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What is Celestia

Aug 23, 2009
Okay i heard a lot about a world called Celestia where headmaster Ambrose was born and he learned a secret school which is why he is so powerful. anyone know what the world is like( i am guessing its like mooshu ) any facts,myths,spells. anything

Jul 11, 2009
From what I've heard, Celestia is the magical world that the Gobblers were chased out of. Malistaire summoned witches to invade their home. The Gobbler King found Colossus Boulevard, and pronounced it their new home, New Gobblerton (or something to that effect). I believe that's about as much as KingsIsle gave you about that world. Of course, I may be completely wrong, and that's not the right world. Well, anyways that's all I know. So good luck, hopefully KingsIsle will make a new world Celestia, and bring the Wizards' amount of levels up.

Maybe, Ambrose or Prospector Zeke could summon you, Merle Ambrose will say, "Young Wizard, Celestia, a new world was just discovered! We are all very excited, but since you saved the Spiral, we think you deserve to go there first!" Or Zeke may say, " Hello, there young Wizard. I found that a new world, Celestia, may have some rare goods in there, so I'm packing up to head on down there. Say, how would you like to come along? Sure, you've helped me with Smiths, Beetles, Cats, Oysters, Roses, and Yardbirds, maybe you could come help again."