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What if you could make your mount/pet?

Jul 03, 2010
How cool would it be if you could customize a pet/mount of your own? Maybe with the right materials and many crowns (like maybe 20,000 crowns) you could build a pet with as many good stats as you wish (probably extra crowns) and a mount that could go as fast as you wish? That's a great idea to consider for Wizard101 to grow into a funner game. Please write your feedback and what you think about the idea. Maybe some pet and mount suggestions would be great!!

Sep 19, 2013
Nope. Pet training is supposed to be hard, not pay2win. Paying makes it easier, as it does to most things, but you can't just buy a SPUDF pet. And you shouldn't.
You don't really need a super-fast mount, 40% is fine. Granted, I wouldn't argue if they came out with new mounts that give a 50% speed boost.

May 06, 2011
This is a cool idea, but I doubt this would happen. If wizards could customize their own mount, like draw on it, they could well, abuse it. They would have the opportunity to draw / write inappropriate words or pictures. I have to disagree with this.

Jan 30, 2012
  • You cannot cause they could makes mounts/pets very scary they might even draw bad guys bad words and scary nightmares