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What Annoys You?

Jun 01, 2011
NZScruffy on Apr 12, 2013 wrote:
Things that annoy me:

LOVE this game! :) (And I've been here only a few months). So things that disappoint me here REALLY annoy me. When a game you love is corupted it's a personal thing.

Player getting around restrictions to Harass, and Cuss others.

ARG! Storyline quests to Defeat Creature for Item, when the drop rate is about 1%.. -- The most unimaginative and lame addition to the game. (Forcing players to grind is a last resort short term strategy for a gamecreator focused on money).

Running to the next quest location and accidentaly getting into battle with Creatures and forgetting to change your deck to fight them. Then having to flee combat, and run Allll the way back again. ARG!

Players constantly sending friend requests and begging you for stuff and help without even trying for themselves. (Yes, I understand their are many young kids in the game, and that's what kids do. Still, it's annoying).

I like the cheating bosses, they are a challenge!
... But Creatures casting random pointless/useless spells annoys me!

- The 'intelligence' of all enemies needs improving. Everything just casts random spells from what they have. Even the slightest amount of Artificial Intelligence in Creature combat would make combat more difficult and more fun. (Without having to resort to HUGE Life, starting with 6 pips, Cheating).
EG - If partner creature isn't Fire school, don't cast a FireBlade on them, cast it on yourself.
- Cast Healing spell on partner creature who ISNT on max life.

Lack of Fun Cosmetic items/effects in crown shop, and amount of game unbalancing items in crown shop!

I wish the Crown shop sold more Cosmetic things and less game advantage things. The games main attraction is the creative world and amazing visuals. More crown items aimed at improving your own style/look, mount, home, maybe even spell effect would be awsome!
Running to the next quest location and accidentaly getting into battle with Creatures and forgetting to change your deck to fight them. Then having to flee combat, and run Allll the way back again. ARG!

Sounds like you are referring to Marleybone....hahaha...oh how I loathe that place!!!

Sep 21, 2013
when higher level wizards call lower level wizards noobs

Aug 18, 2013
When someone sends you a friend request, you deny it, and they send it to you again three times before you have to tell them to stop.

Jun 30, 2014
Traps. Traps are very annoying when they're cast on me. But, traps are useful when i cast them on mobs.
Its like, i put an Ice trap on a Skeletal Warrior in Dark Cave, cast an Evil Snowman, and then he has like 5 health left.. >_<

Terri GoldenGem Level 14 (ive bought Cyclops Lane, Firecat Alley, and Krokotopia)

Sep 15, 2013
I wish there were more in game spells our wizards could learn and do. For example, perhaps randomly shoot off fireworks with our wands. Or transform into some random creature, or other friendly fun spells that aren't in battle and can be used anywhere. Fishing, gardening and crafting is ok, but I think we need a better variety.

Also I'd like to see more furniture options for our homes. I'm sick of seeing the same old, same old. More modern furnishings would be fun. And perhaps even a variety of home appliances that could function a little better. It would be nice to have more modern clothing such as jeans, t-shirts, baseball hats, ponytails for the ladies and so forth. Bring Wizard 101 into the current year. It would also be great if they could allow for up to 500 items per home both inside and out. 300 is just not enough.

I love the new build a castle feature but it's a waste of money right now. Crowns are very expensive and you have to waste so much money to get results. Not very economic. Perhaps those in charge should package it differently. Like a pack for walls and windows, roof tops and ornaments, ceilings and flooring. I think people would be a lot happier if they felt they weren't just throwing money away.

One final thought, give us better defense spells against Balance Wizards. They are too strong! They are almost impossible to beat in PVP and in most cases it's a waste of time to fight one. There should be better ways of defending to make the game fair.

Feb 17, 2011
Jordan StormRider on Aug 19, 2014 wrote:
Don't get me started on life creatures casting spirit armor in marleybone!
Wait till your in MooShu. Imagine having to fight a boss with a life minion, the minion casts spirit shield, i get very annoyed, also when Apollo Bright One in Aquilia casts satyr on himself

Jan 16, 2012
what annoys me oh I could go on for alotta things but im only gonna talk about one that annoys me the worst YOU CANT LEARN THE WYSTERIA SCHOOLS!

Sincerely The Console Gamer

Apr 08, 2011
Honestly, it annoys me so much when my enemies have horrible strategy. This is so weird, because I need to beat them for a quest or something (so it's better if they're easier to kill), but really. The amount of rank 1 and rank 2 spells I see in Dragonspyre is absolutely ridiculous, and when they cast a blade on their minion but they're not even their minions school....agh.

Melissa Daydreamer

Aug 11, 2009
TucsonWizard on Aug 19, 2014 wrote:
I'm a friendly sort who will normally accept ALL friend requests. What annoys me is the first message you get from your new friend is "Can you gift me (insert overpriced crown item here)". Not only is it presumptuous of them to immediately beg a freebee from you, they're specific about what gift they want you to give them!

Immediate un-friending ensues.
I find the new crown shop menu annoying................... the viewing is so small and hard to see. I don't want to have to put my readers or enlarge the screen to see it. This affects me to have 2 accounts up at the same time. Please fix the font size of the KI so those of us with vision issues can see the screen better.

Nov 15, 2010
Earthquake and medusa are so annoying. One takes off all your blades, and the other stuns you for 2 rounds.

