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What Annoys You?

Oct 11, 2009
People friending you just so that they can get crowns.

Aug 08, 2012
Jun 16, 2014
Feb 10, 2011
First Advantage in PvP, most noticeable when facing a fire/myth(or amulet) 1v1 (Efreet, Earthquake)

Apr 22, 2012
wizard508million on Mar 26, 2013 wrote:
I agree.... (Especially in the commons) All I see is 'please send me a mount, a house, a pet etc.
It gets so annoying Please stop begging guys

Sep 12, 2010
What really annoys me in this game is the fact that they don't give a lot of attention to he life school like every life spell is weak well...not all but at least make them stronger and don't only focus on healing

Jul 06, 2014
Things that annoy me:

  • Beggars
  • Liars
  • Wizards when they do frost bite!
  • Wizards when they heal everyone on their team in pvp!
  • Wizards when they do fire elf over and over again!
  • when they heal in pvp when you are about to defeat them!
  • When you tell your pvp team to heal you or them selfs and they don't
  • Collecting
  • people asking you to go out with them when you have someone already or just don't want to
  • ugly hats and robes
  • people with dumb names for example Gus Bloodybreather, Chase WindHealer.
  • When the computer makes my name show up as my piggles name. (it calles me gus)
There is more!

Nora Sandstone Level 20

Apr 27, 2012
Having to use henchmen because many of the dungeon quest mobs boss encounters are too hard to solo!

Jul 13, 2013
Okay I was in DS a few hours ago and a monster spammed weakness. I had at least one weakness, if not two, floating around my head at all times. This is a problem and must be fixed.

Aug 10, 2011
Things that bother me

to long of quests

I have many more but I dont have all day to think about all of them i will think of more later

Tyler DragonSpear level 86 wizard

add me if you see me just tell me you read my post!

Mar 09, 2014
heck serpent on Mar 31, 2013 wrote:
any defeat and collect. you need to go through the same exact fight 10,000 times to get one of what you're trying to collect.
or maybe you could just do 3 attack spells, (that's what i do, and it works)

May 18, 2014
*getting pulled into battle by enemies
*people who friend you just to get treasure cards
*when people get annoyed when you join their battle
*cheating bosses (Pigswick)
*not being able to enter an area you have a quest for
*fizzling spells (especially when you need them the most)

Nov 30, 2013
Shannon Skybreaker on Mar 26, 2013 wrote:
In the game, what annoys you the most? I'd really like to hear your responses.
~Shannon Skybreaker
-Ppl that shield a lot such as ice characters. Being a storm it makes it kind of hard to beat them if they shield the whole match
-When I am about to win the match but I fizz and the other player I'm going against attacks and I die
-When I discard a healing spell because I think I don't need it and then the other player attacks and bring my health down very far(When the round comes and I don't get a healing spell)
-When other players spam minions I:
-When I shield a lot and the pet takes all my shields or the player uses shatter. I:
-When I get matched up with a player way higher than me.

Katie 32 Caption
Katie 10 Commander

Sep 01, 2009
A bunch of things annoy me.
1. No being able to mark more than one place at once.
2. The fact that some items are no auction items. A lot of times I get stuff from battles that I can't use and I can't sell. Also It gets really annoying after getting so many brown spider pets.
3. Places like Mooshu and Marleybone where you need to get a smaller mount to be able to avoid the monsters in the streets.
Thats all I can think of.

Katie PetalPearl
Master Thaumaturge
Level 45, Ice

Dec 27, 2009
I get annoyed when you have to have help to beat a boss or a dungeon. More specifically, when you have to fight four opponents at once. Like in Nastrond; I got about halfway through and then came to a battle where there were four bosses that I had no chance of beating on my own. So I lost all of that progress. Sure, it's okay occasionally, on quests that aren't critical to the game. But my progress through the game shouldn't depend on help from other people.

May 14, 2013
What annoys me most. Here it goes!

#1 Arcane builders bundle. Really, really hard to work with with camera angles that won't let you see what your doing. Can't decorate it with custom flooring or wall paper. Try to select a wall on the 2nd floor from outside and the camera angel drops to make you look down. If your inside trying to select a wall it puts out out so your selecting a roof floor combo. Very very annoying!

#2 The 2nd fishing quest. I caught Toddpole several times most of them trying the catch BeraCuda using the fire lure on every cast all I get are chest or other fish. I went and caught every fire fire in the area not one of them the bear. I know it is supposed to be rare but this is also a game and supposed to be fun this to me is irritating at best and just made me give it up. I'll try it later on maybe for now I don't care.

May 22, 2011
1.your mounts get you in a battle
2.some bosses are a little to much for you level.

