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Welcome to the Dorms

Jan 11, 2009
Remove the limit for sub accounts under the master, there are PAYING members who have larger families than just 5-6 that want to play together.

Apr 10, 2012

what about a stronger balance blade, maybe balance can train dragonblade, and can only be used for balance attacks

Jul 23, 2012
I'm hoping for some Wysteria furniture. The furniture icon is apparent on the map and when you finally reach it, the labels above the door indicate both reagents and furniture being sold there. But I only see a reagent-merchant. I've decorated my Wysterian Villa wholly without Wysterian-themed furniture; so, I know, shouldn't complain. But it would be wonderful to see my house furnished with items specific to the world it's named after, please! :)

Jul 28, 2010
I love this game, but sometimes, things drive me nuts about it!
Getting sucked into battles, not cool! There are times when I'm low on health, and looking for wisps, and all of a sudden, I'm in a battle and die.
If there was even just and item that you could wear to prevent such things, I would be satisfied.

Jan 16, 2012
I am with most of the comments about balance school. While all the other schools have ways to bolster their attacks with more blades and traps, balance has less. We are almost incapable of improving a single hit to a one in a million shot. As balance is my first wizard and main one, I stand by other balance players and admit we are being jipped when compared with the other schools. We get less spells to use to improve the power of OUR attacks.

Are we meant to just support others? why don't the developers give us a learned prism to convert all other blades and traps into a Balance damage boost? That way, all the other school blades that we learn as a secondary can actually be useful to us.

We really are getting table scraps in terms of good damage...it's about time to make us "in balance" with what the other schools have.

Jul 28, 2010
I think that there should be a way to not get sucked into battles!
One time, I got sucked into a battle when I had really low health, and I was defeated!
If you could just not get sucked into battle, at all, that'd be awesome!
Or make a hat that if you wear it, you don't get sucked into battle!

- Miranda Shadowblade Adept Necromancer

Jul 18, 2011
I think it would be cool, if you could dye your hair :D or change your hairstyle Because i dont really want, my, Hair to be green. Since it matters, (to me xD) that my hair color matches my clothes. but if i swaped to BROWN hair, it wouldnt matter. lol.

Destiny Lifeblood 42
Destiny Stormblood 18
Autumn 8

Jul 23, 2012
i just want to say a idea that came up :D i think the game could have TELEPORTERS EVERY WHERE! i mean like it kills me just to walk all the way to firecat alley when i am WAY DOWN in raven wood, i mean it takes forever to walk over there! i know i can use a mount but i dont have the gold to go buy a RENTAL for like 1.000 gold but ANY WAYS it would really be great if you could add that thanks for your time

Aug 02, 2011
my main wizard is a ice wizard and just want to say i would love to have either a penguin spell or pet....

penguins are awesome... enough said

also i would like to see the death spell vampire turned into a pet.... he could come with a spell at baby: super vampire spell.... but through training has the possibility to get another spell ???(don't know what to call it) so a vampire appears as usual pops out of his coffin but instead of attacking he whistles or screaches... then a hoard of tiny death bats appear and damages all enemies ..... i would pay crowns to have this and i tend to be pretty stingy when spending money...

if anyone agrees please reply or if you have an idea for penguin spell(still awesome )

oh and a polar bear mount (their awesome too just not as much)

Oct 25, 2009
Could the White Stag run the same way as it does underwater? I've seen deer run in real life, and the way it runs above the water looks sort of clunky and clumsy. Also, his leap isn't nearly as elegant as you'd think a deer's leap would be. Thanks a ton for readin! :)

Aug 12, 2009
I have an idea for a new shop in the shopping district. I feel like there should be a mount shop there where you can buy both permanent and temporary mounts for gold. Zeke's selection is good and sell for gold, but somewhat limited and they are only temporary. The crowns shop has every mount that you could want, but less than half sell for gold, which can be a problem for a person who wants a certain mount but it sells for crowns and that person cant afford crowns for whatever reason. Then that person might have to settle for a mount that sells for gold and one that might not have been their first choice. So I think there should be a store that combines the two and put it in the shopping district (and maybe in other locations). All of the mounts (both permanent and temporary) in the crowns shop and that prospector zeke sells will sell for gold and at a reasonable price. I'm not saying that I want to get the mounts out of the crowns shop or get rid of prospector zeke (both can be other options), but i think that this would be a good idea. What do you think? :)

