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What Once Had Been What will become.....

Aug 16, 2009
After Celestia, Zafaria, Avalon, Azteca, and the worlds after and facing 2 more enemies and ten more worlds, the fifth "season" of wizard101 should be dedicated to bringing our worlds together. The wizard101 history says as following: Once there was a world in the Spiral but it was the only world ans it was the Spiral but Bartelby's children seperated it in the great war and then causing a slumber to stop this war. I think that our goal is to bring the seperate worlds together using our magic but there will be 5 worlds before we bring it together all the worlds are the 5 that make the Spiral diamond the thing that holds the life to the Spiral. Eventually you get to the final dungeon: Spiral of course and fighting the council of dark Malistaire, Morganthe, and the 2 that come after ALL the wizard101 worlds join together there is nothing but peace left and wizard101 can maybe do something like Wizard v.s Pirates or new additions to the Spiral world.

Jul 28, 2011
Wow. Thats cool, but it would take like 3 years just to set up and 3 just to finish.....But I do like the idea

Feb 14, 2009