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What Annoys You?

Nov 19, 2012
Well let me start with low levels porting when you are in a palace like celestial Avalon and so fourth
Beggers every where I go their are people who go gift me plz plz plz the act like you killed them when you say you can't and "did not collect item" quest thing really get on my nerve and waste time

Jul 30, 2012
This weekend the number of underleveled wizards in WC commons pleading to be ported into various worlds and specific dungeons has gotten absolutely ridiculous.

May 10, 2010
Beggars definitely annoy me, but also people that bully or use foul language annoy me. There is absolutely no reason to ask someone to gift you or curse in this game.

1. If a person does not know you, why would they spend real money on you? So quit Begging!
2. To curse on the game, you actually have to think of the curse word and type it in, it is not a habit as some people say, it is not cool as others say, it is simple minded thinking from simple minded folk. It is ignorance of better things to say, so start thinking and learning better ways to say things.

Oct 09, 2012
I keep getting so annoyed because I keep dying on the same quest that's to defeat a guy called Sothmekhet and collect a fire seal for my efreet spell it's so hard. Are you able to help me please .

Jul 18, 2009
I personally don't mind cheating bosses and mobs. It makes the game much more fun and gives it a challenging flair. Now for my dislikes along with reasoning behind them.

Weakness in Dragonsypre - On any wizard that isn't Storm, this is seriously a mess that causes you to spend quite a bit of gold on Cleanse Ward TC's.

Tower Shield - This is more of a pain than Weakness, because at the moment i'm playing on my Ice Wizard going through the first arc of the game, and having to worry about Tower Shields and Fire Shields on my prisms when i'm playing vs mobs of my same school is a headache.

Sometimes annoying choppy camera angles - There needs to be a setting that allows you to have your camera angle stick in place. Every time I look up to try to see something the camera angles get so choppy that it's almost impossible.

Aug 08, 2012
Shannon Skybreaker on Mar 26, 2013 wrote:
In the game, what annoys you the most? I'd really like to hear your responses.
~Shannon Skybreaker
More things that annoy me are:
Online dating. I always see online dating on this game followed by disturbing, disgusting language. I just don't see the the point of online dating, like most of these people who date online don't even know who the person is and are just randomly dating them for amusement. If they actually know who the person is in real life, then that is another story, but online dating a stranger in my opinion, is just wrong.

I also get annoyed by beggars. People have asked me many times to gift them, I gifted them once because I happened to know the person in real life but, then they just take advantage of Me and always ask. Many other people I gifted have asked for more than one gift. People in the commons also do the same, they announce in the commons, " Can someone gift me? " it can get really annoying sometimes. These are the things that annoy me, but other than that, I really enjoy playing this game.

Nov 30, 2009
Dear wizard101 in the game wizard city stays dawn all the time. I think I would be nice if it followed a time so it would be morning afternoon and night. Or maybe you could make it so people would have a choice of what time it is. This would be a nice thing to put on the game.

Mar 12, 2013
9635lexi on Mar 30, 2013 wrote:
What annoys me???

1. Fizzles
2. People who beg for crowns
3. People who join your battles when you ask them not to
4. Low xp
5. Pet Bosses
6. Cyrus Drake
7. Cyrus Drake's Mood
8. Cyrus Drake's Brother
9. Cyrus Drake's Critism

That's what annoys me.
Alexis SilverHeart, lvl 59 Diviner.
Haha I scrolled down to only the first item on your list and immediately said "another angry storm" before seeing the rest of your post. Right on brotha

Agree with the weakness and shield spam. I hate facing mega storm bosses with inflated health (going second) and I wind up for a boosted prismed Kraken only to have them slide a myth shield or weakness into place between them and certain death. But I guess that's an acceptable risk. It's why I'm using a myth wand so I can wand away the junk and get through with a runaway freight train of damage. It's just when you don't see it coming and suddenly the match just got a lot longer...

What's not acceptable is all the begging/whining. All I have to do is go through the Olde Town tunnel and suddenly 5 people I don't know want to be my friend or add me to groups. I leave my friend request channel open for when I'm doing battles and someone wants to legitimately add me. It seems there should be an additional friend request filter setting so that only people who have joined a battle with you and won, can friend request or group request you.

