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What Would Your Wizard 101 Report Card

Feb 15, 2009
Hi I'm charles c.

look at my report card that falmea gave me

Spell Casting F
Corage A-
Behavior A

Need more well at spell casting and corage.


Feb 07, 2009
steelers1234 wrote:
My first Wizard 101 report card would probably be:

A- = plays well with others
C- = strategy
D+ = deck organization
B = stamina
A = courage

Professor Drake would probably include a note stating he thought I might be suited for another school like Balance or Life.

He would also mention that Taz, my dragon pet, needs to take a remedial flying class: How to Avoid Obstacles While Flying.

Mine is
D+ Plays well with others (i have a A temper thats on fire allot I guess thats a fire school student)
A++ strategrey I have died once in a boss battle
A++++++++++ deck organzation I started with a F- but after lvl 10 i got better and went to A++++++++++++++++++++
B-Staimana (i do one quest a day sometimes LOL)
A Courge

Sorry Prdesser F On that homework my helephant ate it :? hope i still get my normal A

Not bad LOL
Cya in the spiral
Alex wildbreaker

May 14, 2009
when i did some of my homework, professor wethersfield gave me this

Works well with others: A Usually goes solo but if she really needs help she will call on one of her four close friends of one of her many others

Deck organization: A Needs more traps/shields because balance is partially about buffing and she doesn't buff that much

Strategy: A+ First casts a balanceblade, then passes until she has 4 pips, and casts sandstorm. If she doesn't have a pixie available and needs a little healing, she will cast a ghoul

Stamina: A No comment

Courage: B Needs to stop fleeing when she accidentally gets attacked and wants to 'save time'

Comments: Good job, but needs more training and needs to brave the Sunken City. Also needs to budget her gold and stop buying the latest pet. Save up for Earthwalker. Also stick with one pet out of eight. (I literally have eight pets)

Signed Arthur Wethersfield and Alhazred, Balance professors

Feb 15, 2009
Here's my report card i'm a death wizard

Draining:Malorn Ashthorn:A.Dworgn:C+
Healing Dead People:Malorn Asthorn:A+.Dworgn:A+++
PvP:(dworgn only on rest of grades and this)B-
Pet caring:A+
Deck Orginizing:A+
behavoir:MA(Malorn asthorn)A+ Dworgn:A+
Accurancy:Malorn asthorn:B+Dworgn:B+

Malorn Asthorn:Did great at draining and healing dead people Behavior and Accurancy not bad but a great necromancer

Dworgn:Well did a good job.
deck organizing and pet caring and lunch was super great
Samuel S. brang lunch everyday what i say to bring.it's blood and brain sandwich

Malorn and dworgn:Did very very very well on death.


Jun 15, 2009
Necromancer here...

D- = plays well with others (leave me alone. I'm better than you.)
A+ = strategy
A = deck organization
B = stamina
B = courage
C = patience

Oct 17, 2008
This looks like fun...

Name: Sierra WinterBreeze
School(s): Ice, Secondary Death
Teacher(s): Professor Greyrose and Dworgyn
Level: 45 (less than one thousand exp. needed to level 46!)

Plays well with others = A (Helps her friends when she can.)

Strategy = B (Sometimes she just casts any spell that shows up in her deck...)

Deck Organization = B- (Good, but always forgets to change decks when needed. When she actually remembers, she forgets to change back to her old one and messes up without it.)

Stamina = A- (Only does about one quest a day, but that is because she is helping her friends with their quests.)

Courage = B (In some battles she fights bravely, but most she just skirts around.)

Power = A+ (Though being in Ice, she is very resoureful and finds enough ways to gain maximum strength with every spell.)

Healing = A+ (She saved up to buy the Master's Boots of the Dryad, an old Crown item that is now gone, so that she could heal others. Also is always stocked with healing Treasure Cards from her Life school sister, and can heal herself with Death spells.)

Uses Traps, Blades, and Shields when appropriate.

Needs to stop blaming her sister, Rowan WillowLeaf, for everything.

Must manage her money more. Thinks that there is nothing left to buy now that she has a large castle (Marleybone) and Crown item clothing, but still begs for someone to lend her money for something new everyday...

Needs to complete her own quests more, and stop putting them off.

Needs to go into the dreaded Marleybone and face her fears to get the Obsidian Chest.

Sometimes relies a little too much on her healing Treasure Cards, and runs out...

Must actually do quests more and stop writing stories of fantasies that aren't coming true!