Nov 30, 2011
I know what! Mounts that are huge and flap around your face all the time! I mean I have a couple of big mounts but I never use them because 1. They make horrible sounds. 2. They flap in everyone's faces! Personal space!?!?!?

Feb 06, 2013
NZScruffy on Apr 12, 2013 wrote:
Things that annoy me:

LOVE this game! :) (And I've been here only a few months). So things that disappoint me here REALLY annoy me. When a game you love is corupted it's a personal thing.

Player getting around restrictions to Harass, and Cuss others.

ARG! Storyline quests to Defeat Creature for Item, when the drop rate is about 1%.. -- The most unimaginative and lame addition to the game. (Forcing players to grind is a last resort short term strategy for a gamecreator focused on money).

Running to the next quest location and accidentaly getting into battle with Creatures and forgetting to change your deck to fight them. Then having to flee combat, and run Allll the way back again. ARG!

Players constantly sending friend requests and begging you for stuff and help without even trying for themselves. (Yes, I understand their are many young kids in the game, and that's what kids do. Still, it's annoying).

I like the cheating bosses, they are a challenge!
... But Creatures casting random pointless/useless spells annoys me!

- The 'intelligence' of all enemies needs improving. Everything just casts random spells from what they have. Even the slightest amount of Artificial Intelligence in Creature combat would make combat more difficult and more fun. (Without having to resort to HUGE Life, starting with 6 pips, Cheating).
EG - If partner creature isn't Fire school, don't cast a FireBlade on them, cast it on yourself.
- Cast Healing spell on partner creature who ISNT on max life.

Lack of Fun Cosmetic items/effects in crown shop, and amount of game unbalancing items in crown shop!

I wish the Crown shop sold more Cosmetic things and less game advantage things. The games main attraction is the creative world and amazing visuals. More crown items aimed at improving your own style/look, mount, home, maybe even spell effect would be awsome!
I one million percent agree with the harassment point you give. it leads to nothing but bullying and that hurts. knowing how many players don't even want to play anymore because of the bullying is very sad. they escape their hard days of whatever just to come here and get bullied. very unfair

Jul 17, 2013
Ice in pvp. WAAAAAY too much resist ,and health. When I was sergeant I was against an ice with 4.4k health and he or she was level 45. Another time I was against a level 60 with crafted gear and a mega pet that had 10% resist , 5% resist , 10% fire resist , 5% fire resist, and may cast fairy. He had 101% resist to fire and 99% resist to ice so my convert did nothing and they taunted mid game bye waiting for the clock to run out for almost a half hour

Level 46 Blaze Dragonrider
Level 27 Isaac Cloud.

Oct 24, 2009
wizard508million on Mar 26, 2013 wrote:
I completely agree with that, the people who just float around the commons asking to be gifted drive me insane, if they want something that bad they should pay for it themselves! I hope it will be made against the rules to beg incessantly, so I can report people and help take away that unpleasant aspect of the game.

Fallon Starstrider
Adept Level 27

Jasmine Icewraith
Adept Level 28

Aug 04, 2013
Personally i think that there are many things. Here let me list them out for you:

1. Non-text chat people who never agree to a team plan, end up dying, flee and never come back to help. GRR!
2. Storm bosses they have a ridiculous amount of resist SEEING AS I AM STORM and then when you try to prism them they have myth shield! UGH

3. And the most annoying thing ....

The DS crating quests!
Really? 30 diamond needed to craft two daggers?!

Mar 30, 2014
9635lexi on Mar 30, 2013 wrote:
What annoys me???

1. Fizzles
2. People who beg for crowns
3. People who join your battles when you ask them not to
4. Low xp
5. Pet Bosses
6. Cyrus Drake
7. Cyrus Drake's Mood
8. Cyrus Drake's Brother
9. Cyrus Drake's Critism

That's what annoys me.
Alexis SilverHeart, lvl 59 Diviner.
Ok I think numbers 6-9 are funny but true! On a quest in cyclops lane he sends you to get his robe and stuff! I also don't like people who show off, fizzle, people who have giant mounds and stand in front of the quest giver.

Emily Deathdust


Feb 09, 2014
What annoys me is that people in pvp and their pets, the pets heal so much, over and over again, and the battle takes so long. Also, some people are trying to cast their spells and the pets are like " Nope, sorry, have to heal my owner first " It really annoys me.

Feb 24, 2013
#1 Beggars
#2 Fizzling
#3 Potent Trap and Tartarus Farming
#4 Level 2 People who ask for help, then when a Journeymen offers help, they say "No, your a noob"
#5 Fire mobs (and fire players) who use efreet right before you attack
#6 extreme trash talking people
#7 people who call you a noob for having may cast fairy on your pet
and many more

Gavin MythBreaker lvl 90

#8 Scammers
#9 People who like to think of this game as a dating website. Get a life people!