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Whats more powerful, Spectral Blast or Judgement?

Jun 24, 2009
Ok now i know you might all say Judgement but stop and think for a second judgement is an X spell while spectral blast costs only four pips. So if too guys are fighting in the arena and they both have full pips. The balance guy has a elemental blade, balance blade, bladestorm, feint, hex, and elemental trap. He uses Spectral blast, (I have used spectral blast and I have gotten it up to 3000) but it doesn't kill, but injures the enemy bad. Since you used only a fourth pip spell you can easily finish the enemy off quickly. Now lets say he uses judgement instead. He has balance blade, bladestorm, feint, and hex. Judgement does a lot of damage but it doesn't kill. Since judgement is an X spell you no longer have any pips giving the enemy a chance for the opponent to make a come back. In my opinion, I think spectral blast is better because you don't use up all your pips and if you had plenty of pips you could cast it about three times. What is everyone elses opinion?

May 19, 2009
I'll have to say judgement, bc i have never heard of anyone getting to the rank of warlord by solely using spectral blast.

Dec 13, 2008
Well spectral blast has been really useful for me i gotta admit that but when your a level 50 you can get a overpowering judgement 125 per pip which means you can hit more for less the down side is that you gotta discard like a million cards to find it...... But with spectral blast you need to have all those balance boosts plus feint and elemental blade and elemental trap and maybe some traps from other schools for it to hit at least 1500 and its the luck of the blast also because you could hit ice and it would hit maybe even LESS then 1500 which would be bad wasting all those traps so i guess its the luck of the blast xD

Jun 17, 2009
nope.. your all wrong..

i am warlord i use spectral blast mostly but use judgment last..

for me i use elemental trap, elemental blade, balance blade, hex

then i use spectral blast twice then judgment it kills mostly everyone..

counting i put alot of shields on the way to earn my pips i rarely die..

i've done 151 matches won 128 of those matches.

judgment is good but takes awhile to build.. i don't use feint because usually the opponent uses feint themselves.

but again..

i would use the same traps and blade i said awhile ago.. and just use spectral blast if its not storm them i use kraken which can do around 1,700 along with spectral blast doing more than 800 so i really see no point in judgment all the way because

OVER USING judgment will nerf the dang thing and people won't be able to use judgment to its potentials i'd say to use judgment to kill off maybe 500-800 health of your opponents.