Leaves most of her pets alone, because she can't use them anymore. Her Jade Oni, Lord Zeus, should stop destroying stuff.

Needs to improve her health. At level 45 and a Thaumaturge, she should have more than 3,000 health, but only has 2,500.

Should stop making fun of Professor Cyrus Drake behind his back, especially since he has been being so kind to her now.

Stop being distracted so easily!

Jun 19, 2009
Wizard 101 Report Card
Student: Kane LionFlame
Class: Fire
Teacher: Falmea

Teamwork: C+ *works well with wizards closer to his level, tends to get annoyed and yell at lower level students
Strategy: A *uses turns wisely and creates good combos
Deck Organization: B *changes deck before each battle but continues to use the same cards over and over and over and ov.....
Courage: A+ *if student doesn't have any friends that will come to his aid he gets the "Ah, heck with it!" mentality and jumps into dungeons and boss battles
Stamina: C *student tends to dwindle his health down in order to incenerate his foes with immolate (this will get him killed one day!!)

Teacher's Note: Kane needs to do his homework!! He has piles of Training Points and has potential to learn more spells! HE JUST WONT DO IT!!!

May 14, 2009
Here's what my wizard report card would be..
Student: Ashley Spellfriend
Schools: Fire,and ice
Teachers: Proffeser Falmea and Proffeser Grayrose
Before I start just have to say GO FIRE!!!!!
Playing with others: A++
Strategy:A++ ( never goes in without a plan)
Deck Org.: A++ (just did this yesterday)
Power B+ ( is only lvl. 22 so...)
Witty remarks in battle: A++++ ( always makes friends laugh)
Dorm Room: A++++++++++

Proffeser Falmea's notes: Ashley Spellfriend you are doing well for a lvl. 22 in Krokatopia! Keep up the good work and remember your almost to Marlybone!

Parents sign here: __________________
Would you like a conffrence with your wizards teacher?
Yes __________ No __________

Feb 15, 2009
I'm Samuel Song.
Dworgn gave me a report card.
It looks like this.

Deck Orginzing = A+

Stamina = A

Courage = A+



Notes:oops soory samuel i forgot the grades for draining and healing i'm changing them into a a+.


Jun 19, 2009
ashgal7227 wrote:
Here's what my wizard report card would be..
Student: Ashley Spellfriend
Schools: Fire,and ice
Teachers: Proffeser Falmea and Proffeser Grayrose
Before I start just have to say GO FIRE!!!!!
Playing with others: A++
Strategy:A++ ( never goes in without a plan)
Deck Org.: A++ (just did this yesterday)
Power B+ ( is only lvl. 22 so...)
Witty remarks in battle: A++++ ( always makes friends laugh)
Dorm Room: A++++++++++

Proffeser Falmea's notes: Ashley Spellfriend you are doing well for a lvl. 22 in Krokatopia! Keep up the good work and remember your almost to Marlybone!

Parents sign here: __________________
Would you like a conffrence with your wizards teacher?
Yes __________ No __________

well aren't you just the perfect fire student? lol Teacher's Pet!!!

May 10, 2009
This looks cool!
Schools:fire, myth, and storm.
Gets along with students A++++++++++++++++++++[Everyone loves me!]
Deck A { no missing cards!]
Dorm room B {Hard to get around in there]
courage A
Learning A+

This is the report card of: Tanner Shadowblade
Professor's notes: Professor Falama:I think this student is ready for independent studies

May 27, 2009
Name: James DeathBringer
School: death and death alone
Level: 25
Deck Organization: C (I can never figure out the right cards to put in my deck)
Temper Threshold: F (I get so angry when a monster drags me into a duel circle)
Dorm Room: F (I moved everything into my manor in Marleybone)
Courage: B
Healing Others: F (I discard every sacrifice card I see)
Laziness: A (I try getting around going into Hyde Park just because the O'leary's always catch me :( )
Power: A ( Sometimes I just see how much damage I can do with Skeletal Pirate+Deathblade+Death Trap+Curse)
Speed: A (Got from Cyclops Lane/Firecat Alley to Marleybone in three or four days, no lie)

Oct 20, 2008
Here's mine (It's pretty long) =)

