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What Annoys You?

Mar 05, 2013
When my Storm Wizard is fighting a non/Storm school Creature and I fizzle twice casting a Storm Shark and then the non/Storm school Creature casts a successful Storm Shark on me. That's super annoying. Oh and I guess the fact that most of the enemies we have to fight have not only multiple spells that aren't of their school but also have fairly powerful ones as well. Another annoyance is, let's say, in Dragonspyre and your next quest is to fight Tamris or Firevein and the arrow points right at a spot and lo and behold there's no Tamris or Firevein. That happens everywhere, just using DS as an example. Also, in the multiple enemy battles when you begin a fight and it takes forever for the second enemy to join the battle and it immediately casts a Weakness or Shields the first enemy and you have Blades and Traps set up. Multiple enemy battles should provide multiple enemies by the end of the first round. OK, that's it for now, I'm sure I'll think up a few more.

Aug 25, 2009
1 People begging for treasure cards
2 begging for help with winterbane/ect
3 I need a boy I need a girl spam (this isn't a pick up game)
4 fizzing
5 cheating bosses
6 earthquake
7 weakness spam enemies
8 people who leave dungeons when everyone enters. Like at Hades
9 trying to collect items from fights but not getting what you are after
10 PVP spammers who use nothing but dispel cards so you cant attack EVER

Jul 22, 2009
dispel and smoke spammers in pvp.KI needs to address this issue... it is ruining pvp

Dec 13, 2008
Cyrus Drake mostly, could use new quest into diging up info explaining his actions lol

Jul 27, 2010
Hmmm..this is what annoys me most.

  • Low levels who beg for things that are clearly unnessacary to them, like a big attire.
  • Low level beggars who beg for packs, and then threaten to report you when you refuse.
  • People who threaten to false report you
  • People who constantly beg for help 24/7
  • Treasure card beggars.
  • Stuck up people, who say they can beat you in pvp.
  • Boy/girl Commons beggars
  • People who curse around the filters to be 'tough', and when they get reported, threaten to report you back, or they just continue cursing.
  • Rude pvp'ers who insult you when they lose or win.
  • Weakness spammers, judgment spammers, tower shield spammers, absorb spammers
  • No sidewalk areas
  • Just plain out rude players.
  • When someone joins a battle, waits for the next monster to join,then flees.
  • When someone waits for you to do all the work when they join, wait for the prize, and flee.
  • Low levels who port into big world mobs.

I have soo many more..but not enough characters. lol


Rebecca, deh Epicalist.

Nov 05, 2011
I can deal with most things, but some things just really grind my gears. Such as how later in the game some monsters will use spells outside of their school of focus, such as a life boss using Efreet. The first time that happened it caught me completely off guard and I had to redo the whole fight. >.< Or how Death Ninja Pigs were given to Death monsters that give a weakness after hitting? Now that HAS to be just KingsIsle trying to make the game more annoying. Oh and who doesn't hate getting stunned. KingsIsle, if you read this PLEASE put implement new gear (possibly attained from Aquila or in Khrysalis Part 2) that offers a substantial amount of Stun Resistance! That would be AMAZING.

Apr 23, 2009
1. Beggars
2. People who swear left and right
3. Puppets
4. People who perfectly time Entangle on me (It's not really a problem, just a joke)
5. Puppets
6. I may have forgotten to mention puppets
7. Not finding spells at the right time
8. Trash-talkers (especially those sore losers)
9. Puppets, if I neglected to write it
10. Smoke Screen spams (I see it more than experience it, but it almost seems like the new chain stun)

May 29, 2013
Top 10 (with 10 being the most annoyed by)

  1. Weak spells
  2. Completing a mission and having to fight the SAME enemies again
  3. Beggars
  4. Enemies living by a small amount when you expect a kill
  5. Lingering damage- Destroys all my shields
  6. Needy friends- I understand you need help once in a while, but really?!
  7. Weakness and Tower Shield- Any Wizard who has ever played past Wizard city knows this
  8. Cheating Bosses
  9. People who flee battles, especially when no one's even defeated yet- I hate Cowards
  10. Fizzling!!- Ugh........

Apr 07, 2010
In-game "lapses".

You know when something's wrong with your internet connection, specifically when approaching a dungeon, it takes like more than a minute for the pop-up to appear. Same with sigils in games in the Pet Pavillion, etc.

Nov 26, 2010
Mooshu. I've been stuck on that world on my first character, they're level 48 death, and I don't think I'm even close to the end of Mooshu x.x When I think I'm moving onto the last quest, I find out I have another million to go xD Anyone else have this problem?

I have 6 characters, loool.
Courtney Sparkleflower, Level 48
Iridian, Level 35
Saffron Winter, Level 31
Brecken Ash, Level 21
Autumn Breeze, Level 17
Saffron Night, Level 7

Apr 05, 2009
grr i hate when i have quests to go in a dungeon but there's nobody else that's around to do it and the dungeon requires more than 1 player D:

Sep 28, 2013
jade gear.
quest that makes you go to another world and come back.
cheating bosses.
can someone gift me? < hate that so much

Dec 24, 2010
I have had countless wizards come up to me and friend me, i am okay with that, but then they say "Can i have some treasure cards?"
I say sure because i hope for us to become good friends.
They give me a few bad treasure cards and then un-friend me.
If anyone does that, please stop because i know i am getting annoyed from it.