Jul 24, 2010
1. Weakness
2.Tower shields
3. "Wizard Tours"
4. Low drop rate collection quests
5. Criticals in early Celestia and Wintertusk
7. People who join battles with you, then flee.
Did you realize that I forgot number 6?

Jan 27, 2010
Lots of things annoy me but I'll start with plague and virulent plague I hate blade stacking only for a plague to be cast on me thus making one of my blades obsolete.

Oct 10, 2013
Re: What annoys me?

1) The unbelievably slow load time
2) Low level wizards teleporting to me when I'm in a battle
3) Wizards always asking for help but never reciprocating the favor
4) Gardening Red Grapes of Wrath!
5) Lack of high level spell cards for Life
6) The rudeness of some players' chats
7) Wizards who keep 'spinning' on sigils, in doorways, or any other inappropriate place

Scarlet RoseBlossom Wizard

Nov 27, 2008
What annoys me is the that the hair that can be bought at the crown store doesn't replace your current hair instead it takes the hat slot and the second thing and final thing that annoys me is that bundle castles are account wide as to were every one of your characters could access the house.

Jan 07, 2010
What annoys me ....

Right now it's the frustration with having to choose between gardening, fishing, or pet leveling. If you are a serious gardener or fisher, or want to level your pets you have to giveup and only do one especially if it's gardening since that is something that is on going. Once you plant you must continue to go back so things don't die, and if you do you use up all your energy, so then you can't fish or level pets.

Why can't there be a seperate energy for gardening and then one for fishing and pet leveling? Since fishing and pet leveling are something that isn't ongoing like gardening. With gardening once you plant you have to keep going back or they end up dead.

Or here's a thought, and it's already in practice.... members, get an increased back pack of 20 items. So why not also make it so that members get an increased energy level, wouldn't solve the problem, but it would be a start. Ultimately I think gardening needs to be seperate.

Another thing tht annoys me, my seeds take up so much room in my back pack, they should be treated similar to reagents, especially since now you have to be more selective as to how you plant if you want to be able to fish or level pets, and then there are all the ones you can't sell, over half my back pack, bank and shared bank are full of seeds I can't sell but I would like to be able AT SOME POINT to plant them.

Aren't you glad you asked.....

Aug 11, 2012
-Weakness, obviously.
-People using my traps.
-Stupid Minion AI. This can include the above complaint.
-People saying "..." whenever I ask them anything.

Yeah, I guess it's a good thing I don't have many complaints.

Laura Dreamgiver, Lv. 41 Theurgist

Sep 01, 2014
These are the top 3 things that annoy me.
1. Weakness
2. Weakness
3. Weakness
Weakness is super annoying, almost every mob in Wizard101 has it! -_-

Aug 16, 2014
let's see,

1. Malistare
2. Cyrus Drake
3. Cyrus Drake's personality
4. Cyrus Drake's critisisium( It kind-of goes with 3, but it just needed it's own place)
5. Bosses that won't die.
6. Bosses that kill you right after you try to get a spell that can kill them.
7. Spells that fizzle when you really need them
8. When you don't have enough pips for anything good
9. People that befriend you and then expect them to be your teleporter any time they want you to help them get somewhere and then if you aren't on they give you heck and remove you from their friends list!!!!!!
10. Bosses that cheat
11. People that just hate for fun on their.( Ya, it happens! )
12. People that expect you to be on 24/7 all the time to help them with quests!

Those are what annoy me. Sorry for anything misspelled.

Sep 06, 2010
Ugh, I hate it when people ask me to be their friend, then instantly ask for a gift... Also i hate weaknesses as another person stated before me, and people that constantly teleport to you while in battle...

Mar 28, 2009
Not sure this annoys me most, but I bought the Royal Estate from Marleybone in order to use the wonderful greenhouse for my aquarium. The space is perfect, but the lighting makes it almost impossible to view the fish!

Please, please fix the glare so we can enjoy our catch.

Daniel IceHammer, lv 68
Expert Angler

Jul 05, 2014
Mostly when I lose pvp, and lose battles when my healing spells or attack spells I really need to cast in order to finish him off ( or stay alive ) fizzle.

May 13, 2011
From Videos:
1. Healing pets
2. Stacking a treasure card, item card, regular, and potent/sharpened version of the same blade/trap
3.Treasure cards, in general

From what i actually play:

4. Weakness and tower shield
5. Enemy Criticals
6. Constant boss fights
7. Long dungeons

Jul 09, 2009
When people don't know the difference between "your" and "you're." It drives me insane.

Jun 30, 2014
When a mob has like 310 healh, and I cast an Evil Snowman or something, and its hanging there with 10 health! Like WHY.. and when im hanging with 100 health, when I have 2 pips, I don't see my fairies! i only see my spells and my shields! then i cast a spell to clear my deck a little, but now I have 1 pip.. then the mob casts a powerful spell like Lightning Bats or a Sunbird and I die! SOOOOOOOOOO annoying.

But most of these are my fault, not the game's fault

Terri GoldenGem Lvl 20

May 01, 2013
It would have to be these tiny ledges you can't get over.

They're like 1 inch above the ground, and in most games, you can walk over them without questioning if there's a mystical barrier blocking you.