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What is your wizards name?

May 10, 2009
Kevin Gianthammer lvl 50 storm
Kevin Gianthammer lvl 39 balance
If you see me add me

Jul 12, 2010
Feb 22, 2009
*Alex Dragonbreaker Level 50 Grandmaster Storm
Jacob Stormhunter Level 39 Magus Balance
Cameron Lifespear Level 24 Adept Life
Aaron Skullspear Level 10 Initiate Death
Flint Firefist Level 5 Apprentice Fire
Ian Icebringer Level 8 Apprentice Ice


Feb 06, 2010
hi here are my wizards names:

my very first wizards name

WOLF STORMCALLER and he is lvl 35 death

and my second ones name is

TRISTAN SKULLSHADE and he is lvl 13 balance

Jul 09, 2010
i only really play one of my charachters, hoping to build up my life character
soon, then proceed through the others until the myth one

Chris Griffinhaven, Level 21 Pyromancer

Valerian Sandstrider, Level 5 Sorcerer

Tristan Goldflower, Level 5 Theurgist

( i cant remember the names of my other three, will post them soon, but they're a Death wizard, a Myth wizard, and a Storm wizard.)

Jul 01, 2010
wow! i dont know any of you guys!!!! or at least i dont recall meeting any of you mine is
scarlet blossom lvl 17 (i think) and i am ice
do any of you guys know me??
well if you dont o well but hey do you guys know blake battlegem i need to tell him sry and well my computer is dumb right now so it wont let me on and so yea if any of you guys know blake battlegem plz say sry for me ok?!?!
just say "hey scarlet blossom wants me to say sry for the fight you guys had a while ago" or you know something like that
thx and hope to see at least one of you guys in wizard101! :D

Dec 02, 2009
grogglelet wrote:
hobodavid wrote:
I just wanted to know what peoples wizards names are and what level.

I would LOVE to have a storm wizard called Fizzle I. Tuss

Makes me laugh just thinking of it.

LOL! fizzleitus, a.k.a Storm syndrome!(try and make a name out of that!)

Jun 02, 2009
gee let me think i got tons of noobs my favorites of the noobs are:

Ethan TitanHunter
Justin GreenLeaf
Robert Bane ( non text )
and a couple others that are on accounts i cant use because i'm grounded from the game

and my main account
Robert Bane ( lvl 33 life! )
Shelby HawkSword ( ice student )
Matthew EmeraldWard ( myth student )
Robert Bane 2 & 3 ( balance and fire )
and my lowest strong guy is Justin GreenWraith the lvl 5 death

Jun 26, 2009
Sloan Windthistle 50 Myth/*Celestia
Keelan Starsword 16 Life/Krokotopia

Sep 05, 2010
:P I have just one alter-ego: Iridian Shadowhunter level 31 Life

I am recognizing many players. Hi to one and all.

Mar 19, 2009
Tyler LifeCaller * Level 50 Pyromancer Celestia
Ryan SilverCoin ^ Level 30 Conjurer MooShu
Taylor LifeCaller Level 12 Theurgist Krokotopia
Tyler LifeCaller Level 1 Diviner Wizard City (DUH!)
Olivia UnicornBringer Level 2 Theurgist Wizard City
Kiera TrollBreath (LOL) Level 2 Thawmaturge

*= Favorite
^= Second Favorite

Oct 14, 2008
1. Mary Ravengem (lvl 52, Balance, Death, Sun and Star)
2. Autumn Rose (lvl 15, Fire, Life, Moon and Sun)
3. Amber Raven (lvl 5, Ice, Storm, Sun and Star)
4. Victoria Battleheart (lvl 8, Storm, Life, Sun and Star)
5. Tavia Night (lvl 4, Life, Storm, Star and Moon)
6. Alicia Nightbreeze (lvl 0, Death, Storm, Sun and Star)

