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What would you do with powers?

Feb 26, 2012
Hello there. I have a question for any and most definitely all wizards out there. In the game of Wizard101 your wizard gains the ability to cast spells that summon and control fantastic creatures from the vast reaches of the spiral. Not to mention all the other numerous things your wizard is capable of.

If you were able to do the things your wizard was able to do what would you do with those magical powers?
Would you duel ,become a super hero ,heal the sick or injured or do anything your creative mind can think of?

When you answer keep this in mind. Your not limited to only one of your wizards if you have more than one.
You can incorporate any spell your wizard knows. That includes your known school spells ,any astral spells you know ,minion spells ,other school spells you learned with training points ,and of course shadow magic.

If you've ever wanted to tell others what you would do if you had your wizards powers now's the time.
Have fun with it and feel free to respond to what others post.

Besides who hasn't thought about having their wizard's powers?

Jul 27, 2009
Take over the universe. What else would you want to do!!!!

Nov 10, 2012
Who wouldn't take over the universe?

Savannah MoonBlossom 29 & Jacqueline ShadowBlade 9

Feb 26, 2012
Clumsy Sebastion L... on Mar 31, 2014 wrote:
Take over the universe. What else would you want to do!!!!
Maybe something that won't end up having the gallant hero wizard taking you down next.
Does Morganthe or Malistare ring a bell*wink*

Apr 27, 2009
Make huge magic farms to end world hunger and feed me. Summon efreets to use their strength to build a castle. Use the rocks from meteor strike to build the castle. Make my own country.

John Starflame
lvl 68

~ Wondoo