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What Would You Ride?

Nov 18, 2010
grvy123 wrote:
i believe that a polar bear mount would be great because then us ice wizards would finally get a ice school mount
also maybe a hound mount like the fierce hound in the epic bundle
or maybe even a snake mount
or maybe a bush mount

please ki make a bush mount or at least a hound mount

i like where your going with the school mounts one time i had a dream i was riding a minotaur
also i wish when you ride the young battle drake it should become a permanenet mount
cameron giantcaster lvl 53 myth

Aug 05, 2010
mounts that I would love to ride would be.....

Storm mount- Stormzilla

Fire mount- Firecat

Ice mount- Ice serpent

Balance mount- Hydra

Death mount- Skeletal dragon

Myth mount- frog

and maybe just for extra mounts, just for fun

a wolf mount, a leopard mount, a gryphon mount, and last but not least a bird.

those are all of the mounts I would love to have on the game.

master sorcerer (balance) : Cori SilverShade lvl 44

May 02, 2009
Oct 19, 2010

It would totally be awesome to ride a Zilla mount!!! And there could be one for every school!

Ice: Icezilla
Fire: Firezilla
Storm: Stormzilla
Life: Lifezilla ( I dunno if they would call it something else :P )
Death: Grimzilla
Balance: Sandzilla
Myth: I can't think of one at the moment

And you know how mounts have the little fidget thing they do when you are just standing around? Well the Zillas could do their little stomping around thing, (Like they do on the cards :D)

Well those are the ideas I have, hope you like! :D ( And sorry if somebody already came up with these, I didn't look through everybody's ideas so I wouldn't know. x:)

Emma IceBlossom ♥♥♥♥
Legendary Ice :)