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WHAT'S the new world gonna be? Hmm?

Feb 26, 2009
:-DI think it'll be a death world that resembles the underworld/Hades (Greek mythology, probably familiar with percy jackson series) I mean if you think about it, WizardCity is main world, Krokotopia is Balance, Marleybone is Myth, (I think) Mooshu is Life, Dragonspyre is Fire, Grizzlehiem is Ice, Celestia will be Storm, and what's left? Yah you guessed it. Death world. Possible names- Underworld, Hades, etc. (Please post other possible names) But if Kingsile were to get started on this project, I would give some examples-

Spiral chamber- inside giant monster skul with sharp teeth opening.

Main area/commons area- large courtyard of bones, and unlit braziers until at the end you see the guard-Cerberus! (Three headed giant dog in Greek myths that guards underworld. Cerberus- greek for "demon of the pit" not lying) You have to face Cerberus-(sorry about that graphic people) and after you beat him, there's three GIANT bone doorways- ALL instant areas. You go through the first one on the far left first- since it'll be the only avaliable one.

First area (make the name)- Giant dead grass field. There will be scarecrows and powerful ghouls and ghosts haunting through the tall grass. There'll be ruins in some parts but the rest is up to you. Story of first part- You meet a creature/man/monster that warns you of an evil Necromaster that rules the underworld and wants to use evil magic to conquer/destroy the Spiral. You must free him by destroying ruler of first area (you make it up)

Second Area- After succeeding in first area, you return to the courtyard holding the now unconcious Cerberus. You go through the middle doorway. The second area is a long wide cave, full of monstrous creatures. You meet the previous man/creature/monster that you met in the first part, and he says the key to the Necromaster's castle (which is third doorway) is in the very last section of the cave, but there are many giant doorways throughout the cave. So you gotta battle your way through monsters and bosses to get to the key in the last part which is heavly guarded by strong powerful boss. (Imagination inc.)

Third Area- You now have the key to the Necromaster's castle. The man/creature/monster you helped is waiting outside the doorways. You must now use the key and go through to the castle. After going through the door, you realize your IN the castle already. (makers design the castle) After hdefeating monsters, ghouls, ghosts, and other creatures, you make it to the top. The last room is a skull palace a bone doorway on one end, and a BLACK fire, hearth on the other end. In that seat looking at the hearth is the Necromaster's shadow. He speaks in a low, bone chilling voice. "How long I have been waiting for you." The voice sounds familiar. Too familiar. That's it! It must be- burger king, king. Nah not really. The Necromaster get's up and turns around. It's Malistaire! You gasp like crazy, and then he tells you that he plans to use Astral magic to create a second Krokonomican, like the Krok's did but this time to harness only death's power. He will use the new Krokonomican- or Malistaironomican to destroy Bartleby's children the Frost giants, Tritons, and Dragons, hensforth weakening Bartleby- enough for malistaire to make the final blow. He explains that Silvia shall be his bride (by the way she's tied up in the corner -) Then you must battle him to destroy the Malistaironomican. After you (hopefully) beat him, he (with the little strength he has,) strikes his staff at the floor, creating a portal to a very very very very dark place. HE pushes Silvia in, and right as he is to jump in, he turns to you and says "When the book is activated by this world's dark core, I might not live but the whole Spiral will be destroyed, and after that the UNIVERSE!" Then he scoots in. You must return to Headmaster at once.

Fourth part-guys this has been tiring so how about yo guys make up the rest? PLEASE post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please post Falmea, since your the creator in disguise, I really want to know what KI thinks!

me. :-D

Jan 27, 2009
It's based off atlantis, K,I, has said this over and over.

Dec 19, 2009
he meant the world after celestia if you read this post correctly anyway great idea

Jan 27, 2009
Sorry about that, i was short on time and now that i read it i see what he was talking about and it seems like a possibility. Ether that or a mid-evil world will probably fill the death world slot.

Jul 21, 2009
All i wanna say iis that the last dungeon should be haidies (or how ever you spell that)'s chamber. :D

Jun 30, 2009
dude who ever mad this good job like holy crop good job i see what you were going for like a greek kind of theme but it the underworld i can see it know how cool it is and i bet we will learn about the underworld in grrek mythology but i dont think malistare is going to be the boss you should have the original master of death the devil or lucifer i think that is how you spell it any ways but otehr wise very good idea if i ever work at KI my first suggestion will be this i am eright be hind you 100% i hope this is the world after celestia and if the could get the styx river in there some how or some thing and cerburus good idea well i cant think of more but if i do i will come right back to it and post reply to it

Jack dragonbreath lvl 50 fire