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What new Bundles would you like to see?

Jun 22, 2013
And the wand is:

55 (lvl 5 -20)
90(lvl 25 - 40)
110(lvl 45 - 60)

125 (lvl 65 - 80)
150(lvl 85 -95)

Jan 31, 2010
IceyWaterWarrior12... on Jun 16, 2013 wrote:
How about a bundle for the 3 main Greek gods? 1 for Zeus 1 for Poseidon and 1 for Hades. The Zeus bundle can have a house that has a throne room, an arena, and the other parts of Olympus. The gift giver can be the color-changing fire in the center of the throne room .For the pet, a swan, one of Zeus's sacred animals. The swan could use the spell card Triton. The wand, a bolt of lightning. The mount, a weather cloud, it constantly changes from rain, snow, lightning, the sun, and the moon depending on where you are. The gear , anything with lightning just swarming around it. This bundle would be a bundle because Zeus is the god of the weather.
For Poseidon an themed bundle, The house could be a beach house with a secret stairway underneath the waterfall that takes you to the inside of an underwater palace under the sea. You could also access the palace by going into the cave that could be behind the house and half underwater. The gift giver could be a mermaid underwater. The pet could be a dolphin that could give Frost Giant. The wand could have an ice casing on the outside, and water with a few fish that constantly swim inside of the casing of the wand. The gear could be Mermaid/Merman themed. The mount could be a dolphin, or an octopus, or a leviathan like sea snake. KI could decide on that lol.
For Hades a themed house. Since Hades lives in the Underworld, the outside of the house could have 3 main roads: one to the fields of asphodel, one to the Isles of the Blessed: and one to the palace of Hades. The palace should be black, the ground of the fields of asphodel should be red, and the ground of the Isles of the Blessed should be small islands with a crystal blue river surrounding them. Outside of the Fields of Asphodel should have a spiky fence with gates in the front. The Isles of the Blessed should be a brick wall with gates in the front. The outside of the palace should have fire around it and ghosts wandering around. The gift giver could be the river master that takes people across the river with the ferry he rides. The pet should be a harpy. A harpy is basically a gargoyle but red and more demonic looking lol. The gear should be red or black with pictures of skulls and ghosts around it. The mount should be Cerberus, or a heck-hound.
Those were my ideas, i really hope you liked them sorry they were so long lol :P
~Cameron Lotus Mender 45
Uh, your wrong with the swan being a sacred animal of Zeus... His sacred animal is the eagle....

Jan 31, 2010
SethRider45 on Sep 7, 2013 wrote:
Heh I thought that the Norse God Thor was the god of thunder? Zeus is The God of Lightning.
Yup, your correct.... Thor is the Norse God of Thunder and Zeus is the Greek God of Lightning... These 2 are actually fairly alike, as they both are the primary explanation for storms back in those days...