Oct 21, 2010
My List Is Something Like This...
  • Fizzles
  • Beggars
  • Super High Health Ice Bosses
  • People That Make Fun Of Me For Hanging Out With My Menu Chat Friend
  • Not Being Able To Find Fossil
  • When Tons Of People Hide Around In My Castles (Especially Since I Have 3 HUGE Places Connected By Teleporters)
  • Liars
  • Cheating Bosses
  • Those Mean People Who Hang Around In The Bazaar Being Mean To Level 20's

Julia DragonLeaf-Level 86 Ice

Megan DragonLeaf-Level 25 Storm

"The Best Things In Life Are Free, But Wizard101 Begs To Differ!"

Aug 03, 2009
What annoys me?
1) beggers who say mean things or spam (they are horrible to little kiddos who think they're getting something, when in fact they just want the kids stuff and run off)
2) people who use horrid language whether foul or sexual in nature
3) people who run into a battle and then leave...please, just finish out because you joined...don't be mean
4) people who pick on mutes
5) and a minor complaint: having to garden for amber...I'm a crafter, not a gardener. I kill plants in real life and on the game but I'm still working to get that amber

Nov 26, 2012
some of the levels I do have a very low xp level and I don't really benefit that is what bugs me

Jun 20, 2009
I hate when people are begging you for gifts and treasure cards, and when you are given a quest to collect something from an opponent and it takes like four battles to get one.

Jan 18, 2011
What annoys me the most, hmmm. Let me think

Enemies who casts tower shield
Low levels entering your duels
Collecting quests (from enemies)
Pulled Into battle
Beggars who say 'give' something in return, once you give them something, they don't
Long dungeons

Thats all...
William DeathStone level 68 death

Feb 18, 2013
Things that annoy me:

LOVE this game! :) (And I've been here only a few months). So things that disappoint me here REALLY annoy me. When a game you love is corupted it's a personal thing.

Player getting around restrictions to Harass, and Cuss others.

ARG! Storyline quests to Defeat Creature for Item, when the drop rate is about 1%.. -- The most unimaginative and lame addition to the game. (Forcing players to grind is a last resort short term strategy for a gamecreator focused on money).

Running to the next quest location and accidentaly getting into battle with Creatures and forgetting to change your deck to fight them. Then having to flee combat, and run Allll the way back again. ARG!

Players constantly sending friend requests and begging you for stuff and help without even trying for themselves. (Yes, I understand their are many young kids in the game, and that's what kids do. Still, it's annoying).

I like the cheating bosses, they are a challenge!
... But Creatures casting random pointless/useless spells annoys me!

- The 'intelligence' of all enemies needs improving. Everything just casts random spells from what they have. Even the slightest amount of Artificial Intelligence in Creature combat would make combat more difficult and more fun. (Without having to resort to HUGE Life, starting with 6 pips, Cheating).
EG - If partner creature isn't Fire school, don't cast a FireBlade on them, cast it on yourself.
- Cast Healing spell on partner creature who ISNT on max life.

Lack of Fun Cosmetic items/effects in crown shop, and amount of game unbalancing items in crown shop!

I wish the Crown shop sold more Cosmetic things and less game advantage things. The games main attraction is the creative world and amazing visuals. More crown items aimed at improving your own style/look, mount, home, maybe even spell effect would be awsome!

Mar 07, 2011
Level Caps annoy me.

Usually when I hit a level cap I'm done with a game, even if I haven't "finished" it yet. Why can't there be something to replace experience points once you reach a level cap. It could be gold, it could be earning treasure cards, or earning a new type of currency to buy unique items from the merchant.

Jun 06, 2012
Shannon Skybreaker on Mar 26, 2013 wrote:
In the game, what annoys you the most? I'd really like to hear your responses.
~Shannon Skybreaker
Here's my list:

1) The Efreet spell quest! Your only like lvl 58 and your supposed to fight an ice guy who hex's you and has 15,000 health!
2) Defeat and Collect quests! It takes me and my friend 30 mins. to finish it!
3)Beggars! Will random strangers gift you something when they don't even know you?
4) The Bullies! They are mean to low levels! For example, a lvl 90 called me a noob when i was lvl 48. Now, I'm lvl 71! Who's laughing now? They go to people's arena battles and call people noobs, too.
5)Low lvls begging to be ported somewhere! There was this one time where a guy who had a badge of Novice Necromancer was asking for help on Xialbaba (I dunno if I spelled that right)!
6)The people who want to date! Low lvls (most), say " I need a boy/girl!". Its utterly annoying! Would people wanna date you if you didn't even know them?

I still love this game!

