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What Annoys You?

Feb 26, 2012
Zachary DarkHammer on Feb 2, 2014 wrote:
The difference is that this is a video game that deals with working together.
thanks for taking notice of this conversation Zachary. We already went into it enough for both sides to get their points across, though, and if you read further in the posts I'm sure you can see what I mean. So I'll leave off any further comments on the topic.

Jan 01, 2014
people who trick you into going in a dungeon alone and when you come out their gone

Aug 14, 2012
I hate:
#1: That sometimes when you begin a battle you get to go first and then other times the opponents do. In Pvp 'd say thats ok but in regular battles, and even boss battles, you should be allowed to go first instead of whatever goes.

#2: When ice opponents use tower shield or something of that nature right before you hit them with a powerful spell so it doesn't do half the damage you wanted and then you have to save up pips again, which takes forever.

#3: Defeat-and-collect quests. When you battle all those minions and then it says "Did not collect, try again". You only get the required drops by chance, if you happen to be battling the right ones!! Why isn't it just simply, you battle, you defeat, you get the drop; instead of you battle four, you get one drop, you battle two, you get no drops, you battle four, no drops, battle one, get a drop.....It's so annoying!!

Calamity Deathbringer, Grandmaster Necromancer

Aug 14, 2012
Oh also (I forgot this one):

When you get notifications that [certain teacher or other person like that] wants to see you while you're battling or in a dungeon and when you finish you can't remember who it was that wanted you. There should be something that reminds you every ten minutes or so, that way you wouldn't forget!!

Calamity Deathbringer, Grandmaster Necromancer

Dec 17, 2010
The fact that Ice School has Immunity to Storm and Fire Spells.
The " Giant " Mounts that walk all over me when i am outside a dungeon.
The players who beg for TC and or Mounts.
The " Bossy " player in a dungeon telling everyone what to do.
OCD players that are too serious about the game, and take the " Fun " out of the game.
Warlords that think they are better than players who are not Warlords lol.
The " Cheat " Bosses in some of the dungeons are getting too crazy.
A lot of the newer spells like " Mana Burn " which steals your pips. lol.
Way too many " Packs " for sale now.
Players who wear Crown gear
High level players : Example level 95 Storm Wiz, who wears low level ice gear! I actually see this a lot!
This results in the player having terrible stats, and messing up the dungeons for the other players.
Players who will not work as a " Team " in difficult dungeons.

Jun 11, 2012
Oh, I have another thing. I know that many people have put this but whatever. The word noob. Someone called me this and I was seriously annoyed. Here is what happened: I was in a battle when two people joined me. One of them started bossing me around but I didn't like that, I mean it was my battle first. So I just told him no. Then he called me a noob. Later on I figured out that he was a lower level than me!!!

Jun 24, 2013
Apr 01, 2012
StormStrong101 on Jan 29, 2014 wrote:
I thought Penny Dreadful was cute.
Nolan Stormgate
Duncan Something
Mindy Pixiecrown
Duncan Grimwater?

oh yeah! I forgot to say BEGGARS and noobs who port and stick around because they're "new" and they want to "Explore"

~Luke NightTalon lvl63

Jun 27, 2013
Seems to me that most of the problems, or annoyances in the game, are self fixes.

You don't like fizzling, raise your percision... End of annoyance.

You don't like fighting same school?? Use a prism... that's what they're for.

You don't like how bosses chest... Learn the cheats,a nd nullify them. Each cheat has a counter.

Jade gear...??? Are you really annoyed that people are willing to LOSE ALL Attack, to get a higher defense?? Must be PvP'rs.

As for Defeat/Collect quests... I despise them too. Especially when I get mine right away, and my partner has to fight 300 more times... or vice versa

Oct 27, 2013
people begging for crowns

people lvl up fast (like people lvl up from lvl 1 to lvl 95-100 in 1 day!)

spam weakness

cyberbullyers in the game

people i get in rnk pvp are captain and up and use a lot of tc in battle

i never get the opponent i want in pvp. i got a lvl 29 when i was going for a lvl 86!

did not collect "..." i hate that! we have to guess to do that!

Dec 25, 2012
Shannon Skybreaker on Mar 26, 2013 wrote:
In the game, what annoys you the most? I'd really like to hear your responses.
~Shannon Skybreaker
life doesn't have a low pip hit all spell every school does besides life

storm has tempest

ice has blizzard

death has dear knight

fire has meteor

myth has barfing frog

balance has sand storm

life has nothing

Oct 12, 2013
1. In pvp you get beat by a level 1 with crowns
2. when people leave in the middle of a dungeon or battle
3. how the bazar is organized
4. low experience
5. when you can't chose your own name like Sadie

Apr 13, 2013
The most annoying thing is when you have low health, and you cast a spell that will kill your opponent, but then it fizzles and the opponent kills you.

