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Apr 17, 2011
i have a star spell called will o wisps it does 5000 damage to enemie or 10000 damage to self it is rank 3 and is level 78

Apr 17, 2011
i have a sun spell that gives 50% peirce, 250 damage+, and +50% to next spell and it is called unbeatable

Jun 02, 2009
johnjohnhawk5 wrote:
i think that insted of being sucked right into battles. you should be able to just choose if you want to fight them. and you get a message that tells you you have to fight them to get somewhere.if its a fight for a quest or to get to a boss. i cant stand being pulled into battles

ya i agree with him i was walking to go fight a uy in avalon and got sucked into a battle the was like fifty yards away

Apr 17, 2011
Jul 02, 2012
I think more emotes for houses would be great like swimming, sitting, cooking, lying down (hide n' seek you can lay down behind objects) Use your imagination, i would like the things in my house that i bought it for to be useful like the myth house!

Sep 05, 2011
i think kingsisle should make this game also in spanish and allow spanish speaking countrys to play the game

Jul 31, 2010
I think when we hatch two pets together there should be a chance we transfer the card of the other pet as well. So many pets have better cards than others. It would be nice if we could transfer death spells to death pets and blade, traps and shields to the pet of our choice. It would promote a lot more hatching :D

Apr 08, 2012
hamstersrock333 wrote:
I know I just posted, but I keep getting new ideas :) I think that you should be able to change your hairstyle any time you want. I am getting tired of the hair I chose at the beginning of the game! Maybe this could be done at the dye shop for 500 gold. ( if you do make this in the live game, please don't make it cost crowns )
I also think stitching should be available for gold, too. I only want to stitch a few items, but I don't want to have to buy $5 woth of crowns to do that.
Players should also have the ability to send letters to each other. Sometimes I want to get a message to my friend, but they aren't on. It would be nice if they could get my message once they turned on.
Finally, you should be able to tour a house with your friends.

Well I do agree on the message thing, because I have a friend on wizard101 that I haven't meet her on wizard101 these days. Or maybe you could do a wizard mail. That would be nice :)

Jun 12, 2011
johnjohnhawk5 wrote:
i think that insted of being sucked right into battles. you should be able to just choose if you want to fight them. and you get a message that tells you you have to fight them to get somewhere.if its a fight for a quest or to get to a boss. i cant stand being pulled into battles

i agree me and my dad play it and when we are going some where 70% of the time we are forced into battle doing that reduces our heath and mana so we will be alot more vonolrubleto the boss monster we are facing

Jun 21, 2009
hey guys,

I just wanted to say that we should be able to buy homes for are
mounts for example,

( horse ) barn with straw bedding and outside running around
place. ( dragon ) tones of high up poles inclosed in a area that has big long
sideways poles in between the long straight up poles for jumps or swinging
around the play object. ( wargs ) big snowy area to run in and rabbits as a mirage.

Do you guys get my point? Well if you do, i can move on to my second
second subject.

Okay, you guys ready?

I don't know if anyone agrees, but shouldn't we be able to hatch mounts?

For example, you cross a black stallion with a nightflame flying horse.
you get a flying black horse that is on the ground when it is not forward side to side or backing up. and when it is moving it will fly. Okay so you should be able to have a flying nightflame flying horse or a black stallion but i think that would be cool.

Okay, i know the game would be getting tons of more money earned, but it is something to look into! I hope people agree if not please tell me better ideas!

Christina DaisyBloom :)
lvl 72

Jun 24, 2009
I think that as a mount we have the option of getting a carriage pulled by our pet

Oct 04, 2009
I think there should be a new fire spell called double strength. Its very similiar to tough or giant or keen eyes as in it affects spells, for example if you used it on storm god then the damage would double and the stun would last for two turns instead of one. I really hope this is put into action and responded with other peoples.

Sincerely Alexander Firerunner lvl 36 pyromancer :D

Oct 30, 2011
monsterconster101 wrote:
i think that crowns should only be charged to non-members only and members pay gold only

No, thats a bad idea cause that would not be fair to the other players.

Oct 30, 2011
I think it would be a great idea if wizards would be able to sit down in chairs and couchs like there houses or other places.(etc.)

Feb 26, 2011
i think that members should not have to buy crowns. we are all members here right? if you think that you spend enough money on the membership and think all items in the crown shop should be able to be bought with gold reply!

Jul 09, 2011
Epros123 wrote:
Everyone knows were the transform potions are, well can there be more like wild claw, samoorai, sunbird, and the marleybone civilian's, and ETC. (you could think of some more)

-Matthew SoulHaven Level 50 ICE

P.S Please respond that would be dandy :) :-) :D

i have noticed that they do not have any pegasus for pets just mounts and what about a pet that can poloymorph it's owner into something useful

May 27, 2010
I've been thinking allot on how neglected fire is in the Wizard101 game... Sure we have one world but it is small and has nothing like ice does... I wanted to post an idea and anyone who thinks it is good, click reply after logging in and tell me, and add an idea if you would.

