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What Annoys You?

Mar 12, 2010
Jul 16, 2012
popcicool7777777 on Mar 26, 2013 wrote:
People who are accepting to enter long dungeons such as Waterworks, but are quitting halfway through. I also dislike the big roaming mounts all over the place :-/
What do you mean by "Big roaming mounts"? I have a Malorian Dragon mount, but a) you can walk through mounts and b) They can be nice. Add someone with one to your now three-person group, and away we go! If it's a Hydra, that is!

Jul 24, 2010
1. Weakness. (Especially when your about to defeat a mob!)

2 Tower Shield (I just hate it when ice enemies spam their shields. Ty poison!)

3. The old defeat and collect quests. (So glad they got rid of that.)

4. People going into a dungeon with me and instantly leaving. (I hate that.)

5. Beggars. ( Don't know em, don't gift em.)

6. Death shields. ( Don't need to explain why.)

7. Myth Imp. (Disables my 2 schools, death and life.)

8.Earthquake in PvE. (Hate it.)

9 Bad juju. (When used against me XD)

and my most annoying thing in this wonderful game is.....


That's my list of things that annoy me. :D

Hunter Wildcatcher level 71 and

Jun 17, 2012
Korranation101 on May 25, 2013 wrote:
Marleybone streets
wait what? why do you not like marelybone street's their awesome.

richard willowhunter level 54 death

Jul 12, 2012
XD Most probably:



But most of all!:

Not being able to change hair, hair color, mouth, and eyes [Looks] whenever wanted!

~Kristen StormCloudlevel 74

Mar 12, 2013
The friend who begs you to run waterworks with him for the 15th time and he gets the team Ra'd TWICE. As you're running back from the commons, he and the other surviving wizard triton the boss to death JUST as you enter the room again, so you get NOTHING.

You remove him from your friends list, but your other friends who are legit, have NOT removed this guy, so when you line up to help them through WW, the slow kid always shows up wanting to go in.

Oct 30, 2011
This is my list of annoying things in wizard101:

I Beggars. They are like ''Can you gift me?'' I hate it!
II When a menu chat friend are porting to you, and you don't notice. Then it ends with 100 menu chaters.
III I have a level 46 friend who wanna help me in azteca all the time. Not for helping. FOR THE LOOT!
IV When I am getting stuck on a quest.
V Mean people.
VI People who are like ''Give me tc and get mount'' and they are just running away when they gets tc.
VII When I am dying and the boss only had 1 health left <--- Have happened!
VIII When a friend are like ''Can you help me?'' Then I am saying ''I'm in a battle'' And then the friend removes me
IX ''Did not collect ... try again''
X Me: Can you help me? Friend: x Doesn't answer x Me: Hello? Friend: x Goes hidden to friends x


Jul 28, 2010
Academy57 on Mar 26, 2013 wrote:
the CHEATING and the unbelievable ways that KI thinks up new ways to do it. But it needs to stop. The steroid health that bosses have now is more than enough. Some of them have 3 or 4 times the health of Ice wizards. Geez.

Also the sheer greed. They think of more ways to get into your wallets/purses.

The truth hurts.
I'm surprised the wizard101 monitors even let you post that XD

Jul 30, 2011
Percy373 on Apr 18, 2013 wrote:
1. Defeat and Collect Quest...Seriously ain't nobody got time for that (Sorry I just had to do it lol)
2. Weakness
3. Death Ninja pig spell (*Glares with hatred*)
4. Over powered Ice wiards
5. Hot shot prometheans
6. Little kids playing the game
7. Pvp ranking..
8 Text Chat
9. People who join a battle andleave
10. People who join a battle when they have ike one health
11. Every other worlds besides Avalon
12. Crowns
13. The moderators of this game
14. Lagging
15. Crafting
16. Gear Drops
17. Annoying parents who play this game and are like "Don't say that"
18. Report spammers
19. Two faced friends who never nelp
20. Friend beggers
21. Long Dungeons
22. Dungeon Hoppers
23. Long Battles
24. Ice mobs
25. The fact that you no longer can get a spell if your the appropriate level
26. How Cheesy the NPC people are
Meh my study hall just ended. So yeah thats pretty much it so far.....
I would suggest that you quit and live a life of isolation and solitude. At least then the only thing that would we annoying would you.

