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What Annoys You?

Jul 18, 2012
Once a level 19 wizard who I just met said to me can you buy me something from the crown shop and I asked what it was and he said a sea dragon pet a SEA DRAGON and I just met the guy and he wanted me to buy him a 12500 crown item when I just met him and he claimed he was poor yet he was wearing crown only gear and he was in the crucible because he teleported to his friend and that bothered me a lot

May 13, 2013
Shannon Skybreaker on Mar 26, 2013 wrote:
In the game, what annoys you the most? I'd really like to hear your responses.
~Shannon Skybreaker
MANY things annoy me in this game. Here's a list of some of them:

-People who troll
-People who consider this place a online dating website
-Defeat and collect quests


Oct 12, 2013
The thing that i think is most annoying on wizard101 is when your spell fizzles and having to spend so much time walking to quests instead of teleporting everywhere!
Isaac Silversword
Lvl 34

Mar 02, 2009
The fact that you lose just as much rank after a defeat as you win after a victory

Dec 04, 2009
1. Beggars
2. Getting pulled into fights going from one zone to the next.
3. "I need a Girl" So pathetic.
4. Pet Leveling.

May 30, 2011
What really annoys me the most are people who beg for gifts even when you tell them you can't because you don't have any crowns or gold to gift them something. Also people who want me to come heal them when they need it they need to get healing cards for their deck.

Sep 02, 2012
I only have 4

1. Wiz101 messing with pet healing functions
2. The constant begging, it's out of control -- I get nervous when I hear a young person announce in commons" ill do anything for a pack" cause there are some real unsavory people around
3. Girls announcing in commons " I need a boy" and boys saying the same for girls.
4. Getting suspended because I took to many tomatoes due to a bug. I could really rant on this one but will spare you.

Jun 02, 2012
Boss cheats, and no matter how I stack my spell cards I never get what I need when I need it.
Collecting Items and having to fight 9 or 10 times to get it and then having to go back again
for something else and starting all over.
Fighting someone from my school and doing no damage to them, but they can do a lot of
damage to me. I am a 95 Pyromancer and rank 13 can do damage to me and I need a converter
spell to do damage to them.

Wolf Giantheart.

Nov 24, 2013
What's annoying is the collecting quests that take ages and you have to get 10, of each.

- Fallon Star lvl 68 Balance Wizard

Feb 02, 2010
People asking for gifts annoy me, can't they ask their parents, guardians, grandparents, ect. to gift them, instead of random wizards running around? Tara PearlGem

Feb 03, 2013
Shannon Skybreaker on Mar 26, 2013 wrote:
In the game, what annoys you the most? I'd really like to hear your responses.
~Shannon Skybreaker
I hate when bosses heal its so annoying because there about to die than they heal.
I hate fizzling I mean once is ok but more than three times, thats enough

Alyssa Summergem

Nov 14, 2012
Oh, I almost forgot to mention... Fizzles!!! to fizzling! Aaaah!!!

Jul 03, 2013
I think everyone can relate... when you're typing mid-sentence and had just entered battle or was caught in one and once you're in, it stops your sentence and makes menu pop up

Nov 21, 2013
There a few things that annoy me in the game, but persistent Wizards are at the top of my list. Multiple hatch requests, group invitations and friend requests become a distraction. Sure, I can turn my requests off, but I'd rather not.

Mar 31, 2014
Guys like this one with surname Trollman and level 2 who insult, are rude and just troll you - I have turned off the appearance of nearby chat bubbles, chat box is always off and all because of these people.

I'm in pvp for like my 10th time only and he's there just viewer commenting to me:

Why are you in pvp with that gear?
You're lucky you didn't come in here earlier...
and more trolling...

I'd love to chat and make friends but can't these folks make me sick.

