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What should the next Shadow spells be?

Jan 28, 2012
I opened this topic to give us a place to suggest to KingsIsle Ideas for the next shadow spells. What would they do? how will they work?
So post your thoughts on what shadow powers should we get next!

I'll start with my idea.

The Idea:
"School Based" Shadow Transformations!
I think that in the next step we should be able to combine our school with shadow spells. Basicly you get a spell that transforms you into a dark creature based on your school type and you get some interesting school based effects!

The Effects:
You get a 0 pip natural attack to use if you want in addition to your hand cards (instead of casting a spell)
However it will cause a 'Dislike' on your shadow.
You will have a good chance to cast support interrupts from your school on every move that someone makes on the battle field (so on a full 4vs4 game you can interupt 8 times if you are very lucky).
You gain bonus stats during the spell.

The Transformations:
- Shadow Dragon:
Attack - about 400 damage over 3 turns + 60% Negative Accuracy Charm
Interupts - Smoke Screen, Negative Accuracy Charm on random enemy, Steal Blade, Fuel
Stats: +15% Fire Damage, + 5% Pierce
- Shadow Colossus:
Attack - about 200 damage + 70% Tower Shield to self
Interupts - Stun Shield, Tower Shield, Legion Shield, Steal Ward
Stats: +20% Global Resist
- Shadow Kraken:
Attack - about 500 damage + 20% Percision to self
Interupts - Disarm, Windstorm, Lightning Strike, Cleanse Charm
Stats: +10% Critical Rating, + 10% Pierce
- Shadow Judge:
Attack - about 300 damage, +50% blade to self
Interupts - Blade Storm, Black Mantle on random enemy, Weekness on random enemy
Stats: +10% Global Damage, + 10% Global Resist
- Shadow Treant:
Attack - about 200 damage + 600 heal to self (maybe more considering that backlash)
Interupts - Brilliant Light, Guidance, Spirite Armor on random friend (or self), Sprite Swarm.
Stats: +40% Outgoing for heals.
- Shadow Wraith:
Attack - about 250 damage (Drain half) + 75% Infection to all enemies
Interupts - Infection on random emeny, Mass Infection, Plague, Virulent Plague
Stats: +25% Incoming heals (and drains).
- Shadow Minotaur:
Attack - 10 + 300 + Stun
Interupts - Shift, Stun random Enemy, Pierce, Cleanse Ward
Stats: +75% stun resist

The Price:
Spells you cast will cause +/- Backlash. I think KingsIsle should determine it indevidualy for each school.
As I said above, the added natural attack will add to the backlash!