Jul 14, 2012
1.Places with no sidewalks
2.Gigantic mobs(those sharks in Cl are huge!)
4.Ice mobs with tower shields
5.Ice mobs with tower shields
6.Did I mention ice mobs with tower shields?
7.People buying up stuff in the Bazaar ( oh how I miss you Gnomes! * sniff sniff * )

-Spoderman pls
" Mu spody senses are tangerines! "

May 05, 2012
1. Enemies who cheat
2. Too much shields (especially fire shield because I am )
3. Weakness spell

Oct 23, 2009
I really wish they would move the remove tab further down on the friends box. I have done it again, accidentally removing a friend when I was trying to port to them. This is so annoying and I know I am not the only person doing this.

Dec 22, 2008
May 05, 2012
(I'm adding one more.) People who are walking in the commons asking for someone to go out with them. I mean, Seriously I have a little brother and sister who both watch me play. Every time I see that, I go as fast as I can to the shopping district or ravenwood when they are around. I even open my deck and pretend to switch cards. I really don't want to see that at their age.

Feb 25, 2013
RottenHeart on Mar 27, 2013 wrote:
The bazaar buy/sell screen format. It seems like a small issue, but if you consider the number of times you go to the bazaar the annoyance factor adds up. If you were to multiply that annoyance factor across all gamers it would be gigantic.

It's time for KI to update the bazaar buy/sell screen format.

1. The wait time for all the items for a category to load. To make it somewhat better why isn't the 'usable' checkbox checked by default?

2. While a category is loading you can't switch item tabs. You must wait for the list to complete loading.

3. When looking through the available items for sale the item stats overlap the list of stuff you are trying to look through. It's a visual mash of overlapping stuff. It gets really bad when you are looking at higher leveled stuff with lots of associated stats.

4. When quickly looking through the available items for sale the stats for your equipped item and the selected item jumps around the screen and also flips left/right. Makes quick comparison shopping difficult.

Overall the bazaar buy/sell screens implementation is very sloppy looking and annoying for regular shoppers. The format was probably ok when the game only went as far as Dragonspyre, but the game has far outgrown this. Time for a revamp.
For the switching items thing, I do it real fast before it starts to load.

Mar 13, 2010
Oh, where can I begin?

-When an enemy is on like 200 health and I'm on maybe 300 and I use a spell that my FATE depends on and it's this huge dungeon and it fizzles..

-Weakness and tower shield... I think that speaks for itself.. lol

-Cheating Bosses. Okay, I have to admit, sometimes cheating bosses are really fun. But when it comes to the extent to where it becomes so difficult that I just want to log off, not so much.

-People who walk around in the commons saying 'Gift me!!!' AKA beggars.

-When I'm doing a quest and I didn't collect the item.

-Life Dispels. Well, I'm life so..

-When people join my battle without asking. Don't get me wrong, I don't just sit there and yell at them it's just a slight annoyance.

-The people that stand around in the commons asking for a boy/girl friend. No. Just no.

-When one of my 'friends' asks for help and I reply 'I'm in a battle.' and they instantly remove me.

-People who come up to you and randomly start insulting you. I don't even know..

-People that report other people for no literally no reason. I know it's fine if you did nothing wrong, but it's kinda like what?

I could list a little more but I'm running out of characters lol so yeah

Alyssa Fairyheart
Level 80

Dec 03, 2012
Where to begin...

When people go around asking "wanna be my girlfriend?" I will be your friend but not your girlfriend.

When people ask for crowns over and over and over again.

When somebody teleports to you, waits for another enemy to join, then leaves.

When people cuss.

When menu chatters ask for help when your are in battle. Example-

Menu chatter- can you help me?
Menu chatter- please?
Me- one minute, I'm busy fighting.
Menu chatter- ok
Two minutes later
Menu chatter- can you help me?
Me- no.
Me- ignore.

When people ask for help, you port to them, and they are on the sidewalk.

When people start fights.

When others make fun of newbies.

When trainers say time to learn a new spell. But then you go to them and they say nothing.

Fizzle on healing spells.

When people beg to go to high lands not suit for them. It is not your quest, so no xp, go with the game, ok?

Tower shields and weakness

Bazaar screen loading.

Level 57 or so.

Jan 18, 2013
Shannon Skybreaker on Mar 26, 2013 wrote:
In the game, what annoys you the most? I'd really like to hear your responses.
~Shannon Skybreaker
People making fun of other people races, color and what they look like in the game.