Alex Silverstone, level 55

Dec 24, 2010
I used to have menu-chat and always need help on dungeons.
So i see a bunch of wizards huddled around one entrance, i quickly join in and they leave.
If you want to do a solo run at least find a way to tell wizards like me who are relying on help.

Alex Silverstone, level 55

Jul 24, 2011
heck serpent on Mar 31, 2013 wrote:
any defeat and collect. you need to go through the same exact fight 10,000 times to get one of what you're trying to collect.
LOL, I always get it the first time.

Cole GoldenFlame, Level 37 Pyromancer "ALWAYS!!!!" World: Marleybone Area: Counterweight West

Sep 19, 2010
Missingn0 on Mar 16, 2014 wrote:
1 People begging for treasure cards
2 begging for help with winterbane/ect
3 I need a boy I need a girl spam (this isn't a pick up game)
4 fizzing
5 cheating bosses
6 earthquake
7 weakness spam enemies
8 people who leave dungeons when everyone enters. Like at Hades
9 trying to collect items from fights but not getting what you are after
10 PVP spammers who use nothing but dispel cards so you cant attack EVER
I agree with a few things on that list, one being number three in my books. I can't stand it... At all.

I also agree with 1, 2, 5, 6, 8 and 10.

However, instead of Weakness spam enemies, to me it's shields. Not like Tower or Legion... I mean Spell Shields like Death Shield or Fire Shield.

Earthquake is annoying when it's used multiple times, cheating bosses are also a pain. Like in Tower of the Helephant (I'm still in the Zafaria Zone, need to finish Mirror Lake)

I don't have a problem with fizzling unless I'm using my Wizard.

Mar 01, 2014
RottenHeart on Mar 27, 2013 wrote:
The bazaar buy/sell screen format. It seems like a small issue, but if you consider the number of times you go to the bazaar the annoyance factor adds up. If you were to multiply that annoyance factor across all gamers it would be gigantic.

It's time for KI to update the bazaar buy/sell screen format.

1. The wait time for all the items for a category to load. To make it somewhat better why isn't the 'usable' checkbox checked by default?

2. While a category is loading you can't switch item tabs. You must wait for the list to complete loading.

3. When looking through the available items for sale the item stats overlap the list of stuff you are trying to look through. It's a visual mash of overlapping stuff. It gets really bad when you are looking at higher leveled stuff with lots of associated stats.

4. When quickly looking through the available items for sale the stats for your equipped item and the selected item jumps around the screen and also flips left/right. Makes quick comparison shopping difficult.

Overall the bazaar buy/sell screens implementation is very sloppy looking and annoying for regular shoppers. The format was probably ok when the game only went as far as Dragonspyre, but the game has far outgrown this. Time for a revamp.
Couldn't have said it better myself.
Also the housing items are too generalized. I hate looking through page after page of misc. KI can't you sort your misc. a little better?

Feb 19, 2011
People who join my battles when I don't need any help.

People who join battles and then flee.

Jul 16, 2012
Warlords after beating someone lvl higher then them.

---Richard Shadowfountain level 92

Mar 08, 2014
I hate it when there is 2 bosses doing a duel against 1 wizard and no other wizards come to help you in a dungen.

Jun 13, 2012
What truly annoys me is when people are always begging to do Winterbane and Midnight Sun Pagoda and they say "Boo hoo"* over and over again until you go to them or hit the ignore all friends button. And also what annoys me is the two spells banshee and weakness.
*Please take this phrase out of menu chat KI! I have been sick of this phrase since I first seen it. Or add "Sorry, I don't want to" (instead of saying "Sorry, I can't", which would be a lie) in menu chat.

Jul 30, 2013
There are a few things that bother me but nothing big. I hate when my spell doesn't work,and i'm about to beat someone. I also don't like when someone is asking me to do a quest and i am not allowed to pass on it.
Level 20

Sep 05, 2010
Obnoxious giant mounts.
People who think that the more damage they do, the better they are.
People who decorate their house like they're blind.
When you're about to cast a spell and your opponent casts weakness.
When your opponent in PvP heals a bunch, even though they have hardly any attack cards.
Side quests that have no meaning, and it's just like "Defeat 10 of these for no reason."
When I die... >_>

Nov 14, 2012
You want to know one thing that REALLY bothered me lately? The test realm being offline on the weekends! I mean really! I know i am getting a new membership when this one expires, but come ON! We all know that wizard101 is busy on weekends, but that is NO reason to shut down the test realm when it's supposed to be on!
It just really gets me angry.
Dylan SkullWraith, 26

Apr 04, 2013
okay lets see ahem myth every spell it has me not critical when i need it in storm owl they really need to lower the damage lore master i never get anything and people with open chat all i see all day is ...... really feel bad for mutes. k that all