Sep 23, 2011
I got a perfect idea why not give pets and gardening there own energy bars. It is kinda frustrating to have to garden and then not be able to level my pet. I would like a complete game experience plus it will allow me to stay on the game longer Either that or allow pets to gain experience through battle not a lot just some or even lower the amount of energy that casting on plants cost. I would personally prefer that you add another bar. The other thing is I think that dragon blade for balance needs to be a balance only craft able item and I'm talking the plus 40 and not the the other one. It makes no sense for this to be a balance item and balance get snubbed on it. The next thing is the bazaar, you should not be able to purchase anything school spell outside of your own past level 6 I mean basically all of balance school spells can be purchased so why have the school. Please find a real spell for balance The last 2 spells were horrible and does nothing for people who don't pvp. But yet other schools got real spells. And I would like for all schools to have a spell that does at least 900 damage on the higher end. Other than that everything is great.

Sep 23, 2011
danielj427 wrote:
Hello its me again, just here to post another idea, I hope you consider it because it seems easier. Ok so my idea is that of a new hidden teacher in Dragonspyre, thats a draconian teaching dragon related spells for level 46's. For example: life: Fairy Dragon an X rated spell that heals as much damage it does, like 50-90 life damage per pip. fire: Dragon Lord: Summons a Draconian minion, also X rated and up past 10 pips they start to cast advanced spells, like a full out draconian being able to cast Fire Dragon. These are just idea's, I personally think their considerable to help the other schools stand a chance fighting balance and their judgement, also to help lower damage dealing schools help get a chance with these spells. ~~~~~Danielj427 signing out!
so your telling me that tower shield can't be a shield to judgement? A tower shield that anyone can buy?

Jun 17, 2012
PeterJAK wrote:
I think there should be amulets for Forest Lord, Skeletal Dragon, Snow Angel, and Ra. I am a fire wizard so i can learn genie, but i really want to learn these spells to. I really dont like making other characters because i have to start all over from level 1 and i have no friends. Please add these amulets to the bazaar, crown shop, or any other desired shop. I dont care how much gold or crowns these amulets will cost but please add then somewhere. But if you do add them somewhere, dont make it say something like DEATH SCHOOL ONLY or ICE SCHOOL ONLY. Thanks

The whole point is so that other school wizards cannot know them.

Jun 24, 2012
packers19960 wrote:
i think it would make the game so much better if you can use your houses furniture so i can sit in my chair for once instead of staring at it

tell me about it! but according to someone KingsIsle says they will never ever add interactive furniture because it might become inappropriate and kids cant see that ! they are forgetting this game is rated 10+! you would expect children to either know about that or walk away!

Jun 24, 2009
Shadow2211 wrote:
I heard on wizard101 central that KI may be adding spells to each school for the new level cap (if not celestia will be too hard) Not sure if its true or not.

Anyway while your at it An all hit for life would be AWESOME (seriously i know life is meant for healing but there are too many heals and no attacks for people that solo with life, my deck is comprised of all centaurs and some seraphs and the rest is mostly healing) Anyway here is an idea for a weaker leveled spell.

Name: Poison Ivy
Pip: 5+ (You figure out what might be a good ammount)
Damage: 300 damage to all enemies and 180 life damage over 3 rounds
Level learned: Around 25-35 From the life tree while going through late marlybone or early mooshu (no quest to get)

The details i gave are for you to decide this is just an example (I really do hope you give life a spell like this whether it be one like this or a stronger one for the new lvl cap.

Keep up the good work KI this game is the best :)

~Oran Raventhorn~ ~ Theurgist level 45~

I really like your idea but I think the level learned should be higher like 40-45

May 26, 2010
mikelittle96 wrote:
I've noticed in new games you get the option to chose which side your on good or evil. Now imagine that in this game, you have the option to go to ravenwood or (and this is just off the top of my head) serpant valley, which would be run by malistare. I mean after all he cant be the only wizard against ambrose, in dragon spyre there are wizard monsters running in the streets. And when your a grandmaster you dont really have a lot to do, well if you beat one you can always try and do the other. Besides once you beat a game it can become a little dull since you know whats gonna happen next. Just something to think about.

Wolf DarkBlade,

level 40 Fire.

