, trained her in swordplay and sorcery, so that she would appreciate (and be able to counter) all forms of magic. Her nemesis is Malistaire, who wants her to join him... and whose creepy obsession with her is more terrifying than she knows.

Tara Winterbloom and her family were driven out of their home on Colossus Boulevard by Baron Rotunda's men~ when the evil snowmen attacked, the family was separated and Tara fled to Ravenwood, with only her cousin Edward at her side. They were taken in by Professor Greyrose, who made sure they were taken care of; Tara chose Ice because she wants to take down the baddies with their own magic.

Scarlet Skullhammer is a necromancer who hates Life wizards and likes to destroy things: Malistaire is her role-model. So her parents sent her to Ravenwood to "make something of" herself, but she ends up getting in WAY over her head... Naturally, she isn't very popular among her peers.

Iridian Ironheart is BFFs with Patrick, whom she met in Prof. Drake's class at Ravenwood. She's flighty and a bit of dreamer, hence why Myth was her perfect fit... She's a model student, but will use her powers for nefarious purposes if her friends are in danger.

And, there you have it... the cast of von's Fan-Fic of Lameness!


Jun 24, 2009
Well I don't know the world he came from but mine somehow woke up in Ravenwood without remembering where he came from. It's possible that before he came to Ravenwood he was a joker as he enjoys taunting anybody he faces. As for fire spells he had a strange affinity for them and he just stuck with it

Apr 19, 2010
Story of my Wizard: (David Darkflame)

Born and raised in Dragonspyre.
Tried to find a job in Dragonspyre to help pay for the daily needs of his family.
During free time, studied the art of fire magic.
Went into Ravenwood school to make friends and get recognized.
Became a fire student because he admired the dragons.

Feb 02, 2011
THe story of taylor ghost leaf grandmaster life lvl 54
I was a orphan found by a marly bonean This woman took care of me while i grew till the age of 12 there i started trying magic The towns foke saw me as a freak so i was banished from there till i got it stomped out of me I gathered my things including a key that my mother said i had since she found me on her door step I went to the local church and i saw a door i never saw before a big one that looked like it was made of wood it was standing strait in the middle of the room so it would just open and you would just be on the other side of the room i tried to open it but it was locked so i decided to mess around and act like i was puting my wooden key in the key hole as soon as the key touched the door it opened and i was sucked in and knocked out when i woke up i was staring into one of the tallest men i have ever seen and i freaked he said that he was the head master of a school of magic here is a list of things he helped me do first we saved wizard city it self! then i was asked to go to the land of the kroks after learning of the secrets of the krokenomicon i was told i was to go to the place i was afraid of the most marly bone my home world when i arived i was welcomed as a hero and i defeated the evil meowearty with the most famous sherlock bones that is just a short list of what i have done thank you
Taylor ghost leaf Dont give up no matter what they through at ya you can over come them with just a glint of magic let life do the rest

Sep 27, 2009
Bailey Skullvault was born in Aquila about 30 years ago. She and her family were the only humans there, but they were known for their animal taming skills. At age 8, Bailey was pressured by her family to take up taming, so they sent her to Dragonspyre to learn to tame drakes. When she was only 12 years old, she took her favorite drake, a rare Sapphire Dragon named Azul, as her mount and she flew away from DS, wanting to get away from the war. She found her way to a small island with an abandoned watchtower. She fixed the tower up and decided to live there. She wrote a letter to her parents, stating where she was and how she got there. A few weeks later, Bailey got a letter back from them that said the island she resided on was inhabited by a turmoil, a drake that controls time. As long as she lived there, time would be frozen in her life. The years would go by and her parents would die, but she would always be 12 years old. Bailey was only 12, so ripped the letter in half and ran up to her room to cry. After about 20 years, Bailey had learned how to survive by her own and decided to stop the turmoil. She went to the cave he lived in and found that the turmoil was a baby. She tamed the turmoil and kept him as a pet, naming him Leo. That was her first pet. She escaped from the island with Leo and Azul and found her way to Ravenwood. She enrolled and became a pyromancer, one of Falmea's best students. She's now 17. She graduated from Ravenwood but still tries to use magic to help save the Spiral. And yes, she still currently resides on that island where she first lived ;).


Jul 28, 2011
get comfy - this will be long

A long time ago, there was a world where no one believed in magic except the royal family.A princess was born, they named her Angela, after her mother, the queen. On one tragic day, an evil balance dragon attacked. The world was destroyed. But, just in time, while Angela was ready for school, Ambrose saved her and her parents were gone, along with everyone else. /after the attack of the Dragonstone dragon, she had amazing balance powers. She saved people from Malistaire, and almost Morganthe. She barely remembers anything about her past, except her name. She was given the last name Dragonstone, because the evil balance dragon was called this, and she survived. She wonders about her past.

What know one ones is that the Dragonstone dragon actually wanted Angela for himself, so he could steal her magic to double his power. And Angela's parents actually sacrificed them selves to save Angela, and gave her to Merle last minute

Someday. Angela will kill the dragon for revenge.

Jun 02, 2013
The Story of Isaac Goldenriver

Isaac was born and raised in the fair world of Mirage along with the cat people.
Merle simply magicked him there to Ravenwood, like any other student.
Before being a Wizard, he helped out the residents and his family in everyday life.
He became a Fire Wizard being connected to Mirage's bright sun, and his Father's heritage of Dragonspyre.