Jun 15, 2009
my wizards names are

blake deathblade lvl 42 (fave spell) bugle
blake fireblade lvl 38 (fave spell) pheonix
blake blade (life) lvl 50 (fave spell) rebirth
blake moonbreath lvl 50 (went up to lvl from yesterday) fave spell is frost giant
blake iceblade lvl 58!!!!!! (fave spell) snow angel

i'm working on my other wizards to get to lvl 58 then i'll be unstopable all my friends ae friends with all my wizards so yea my moonbreath guy i really close to 51 and my iceblade dude has beat cl it was easy a long with my friends my 58 life friend my 58 storm friend and my 58 fire friend. we pvp together all the time and were all warlords our pvp team is called pro clan our clan splits up in teames to fight we have 9 58 fires 13 58 lifes 16 58 storms 20 58 ices and every thing else we have 5 of cya and maybe you'll run into my team or the rest of the clan and... you cant beat us in pvp!

Oct 24, 2009
blaze ravencatcher lvl 45 myth
ian silverbreaker lvl 29 fire
nathaniel dragontamer lvl 18 death
cody hawkrunner lvl 13 storm
jason seastone lvl 1 life
john dragonforge lvl 1 ice
and on another account i have:
jason dragonshard lvl 8 balance

Sep 04, 2008
Hey Guys! I'm back! I have a new Wizzy now, too!
Her name is:
(already in Marleybone!)

Jan 11, 2009
Nathan WyrmFountain ( ) Level 23 Adept Pyromancer Somewhere in the Krokosphinx. P.S. Don't make fun of the username, plz.

May 27, 2009
Sophia Dreamblood~death~lvl. 56~celestia
sophia jadeflow~life~lvl.23 mooshu (somehow!)
sophia thunderbreeze~storm~ lvl. 7
sophia fireblossom~ fire~lvl.7
sophia mythmancer(myth), sophia jadewillow,(balance)~both unused(lvl.0)

Aug 13, 2010
Blake Iceheart Level 46 Thaumaturge
Hunter Duskstone Level 18 Necromancer/ Retired

Mar 17, 2010
May 05, 2009
Jul 12, 2009
Ethan Iceblood lvl.33 life [Mooshu] [Crimson Fields] :P*
James Earthhunter lvl.8 fire [Wizard City] (I don't do him my dad does.) [Triton Avenue] :?
Jack Blood lvl.2 balance [Wizard City] [Unicorn Way]

Jul 12, 2009
SorceressMiklai wrote:
On my first account I have six wizards

Alura HexCaster Master Sorceress
Destiny ShadowWraith Magus Necromancer
Tatiana FairyGlade Magus Theurgist
Briana MoonCloud Magus Diviner
Sabrina FrostShard Magus Thaumaturge
Cori WillowHaven Magus Conjurer

My second account also has six wizards

Fiona StarBright Adept Sorceress
Jordan DuskFlame Adept Pyromancer
Tasha SpellWraith Adept Necromancer
Kaitlyn SpiritSong Adept Theurgist
Vanessa StormCaller Adept Diviner
Bailey IceCaster Adept Thaumaturge
I think I have a friend named Destiny Shadowwraith. :P
Ethan Iceblood lvl.33 life wizard (I'm on this post somewhere else.) :P

Jul 12, 2009
luna0616 wrote:
1. Mary Ravengem (lvl 52, Balance, Death, Sun and Star)
2. Autumn Rose (lvl 15, Fire, Life, Moon and Sun)
3. Amber Raven (lvl 5, Ice, Storm, Sun and Star)
4. Victoria Battleheart (lvl 8, Storm, Life, Sun and Star)
5. Tavia Night (lvl 4, Life, Storm, Star and Moon)
6. Alicia Nightbreeze (lvl 0, Death, Storm, Sun and Star)
It isn't possibleto be lvl.0!

Jul 28, 2009
Destiny DeathBlade lvl 26
Amy AshBlasoom lvl 48

thoes are my wizards

Feb 09, 2009
Tristan Lionheart, Legendary Sorcerer (Lvl. 60)
Keiran Swiftspear, Master Theurgist (Lvl. 45)
Valerian Stormcrafter, Adept Diviner (Lvl. 30)
Sloan Nightbringer, Initiate Necromancer (Lvl. 10)
Finnigan Redflame, Novice Pyromancer (Lvl. 5)