Just an add on to that, you should also be able to choose if you want to go to pigswick. After you complete it the game could fade to the headmistress speaking to you about your decision and she could say stuff like, Surely now you see how well you could do at Pigswick. You can join our school anytime (once you get tired of Ambrose.) but please do think about joining us now. Basically after that you could choose if you wanted to go to pigswick instead of ravenwood. If you said yes you would still get secret quests with ambrose, but you would mainly fight enemies of pigswick. At some point, the headmistress would go all wacky and send you to kill ambrose. You would fight him, but not be able to kill him. After that point you would go back to ravenwood. If you chose to do it after you completed your classes at ravenwood and killed morganthe and malistare and possible new bad guys you would basically do the same thing except you wouldn't include the part where the headmistress goes all wacky. P.S: make an owl pet! Is ambrose the only one who gets to have an owl, cause i love owls!!!!!!! Thanks,

Scarlet D. :D

Jan 11, 2012
Here's a few ideas to help speed up the game without needing any kind of re-balancing. When you choose a spell, if there is only ONE person it can affect, dont have us choose, make it happen automatically. Perfect examples:

Auto select spell examples:
If you go to set a trap on the ONLY enemy
If you go to select Sprite and you're the ONLY one on your team

I've never understood why we'd even have to select a target when only one target is possible.

The next item involves monster drops and reagent finds. When we click on the reagents, it should just autostore them in our backpack with only a message that says they've been stored, what has been stored and how many. Once we click that, the dialogue disappears. The same should hold true for monster drops. It's annoying, that for Malestaire for example, you get drops but there's soo much dialogue, you cant get his items; at least I havent been able to, the two times i've beat him

May 27, 2012
I'm suggesting there would be a castle with a blank space. Then, you could buy buildings for it in the crown shop, and you would make it whatever you want. You could also change the sky and ground there too!

What also bugs me is that if you sell a "beast" pet from Hydra Hoard, you get no money from it!

Oddly enough, Tutorial Tips that are critical are histerical! For example, my Storm had like, seventy reagents in his backpack, found some Deep Mushrooms, and Mr. Lincoln appears and tells me I just collected a reagent. Fix this and make a NO tutorial tips button. The only ones are enemy chirps like when you are gonna enter a dungeon, or teacher assignments.

Dec 18, 2011
EVERYBODY LISTEN UP! we need to have a wisp spawner in houses to like collect health and mana wisps at your own house! i hate dying and having to wait until my health regenerates. so we need to be able to have wisps in a house!

Mar 23, 2012
If it doesn't already exist, there should be a mutate spell to mutate balance school's sandstorm into a life school variation. It could be called either Leaf Storm or Whirlwind, and instead of spinning sand, it would be spinning leaves.

Naturally you wouldn't be able to learn it until Celestia, and treasure cards could be dropped in Grizzleheim, however I think this would be convenient for life school to gain an attack all spell (provided they're willing to use the training points, not all good things are free) plus watching a cyclone of foliage rip through the battlefield would be awesome.

Just adding my two cents :-) .

Nov 29, 2008
My ideas were that maybe you could make a new world based off in like a sky world as in the clouds, or make it so that you go back in time and play in the battlefield of the place where the tritons, the fire dragons, and the ice giants used to fight, and that could be a world. Also my other subject is of making some new spells. My storm spell is Davy Jones or like Davy Jones Locker. My ice spell is either a sabertooth cat or a snowball fight. My fire spell is magma beast or maybe the titon kronus. My life spell is mother nature. My myth spell is a gargoyle. My death spell is the grim reaper or like a ghoul apocalypse/zombie apocalypse. Finally my last idea is that there should be more schools like a school like balance yet not like it cause it would be the opposite of balance i think that would be cool.

If you like any of these ideas or want me to tell you more details about anything like the layout of the worlds or like what the spells do just message me back please. Also message me some ideas for the name of the school opposite to balance and like what the school is all about, and thats really it so thank you all.

Feb 17, 2010
In the fobes article, KI was looking to make satellite games, here is an idea for one.

Just like dueling deigo, but with a different setting and instead and a ninja pig.
The enimies could be samoorai

I apoligize for the misspellings

May 26, 2011
Hey W101 my idea is so that you don't have to do much work on outfits i want to be able to combine my outfits powers for crowns you get to pick which style to keep but you get both powers. To combine it could cost 2000 - 3000 crowns. Let me know what you think

Jun 24, 2011
OK so i have an idea for housing. So i want to delete one of my characters but they have a really cool house. What should i do. Well kingsisle should create a system that allows you to trade houses between 2 of your own wizards. I really dont want to get rid of my Winter Winds Tower, my Masive Sun Palace, or my Death House.