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what if wiz101 became you life

Feb 22, 2009
Though I would want my friends from real life with me. If this happened this is how i would want it to happen:
I am sitting, bored out of my mind body and soul in music class. Suddenly a portal would pop up and swallow me and my classmates. Then it would stretch all over the school and swallow the students. Then suddenly the portal vanishes. I wake up and everyone else and I are in my storm house on Wizard 101. I look at the clothes I am wearing and they are my Wizard 101 clothes. Everyone else (with an exception of a few) are wearing novice clothes (there are about 5 people in my school that play wizard 101). I wake up my friends who are knocked out and then they wake up their friends. Everyone else I just send to the commons to start. I start to explain to everyone what happened, but for some reason they look irritated. Then I remember: this is a STORM house. i was storm so rain doesn't bother me. But it seriously bothered them. i invite them into my submarine. There i explain to them where they are and what happened as far as I could tell. After that I suggest we all bunk for the night. Before we turn in i accept all of them as friends in the game and check what school they are in here is a tally
Storm:5 (exluding me)
Fire: 7
Ice: 6
Death: 3
Life: 5
as you can see, there were 37 of us total, at least the ones that i knew of.
The next morning I walked outside to enjoy the storm. I started to take energy from it. Thats how I get my morning boost. Some people use coffee, I use storms. I summoned my minion to help get everyone breakfast. After that I went to the spiral door to get the paper. When i got back everyone was crowded around the radio listening to "Eye of the Titan" . I looked at the front page, a story about a new world called Celestia that had just been discovered. I got them some new clothes out of my bank, where i save about every peice of clothing i have ever had. I go and get my sword out of the front room of the submarine. (storm sharks go by there, and it absorbs their energy) i put it by my side and keep reading the paper. I gag when i reach the second page. There was a story about the flood of new wizards and an interview with the toughest of them. So guess whose picture i see? none other than my rival and brother, Tyler Thunderblood . Apparently, the portal had stretched over all the schools in our city!
"Hey, Flint, Alex, and Keigan, come over here! Elizabeth, you might want to see this too." i call.
They come over and i show them the picture. At first they don't get it. Then I tell them who it is in real life. Flint Alex and Keigan nearly fall over laughing. I explain to Elizabeth why it's funny. She laughs too. Here's what it is. My brother is only level 24, even though he only started playing a week after me, and now i am level 49! When we have recovered ourselves I say i'll give everyone the grand tour of Wizard City. I draw my sword and lead the way through the spiral door. I see a large amount of wizards filing through the spiral door. I lead the way to the commons. I say hi to ambrose and introduce everyone to him. Suddenly, a shadow falls over the city. A giant golem is about to step on us! everyone flees except for me. I grab a few fleeing people. "Hold your ground!" i yell. those three keep running, but three fleeing people stop and walk back. Flint Firefist, Alex Stormhunter, and Elizabeth Lifecaster. I suddenly yelled up at the golem "In the name of the Storm Lords of the past, I challenge you! Each side may have three friends help!" Suddenly, three undead minions appeared near him and we went to battle.
End of part 1

Feb 23, 2009
I'd be hangin' at my epic house. Just kidding. But I would train my pets, go to class, you know, the regular.

But school would be so cool! No math, or algebra! LEARNING ICE SPELLS! WOO!

Elizabeth Mistleaf
Level 33

Jun 11, 2009
Angelocean wrote:
*Summons Orthrus*

Yes! I finally summoned Orthrus, umm... Orthrus... why are you looking at me like tha-OH MY GOD!

*Gets eaten*

As you can see, I would fail at life, but still a good idea.

lol, nice.