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What Annoys You?

Jul 09, 2013
Sep 19, 2013
- Beggars (especially the ones that yell at you when you turn them down)
- Tower shields
- The inability to trade and gift gold items
- The cost of Mega Snack Packs
- Fizzling
- Trying to get all the rare reagents for crafting quests

Sep 27, 2009
Well lets see here:

1. Mooshu
2. Quests that take a lot of running.
3. Lower level people who have better gear than me.
4. Mooshu.
5. Did I say Mooshu?!

Yeah I really hate Mooshu.

I also hate when you get a really good drop but its not for your school, and its another school only.

Bailey Skullvault, Legendary Pyro
Garrett Thunderwalker, Legendary Diviner
Isabella Blade, Apprentice Thaumaturge

May 27, 2013
Shannon Skybreaker on Mar 26, 2013 wrote:
In the game, what annoys you the most? I'd really like to hear your responses.
~Shannon Skybreaker
I hate gold diggers and the myth people who use earthquake or myth imp and it so annoying cause im life

Aug 15, 2012
Oct 09, 2011
  1. Earthquake
  2. Weakness
  3. Stuns
  4. Begging
  5. Fizzles
  6. Earthquake
  7. Myth Imp
  8. Joining when I'm about to hit
  9. Not finding the card I need for 5 rounds
  10. Weakness
  11. "Did not collect"
  12. Useless minions
  13. Minions/henchmen healing full health targets

Jan 13, 2010
1. Having an extremely buffed spell and your about to die but first, your gonna kill the guy your fighting. And then, FIZZLE! Happens every time
2. Low levels seeing me, a level 52 ice wizard, in the commons. The reason? I get bombarded with friend requests. I know you can turn it off, but I make friends questing all the time, and I don't want to keep turning it on and off just so that I can friend them.
3. My friends teleporting to me in the middle of a hard street fight. Especially my real life, low level friends who would teleport, another enemy joins then they flee, afraid.
4. "Did Not Collect" on my 45th time trying to get an item.
5. Tower Shield/Weakness every time I'm about to cast a crazy buffed spell.
6. Getting amazing gear for other schools, then getting okay gear for my school (my current is ice, and she has a gurtok fire blade and Malistaire Myth Robe)

AND NUMBER 7... (my worst...)

7. Since I purchase a lot of bundles, I normally get lots of good gear. All the amazing gear I get and love looks horrendous on my wizard, and all the gear that looks pretty stylish has spells/stats that are no help. I know that you can stitch, but I want to save my crowns for more important things.

Jun 17, 2009
Well, What bothers me is that lately when I enter a dungeon, I do the whole thing, it takes about an hour, and then when I walk outside, after finishing, it says I still have to do that quest.

Please fix this! I will not play if this keeps happening.

Rowan TrollCaller

Brittany SilverBreath

Dec 05, 2013
beggers, weakness, jade armor, labyrinth dungeon (I Hate It), Dragonspyre, Dungeons,

Apr 30, 2012
I want to be able to see my hair under my helmet - I have female wizards and haven't seen their hair for like 20 levels or more! It's a minor thing, but still annoying. And I don't want to have to use crowns to combine a hairstyle with a hat either. :)

Dec 05, 2012
Mar 30, 2014
Beggars and people who crush other peoples ideas

Emily Deathdust


Jan 17, 2010
Low levels who stalk you EVERYWHERE,
False reports,
Bosses who do not drop items needed for your collect quest,
Most of all,
Houses that aren't even very good making it to Number One in the housing directory.

Dec 11, 2009
Sadly, there is a list.

1. Sunstone.
2. Waterworks.
3. Beggars.
4. Sunstone.
5. People asking me out in the game.
6. Sunstone.
7. Fishing.
8. PvP.
9. Sunstone.
10. Did I say Sunstone?
11. When mobs just wont die.
12. Dragonspyre mobs.
13. Crafting with Sunstone.
14. Sunstone.
15. Turquoise.
16. People bugging me about my gear.
17. See above.
18. When people bug me about my level. (82 and proud!)
19. Sunstone. Again.
20. Cheating Bosses.
21. Belloq.
22. Mobs in Azteca.
23. Defeat and Collect quests.
24. Sandstone.
25. My fizzle rate.