Jun 19, 2010
Not being able to add more friends to my list
Not having an auto correcting friends list that removes deleted wizards, or wizards I haven't seen in weeks or months
Not being able to play W101 in my sleep
Players that beg for crowns, gold and hatching
Players that ask you to help them with a tough battle or dungeon who flee in the middle and never return
Angry players who only use foul language to express themselves in chat
Players who only ask and demand you help them without ever offering assistance
Not having a potion vendor available in every zone
Not having my pets I use in battle earn experience points
Not knowing in advance what powers my pets will have
Not being able to select in advance what powers my pet will have when I train them
Not displaying in the Bazaar at the top of the buy list, the best gear and equipment I can use and buy
Not having a buy order capability at the Bazaar. Sure some items are rare, but I can contact most shops to order in advance whatever items they sell or can acquire
Having a castle everyone tells me is fantastic not appear or stay on the castle list long
Having an items cap for how many items you can have in or around your house

Nov 16, 2012
Farming Hades the Unseen to get amulet of divine influence... So hard, but annoy when someone really got it so easily...

Jul 26, 2012
What annoys me?

-Rude open chatters ( Luckily i'm not one of them )
-Weakness spell
-Same school type bosses who cast the opposite school 80% shield before a prism
-People who use rank 1 spells in marelybone and beyond
-Healing with full health on purpose

--Dolan Dusk

Mar 15, 2011
sparklez13222 on Mar 30, 2013 wrote:
i hate efreet
What's efreet

Scarlet Waterleaf

Feb 28, 2009
1. Non balance bosses and minions that cast weakness or the inaccuracy spell
2. Monsters that cast spells that they are weak to (Myth casting lightning sharks)
3. When all my blades and traps are at the very back of my deck
4. 3 Fizzles in a row on non storm wizard (one is :/, 2 is >:O, 3 is O_o did that really just happen?)
5. Battling monsters for an item and it exceeds 10 monsters before you finish the quest (killed 16 eels in the grotto for some collect quest before .___.)
6. Arrogant higher lvl players

This doesn't really annoy me but the lack of a game clock in full screen. Showing server and local time would be really nice. It would be even nicer if the game shifted between day and night accordingly to the server time.

Nov 10, 2012
Hmm... Lets see.

1. People who beg for things like tc and crowns.
2. Those "Kill ___ and collect ___" Quests
3. Those people who randomly join your battle, even if you said not to when they asked.
4. Only six character slots.
5. Rude people (Duh)
6. People who spam in the Commons in general.
7. Pvp people who think they're all that.
8. Halstorm Balestorm (And yes, I hate my own school teacher)
9. Halstorm Balestorm's Attitude
10. Halstorm Balestorm's Accent
11. When your bffs can't get membership
12. Malorn Ashthorn (I also hate him)
13. Malorn Ashthorn's Voice
14. Malorn Ashthorn's Personality

And there's many others, but I don't feel like typing a lot. G'day

Savannah MoonBlossom 29 & Jacqueline ShadowBlade 9

Feb 08, 2011
Keeper of the Lore pack annoys me. I spend 120k crowns and still i dont get spell. All of my friends too. Bugged or drop rate is 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 i think. So trust me never buy that pack for spell because we are 4 people who spend 120-150k crown nearly for it. Try ninja's lore instead.

Sep 05, 2013
what annoys me is when you send people away they keep coming back

Jul 06, 2010
The levels man I go in to battle with fiends and they are all stronger than me! I feel like an ant to them.
And to make things worse when so of them show off! And that level in Mooshu!!! I am level 37 and I still cant beet it!!!! And when bosses heal them when there almost dead!!!
I hate the myth teacher! He's not nice! And those levels you beet and they don't give anything good.
When you finish a world and they give you nothing. No title no other world no nothing.
Bossy People.
Stronger people who brag!
Stop bragging.

Dec 16, 2012
What really annoys me is that you never know which quest is a side quest or main quest. Then you're stuck doing the wrong quests for main quests, and you don't know what you're doing later on. You finally go in circles for a very long time, and it drives me crazy. ~ Alura LionHeart.