Aug 01, 2011
Well what annoys me is the drop rate on the gear i had to farm 2 weeks to get Deep Water Rising Ring and Rainy Season Spike for my storm wizard and i also hate the drop rates in the packs you buy with crowns I just spent 13k on Keepers Lore to get Jade for my Life to tank in Mirror Lake and not die but only thing i got with the crowns was stitching my commander robe to a jade robe i already had please fix the drop rates.
Brandon Dragonstalker lvl 90 ice
Brandon Stormsword lvl 80 storm
Brandon lvl 90 life
Brandon Firestone lvl 70 fire
Brandon Dragonheart lvl 50 myth

Nov 17, 2012
nathan owlhaven on Mar 26, 2013 wrote:
weekness, earthquake, boss that are the same school as me and efreet.
lol actually you are able to hit the most damage on a bosses that are the same school as you (unless you're balance of course) you can use opposite school traps first then convert and your school traps because on your same school if you can do that you can hit allot more damage than your opposite school (Blaze Moonmender promethean)

Jan 22, 2012
- Guys in the Commons who are going 'I need a girl'. I mean to say... think of the younger players!
- Krokotopia
- Morganthe
- Defeat and collect quests, especially after you've just defeated a whole lot of that type of creature for something else
- When you spend hours and hours training up your pet, only to get a pet talent like 'wise' or 'calculating'. It's just too painful.

I'm sure there are more, but I can't think of them right now.

And these aren't aimed at insulting Wizard101, they're just some of my random dislikes.
Sierra Ashblood, Transcendent

Mar 12, 2013
"When people ask for help, you port to them, and they are on the sidewalk."

Actually I would rather they stand outside the dungeon/street full of mobs and let me port to them and optimize my deck first, then we go in together well-prepared.

Can't tell you how many times I've been asked to port to someone and they're already in a battle and I've got 10 seconds to quickly remove and replace loads of cards and tc's from my deck, or switch decks entirely.

But yes, sometimes I get urgent "help" "port" and I look at the person's location and they're in Regent's Square? Really? Did Abigail Doolittle say something unkind to you?

Gripe of the day: Previously people asking me for help on "a boss" and porting me into Spheres was annoying. Well, it could have been worse...

For example, how about when the asker is a level 48 who clearly doesn't belong there, who shirt-tailed into Spheres with another player, who then left him there alone. (Shame on him/her!) But instead of taking a hint and making an exit and going back to Mooshu or DS, the kid says "ok I really need ya to port right away now" and when I ask him if he actually has the quest for Spheres or is just trying to get xp, he doesn't answer.

This is a person who incidentally ported to me while I was fighting Yacate Medusaspammer, brought in an additional storm minion, then died instantly from an unblocked crit Lord. Have a nice life, somewhere else.

Jul 26, 2009
Free Loaders.
Menu chat (The chats outdated, if it was fixed i wouldn't mind, After all, they are good people.)
Repeated asking of the same question
Questing in worlds before celestia
Predictability of the story after after celestia
"Other things around the chat filter that can be guessed"
Playing house. (It can be harmless, but annoys me)
Tower, Weakness, -90%, Smokes (I Am a Balance!)
Crafting (Amber)

Eric Legendtamer ~ Level 90
Eric ~ Level 76
Adam Anvilward ~ Level 76
Eric Legendtamer ~ Level 50
Eric Legendtamer ~ Level 28
Eric Legendtamer ~ Level 28
Eric Legendtamer level 20

Aug 09, 2011
Shannon Skybreaker on Mar 26, 2013 wrote:
In the game, what annoys you the most? I'd really like to hear your responses.
~Shannon Skybreaker
I love this game but things irk me. Here is my list. (no order)
1. I hate seeing a cool housing item or needed reagent and you click buy and then, "Sorry this item has already been sold."
2. Getting sucked into battle. I'm on the sidewalk so leave me alone!
3. I don't know why but I like to test spells on unicorn way. Little wizards please don't jump in and kill the ghosts before i can test.
4. Yes! A Fire Dragon! Your dead mon-(fizzle)-sters. Ugh!!!
5. Ok now i have my Triton so i'll pass to save pips. Boss: "Didn't you learn to attack?!" (boss uses overpowered eefreet) I'm not there yet but I've helped my friend.
6. Automatic PVP picking for ranked. Make it pick someone at your skill or lower if you create a match. I always lose.

That's it.

Dec 20, 2009
I would like to start a silly topic for all who would like to answer. 1 or 2 answers should suffice but I am interested in some responses. My question is what bugs you most in or about the game?

My reply would be like for instance when in drum jungle the other day I had a quest to kill 7 Blackback Soldiers. This bugs me because like you are only going to get one for the last fight lol. It's like the others pathing around the area will tell all the others "wait, he only needs one more, so lets not jump in the fight." So I guess the odd number of kills bugs me.

I have more but would like to hear from others.