Name: Autumn NightWhisper
School: Ice
Teacher: Professor Greyrose
Level: 50

B+= plays well with others (Works good with friends and people close to her level, has a tendency to get furious when younger wizards do something wrong in battle)
D = strategy (She has no strategy)
A-= deck organization
A-= stamina (Does many tasks a day, but gets distracted easily)
A+= courage (She’s always the one to go in by herself thinking she can do it and usually ends up dying, but gets right back up and tries it again)
F= temper: twisted: (Gets mad when monsters pull her into battles and some peoples behavior)
F=Saving Gold (Saving gold is her area of weakness)
D= Paying attention (Gets easily distracted by friends, especially Tyler. She won’t stop talking to him)
A=Completing Wizard City (Went through it in 2 ½ days)
B+= Completing Krokotopia (Had trouble here and there)
D-= Completing Marlybone (Major problems with getting pulled into battles, fighting bosses and other things. Took her about 6 weeks to complete it due to laziness)
A-= Completing Mooshu (Very easy for her due to her friends helping her through it)
B-= Completing Dragonspyre (Had troubles with finding people to help her with dungeons and other things)

Parent Signature: Blah-blah-blahh

Notes: Autumn needs to start paying attention during class and stop talking to her best friend Tyler. I suggest you duck tape her mouth shut. She needs to learn to keep her temper towards others under control. Autumn needs to work on her strategy skills (badly). I’m looking forward to having a conference with you. –Professor Greyrose

Feb 16, 2009
A- = plays well with others
B+= strategy
A= deck organization
B+= stamina
B= courage

Notes: He should not have chosen myth as his secondary school. As a pyromancer, a ice secondary would suit him. His courage went down once he arrived in Marleybone. He stops trying on bosses after a few times, and he then asks others for help.

Jun 13, 2009
Student Name: Destiny Goldenflame
Level; 11
Main School Storm
Secondary School Death
Main Professor Balestrom
Secondary Professor Dworgyn

Playing with others: A- (Never heals any of her teammates but jumps at the chance to help a friend)
Strategy: B+ ( Sometimes chooses random cards but most of the time always has a plan)
Deck Org.: C- (Most of the time she forgets the fact she even has a deck to organize)
Power B+ ( is only lvl. 11 and gets defeated alot but when she doesnt she is very powerful)
Witty remarks in battle: A- ( always makes friends laugh then gets in trouble from professers) x in students hand writing x Yeah, whatever!
Dorm Room: A (is very clean but hardly any furniture)
Main Class- A-
Secondary- D

Main Proffessor Comments: Destiny is one of my favorite students. She gets her homework done every night and comes to class whenever she gets a training point. She excels in the Storm power but can use a little improvement on her in class behavior. Chewing gum, texting, notes, and uses spells in class (on the teacher) is not allowed.
Secondary Professor Comments: Destiny is a wonderful student- when she comes to class! I hardly see her at all!

Parent Signature- _Proffessor Greyrose_ (Yup. She's my mom)

Does a parent want to come in and speak with the proffessor? {Pl;ease Circle)
Time_________ Date_________

May 30, 2009
nimbysep wrote:
arlynine wrote:
Well since i am death.
Death is awesome. C gets along
A power
slept for the rest

lol sound like a typical death student

Well i don't do that mine would be more like

Strategy: A++ :) :) :) :-) :-) :-) oh yeah i'm awesome 8) 8) 8) 8)
Works Well with Others: B or C depends who they are
Power: what in the world idk

and as for what malorn would say... well he hates me but oh well 8)

Feb 16, 2009
Name- Jasmine BlueGem
School: Ice
Secondary School: Storm
Teacher/Teachers: Lydia GreyRose, Halestrom Balestrom
Level- 33

Strategy- C+
Plays Well With Others- C ( Tends to get fiesty if angered )
Deck Organization- A-
Courage- B
Power- B -

Notes: Needs to stop putting quests to the side and mingling with friends, and needs to stop buying items if NOT needed - Lydia Greyrose
Notes: Needs to save up her money for more useful things, and stop spending too much time at parties - Halestrom Balestrom

Not to bad, i got it ok, a little shabby on playing well with others but i am OK :D P.S Hello to all my friends, and, HI AARON DARKEYES :D

Oct 19, 2008
Lol Okay This Would Probably Be Mine:

B+ = Gets Anlong With Others
A- = Strategy
A = Deck Organization
C = Stamina
A+ = Courage
F- = Patience

* Prof Drake Would Probably Say That I SHOULDN'T Of Pick Ice As Secondary, I Need To Lvl Up more (I've Been Lvl 30 For A Month, Lvled Up Yesterday), AND That I Need To Calm Down And TAKE Class More serious (Always Goofing Of And Being Weird/ Crazy) xD

Apr 15, 2009
mine a fire wizard would be

niceness C-

braveness A+

spells B+

greatness A+

NOTE: needs more careful with wand.