- Scarlet MistCloud Pyromancer Level 71 Starting Avalon

Feb 07, 2011
oh yeah, and a few more things i can't stand:

i) crafting;
ii) crafting;
iii) spells only available via hoard packs or by crafting with impossible-to-find reagents;
iv) gardening;
v) did i mention crafting yet?
vi) overpowered crowns gear in pvp;
vii) obnoxious pvp'ers, who think themselves above everyone else;
viii) pvp in general;
ix) pet training;
x) celestia, mooshu, and marleybone;
xi) zafaria crafting quest;
xii)grizzleheim and its horrible xp;
xiii) morganthe's personality;
xiv) crafting;
xv) horrible people.


Oct 22, 2011
Dr Von on Apr 15, 2013 wrote:
oh yeah, and a few more things i can't stand:

i) crafting;
ii) crafting;
iii) spells only available via hoard packs or by crafting with impossible-to-find reagents;
iv) gardening;
v) did i mention crafting yet?
vi) overpowered crowns gear in pvp;
vii) obnoxious pvp'ers, who think themselves above everyone else;
viii) pvp in general;
ix) pet training;
x) celestia, mooshu, and marleybone;
xi) zafaria crafting quest;
xii)grizzleheim and its horrible xp;
xiii) morganthe's personality;
xiv) crafting;
xv) horrible people.

Von, I don't think you mentioned crafting enough times (LOL).

- I don't mind crafting stuff below Zafaria, but Zafaria on up is very annoying
- PvP players who think they're all that
- Pet training
- Marleybone and Celestia, and parts of Dragonspyre
- Worlds that don't give much XP
- Morganthe - her voice and personality leave a lot to be desired
- Beggars. "Does anyone have crowns?", "Can you gift me a mount/pack/guardian outfit?"
- Bad behavior. Cursing, innuendos, bullying, harassing.
- Low levels in high level worlds that jump into battlesh
- Collection quests. Nothing like fighting 15 battles just to collect one item.
- Begging to be my friend - just to ask me to gift, or port them to a world they don't have access to, or do all of their battles/dungeons for them.
- Scammers. Ones that say they will gift a mount (for example) for TC, then take the TC and run (I'm seeing this more and more).
- I want a girl/boy/mom/dad/aunt/uncle/brother/sister. This is not a dating site.

Jun 17, 2012
i hate when people: ask for packs its sooooo annoyying i also hate when safe chatters joining when i say ''no'' i also say it to free chats and they join some people listen some dont :I

Jan 02, 2011
PVPers that think they are the only ones in the game and that all the spells, and everything else, should be designed only for PVP.

Jan 18, 2013
The turn order in the game. It's hugely unfair, when I go first and I win I don't feel good about it because my oponent was at a disadvantage. When I go second and I lose I feel like I could have won if it was fair. The only time I can ever claim true glory is by going second and winning.

Mar 21, 2009
What annoys me the most is a lot of things. One thing is people who ask me for help but I can't because I'm busy. People who don't have text chat because I want to tell them what I want not what KI puts on Menu Chat. People who flee in the middle of an important battle, that happens to me a lot and I just want to destroy the person who fled but i just flee and annoyed start it all over again. Novice to legendary wizards asking to be my friend. I'm not the nice guy so if you ask my wizard who is an archmage to be your friend and you are novice to legendary expect a no.

Apr 25, 2010
Life school only having one multi hit when all the other schools have at least 2 or more and having to wait until lvl 58 to get it. It makes solo battles such a pain that take forever.

Oct 23, 2011
People that beg for gifts, people that join a duel and flee, people who use the word "allot" in place of the words "a lot", people who beg for friend requests, people who ask for a "girl" or "boy", and people who keep asking to go to a Pagoda.

Nov 01, 2012
1. Defeat and Collect Quest...Seriously ain't nobody got time for that (Sorry I just had to do it lol)
2. Weakness
3. Death Ninja pig spell (*Glares with hatred*)
4. Over powered Ice wiards
5. Hot shot prometheans
6. Little kids playing the game
7. Pvp ranking..
8 Text Chat
9. People who join a battle andleave
10. People who join a battle when they have ike one health
11. Every other worlds besides Avalon
12. Crowns
13. The moderators of this game
14. Lagging
15. Crafting
16. Gear Drops
17. Annoying parents who play this game and are like "Don't say that"
18. Report spammers
19. Two faced friends who never nelp
20. Friend beggers
21. Long Dungeons
22. Dungeon Hoppers
23. Long Battles
24. Ice mobs
25. The fact that you no longer can get a spell if your the appropriate level
26. How Cheesy the NPC people are
Meh my study hall just ended. So yeah thats pretty much it so far.....