Oct 27, 2013
heck serpent on Mar 31, 2013 wrote:
any defeat and collect. you need to go through the same exact fight 10,000 times to get one of what you're trying to collect.
you have to GUESS which one has the item you have to collect. i know i hate it too. when i get in a battle of 2,
it says "did not collect ..." or "collected 1 out of 3 ..." instead of 2 out of 3

Sep 02, 2013
Simple things like obtaining a treasure card for a crafting quest. I've heard that bosses in Azteca drop the treasure card, but I have been farming the bosses for 3 days and have not seen a single card. I just do not get it. Something that should be very difficult like defeating Malistaire I go through like a hot knife through butter, but obtaining a stupid treasure card for a crafting quest is like tracking down the Ark of the Covenant. Somebody needs to reprioritize the game.

Collecting stuff for a quest is my other. Let's say I need 4 brushes and I need to defeat some birds in Alto Alto for them. Just tell me to defeat 20 of them instead of saying "did not collect".

Jul 22, 2011
Probably when people say "afk" in battle then you have to wait like 20 seconds each round when your done picking your spell.
Also in the commons when people say "i need a girl" or "i need a boy." That is very annoying.
Cheating bosses also ruin my day!
I also hate when you get low xp! For example: i had to defeat this boss that had like 5000 health and i only got 500 xp!? Kingsisle has to fix that.
I also hate it when in pvp people use tower shield and weakness. Probably this is what annoys people the most!

See you around the spiral!

Natalie EmeraldHeart Legendary lvl 65 (almost 66!)

Jul 18, 2010
Beggers. The word "Gift" should be filtered out of the game.

Stalkers. When someone is constantly porting to you out of the blue. Whether your fighting, shopping, training pets or just hanging at your castle they always pop in unanounced (It's creepy. Expect to be turfed from the friends list).

When people port to you unnanounced while in a difficult fight then immediately flee after pulling in another hostile (again. Expect to get turfed from the friends list).

Having to turn off my accept friends request in the options panel whenever I walk through the Commons to avoid being blinded by the friend requests. I used to be alot more accepting & didn't mind helping low level people when they actually needed it. Unfortunately, almost every single one seems to only wan't to use me to power level themselfs. Jeez people. Alot of time & effort wen't into making Wizard. Slow down & enjoy the quests. Don't worry about power leveling. You'll get there.

Jun 17, 2013
Some spell sounds
low level beggars wanting help
going up on a level 95s in PvP (only level 29 right now) they should have a auto balencer

Jun 15, 2013
critical blizzard on Dec 20, 2013 wrote:
maybe because they see you don't know how to hatch :P
Do you even know what pet in have? If you don't know don't going a round the message boards saying random stuff.

Sep 15, 2013
When a spell fizzles right when your about to die So annoying.

Aug 21, 2012
Shannon Skybreaker on Mar 26, 2013 wrote:
In the game, what annoys you the most? I'd really like to hear your responses.
~Shannon Skybreaker
Bosses that are the same school as me () and shield

Aug 21, 2012
scampers1234 on Apr 11, 2013 wrote:
What annoys me?
1) beggers who say mean things or spam (they are horrible to little kiddos who think they're getting something, when in fact they just want the kids stuff and run off)
2) people who use horrid language whether foul or sexual in nature
3) people who run into a battle and then leave...please, just finish out because you joined...don't be mean
4) people who pick on mutes
5) and a minor complaint: having to garden for amber...I'm a crafter, not a gardener. I kill plants in real life and on the game but I'm still working to get that amber
dude if you are looking for amber, Elik Silverfist (he runs the bazaar) sells some. It's under the 'all cards category'

Nov 28, 2010
1. Weakness spamming in Dragonspyre
2. WAY underleveled people who attempt to add you in order to use you
3. Life enemies in Celestia STILL knowing Death Shield (enemies of every other school in Celestia stopped knowing shields of their opposites, so why do Life enemies still know death shield?)

Oct 25, 2012
Well It annoys me when I fizzle satyr and I am about to die. It annoys me when I am up against myth things and I have all my blades and they earthquake. It annoys me how you don't know how hard the boss is and you join and it has over 3,0000 and you don't have armor.

Maria DaisyHeart level 77 wizard.

May 01, 2011
The one thing that annoys me the most, is getting a defeat-and-collect quest. Especially when they are things really strong that you have to battle, even worse when it says, "did not collect!"