May 26, 2012
When you're low on mana during a dungeon or when someone tries to ask you out…

Dec 05, 2012
grizzlehiem and wintertusk, amber, agave leaves, agave nectar, belloq, spider archmage, ghost dog, beggars, stalkers, people you ask your opinion for what you should get with crowns then want you to gift them, tc beggars, and running out of gold/crowns.

Jul 02, 2014
Well people buy alot of crowns.Then they buy somthing so good that it should be in level 90 or somthing.But when i look at it guess what it is for level 15 and over.That anoyes me so much i want to buy so much crowns that i woul d look like I am in level 90 but really in level17.

Aug 02, 2013
Getting deer knight!! I've been trying to get it since I could do loremaster spent a lot of crowns on packs anything I could to get it. Now I get to craft it and I need 50 sunstone! Not to even mention the amber. I've farmed loremaster since I could,not one spell. People doing loremaster on there second time get deer knight when I'm on my hundredth! They should at least let death students get one of the best death spells in the game for a training point even make it two training points just please make it easier.i bet a lot of necromancers agree with me.
Andrew deathblade Lvl 77

Mar 06, 2010
For me it would be the defeat and collect quests I'll fight over eight mobs and only collect one of what I'm suppose to collect.

-Andrew ThunderBlade
lvl 92 Necromancer

Feb 11, 2010
In no particular order...
  • Mana Burn--I love the spell but it could be more effective. If I go first in battle, cast it on a monster who has 6 pip and then he attempts a 6 pip spell, shouldn't work as a stun in that case instead of still being able to cast a spell that costs more pips then he currently has?
  • People asking for a "boyfriend"/"girlfriend" especially when it's being targeted at me...
  • Weakness, Tower Shield, Death Ninja Pig
  • TC use in PvP--Using TC doesn't show that you're a stronger wizard than others, especially if its a low level PvP. It just shows that you have gold (or a higher level wizard) and can buy the most expensive (and most powerful) TC. What level 17 will be able to survive Fire Dragon?
  • Swearing around the filters
  • Beggars--especially if they keep begging me after I say I don't have crowns
  • Rare Reagents--it takes months to get enough Sunstone and Amber for big projects
  • The word "noob"--in and of itself, its not a bad word, but it is insulting, especially in PvP.
  • Towers after MS--once DS hits, friends can't port into towers to help you--and those towers, especially in DS, take forever to solo
  • Always helping friends but not having the favor returned when I ask for help
  • Fizzling--especially when I'm about to be defeated and the card that fizzled was my last hope
  • Collection quests--I'm in Azteca and I STILL have collection side quests from as far back as DragonSpyre
  • Housing--I love decorating houses, but I hate how the big houses (like Massive Fantasy) still have a 250 item limit when it could easily fit 400 and not appear cluttered (and bric-a-brac can't expand past 300). I also hate how wall hangings have to go in a straight line at a single level--I want lamps higher than wands and pictured staggered up and down along the wall--there's plenty of wall after all. I also hate how a plot/pot counts as one housing item and the seed counts as a separate one.
~Emma Dreamweaver 85

Jun 15, 2013
When you are so close to killing a person, and someone freaking joins! I'm like: AH!! NOOOOOO :P

Apr 11, 2012
Beggars annoy me the most.

I try not to let them bother me, but it's still irritating when you're walking through the Commons, and there are people saying, "I need a boy" or vice versa.

I think K.I. needs to filter this saying, personally.

Thank you everybody for your ideas, and it was a pleasure to share mine.

~ Miranda Thundergem
Archmage Theurgist
Angler Management

Feb 17, 2011
popcicool7777777 on Mar 26, 2013 wrote:
People who are accepting to enter long dungeons such as Waterworks, but are quitting halfway through. I also dislike the big roaming mounts all over the place :-/
i soooo agree with you. I have a t-rex mount, but i try not to have it equiped since it's so big. KI needs to shrink the mounts that are large in my opinion. Just a few days ago i had someone with the majestic dragon mount equiped park right in front of me when i was at a vendor.

Jul 01, 2009
Shannon Skybreaker on Mar 26, 2013 wrote:
In the game, what annoys you the most? I'd really like to hear your responses.
~Shannon Skybreaker
Don't get me started on life creatures casting spirit armor in marleybone!

Dec 26, 2013
I'm a friendly sort who will normally accept ALL friend requests. What annoys me is the first message you get from your new friend is "Can you gift me (insert overpriced crown item here)". Not only is it presumptuous of them to immediately beg a freebee from you, they're specific about what gift they want you to give them!

Immediate un-friending ensues.