1) We need more to dragonspyre, I'm not saying messup the game and make quests smaller, I'm saying make the level 90 world the level 45 world.
Basic Description:
"Upon your hard work helping king Artorius in Avalon a new problem is afoot. Recently discovered is the land of the Dragons, Drelldaren. It is a firey world that reaps new rewards and has untamed powers in Fire... But the dragons did however remember the other schools and built them lesser shrines. Morganthe is using all the shrines to take over the dragons who draw their power from the Fire Shrine... Will you save them?"

2) In this one you finally fight the new "Threat To The Spiral", Morganthe as herself not ~Young Morganthe~. She looks exactly like she did in Mirror Lake and has death spells, But her cheat is difficult: Random cast 1000 damaging meteors (at least once per 4 turns). She has 40k (40,000) health and will require 4 people. She casts satyr each time she goes down more than 4000 health at once. Blades are disarmed right on cast. The only shields allowed are [Fire Shield]s and [Tower Shield]s. Her background is the Fire Shrine with the Dragons being held down by black smokey chains into lava. There is a secret room with the boss ~Wrecker~ inside but has a small entrance only wide enough for one person (all 4 can go in anyways).

3) New creature animations like a Rock Golem, basically a bunch of rocks looking in the shape of a person about a wizard's size but the fire coming off it reaches to about dragonspyre person's size, Boiling Spirits, small puddles of lava that are leaking steam with eyes where a water elemental would have them, and Solar Servants, the lanterns from the cave where the Ghost Avalon entrance is but firey and with lava in the middle of rock rather than soul stuff in the middle of a lantern.

-Oran DragonWeaver, Helper and Defender of DragonSpyre & Archmage Warlord

"Fire is passion, the bright, burning flame of raw emotion sweeping over everything. Those who follow the School of Fire, known as Pyromancers, are tempestuous, very smart, quick to anger, and consumed by whatever drives them at that moment. They tend to walk a fine line, having great passion and enthusiasm for one’s loves in life is good, but watch out! Passion can burn you up and consume you, leaving nothing but a charred husk of your former self. Pyromancers use Incantations to dominate and convince Fire creatures to do their bidding."

Dec 30, 2011
I try to help other wizards when possible. However, if a wizard only has Menu Chat, and they ask me for help when I am fighting the only real answers I can give are either, 'No,' or 'One minute, I'm in a battle.' A few more response choices would be nice, such as, "I am in a big battle, and can't help. Sorry." OR "I'm already helping someone, so I can't come now."

When fighting with a Menu Chat person, and they keep repeating, "I need healing," it would be nice to able to reply, "I can only heal myself." If they have asked for healing, and you then heal yourself, they can get mad because they don't understand everyone can't heal others.

Another nice phrase to have would be, "Please join me." It would be a nicer phrase to use then to just yell out loud ,"Help."

May 15, 2011
The game really needs a dolphin mount! Like a realistic looking one. I am in celestia right now and I was thinking how cool it would look to ride a dolphin. Please make a dolphin mount! :D

May 22, 2010
In the next few sentences I will be describing the tips KingIsle should do in special occasions.

1) I have seen like every once a month KingIsle makes an offer to buy 60,000 crowns for $60 which will be $1/1000 crowns but what they should do is that in those few days every payment of crowns is $1/1000 crowns. So that would be $5 for 5000 crowns and keep on like that.

2. When you're going to do the special offer they should give like a Warning that the offer is going to be done in the next 2 days so we have time to purchase crowns and others.

Well that is everything I have to say.

May 27, 2010
Okay This is the first part of the New adding to DragonSpyre, I am planning on the entire thing being the last part of DragonSpyre and maybe the ending to morganthe's story, I am going to do all the work like the quests but leave room open for Kingsisle's inventive imagination so they can have some fun on where to assign sidequests and spell quests.

Part 1 to Drelldaren:

Merle Ambrose's Icon: I must have a word with you about something... We have discovered the second piece of DragonSpyre. Meet me in my tower for more information but I warn you, you will likely need more than one person to complete this world.
You Go to Merle Ambrose's Tower.
You Talk to Gamma because headmaster Ambrose is not there.
Gamma Headmater's Pet: (gives quest: "Familliar Realms" ) Headmaster ambrose will be here shortly, he is running late after going to Celestia for information. In the meantime let me fill you in. Recently it was discovered that the lost island of the Dragons still exists and is floating somewhere outside the range of the spiral doors. There is a secret teleporter in DragonSpyre that you must use in order to get there. It is as I am led to believe it is a harsh climate with lava rivers and rocky volcanic mountains. Oh here's the headmaster now, talk to him by the door.
You walk over to Headmaster Ambrose because he appears by the doorway to the tower
Headmaster Ambrose in the tower: Hello young wizard, I am relieved to see you made it here okay but i'm afraid you have some bad news... Morganthe is active and we havent much time. Recently we found a 2nd part of DragonSpyre that is harsh and filled with lava and volcanos, but on the bright side for our non pyromancers, there is a Rain forest on it. New creatures we have never seen before are on it and only 2 dragons remain... Morganthe is trying to use the Dragon's powers as they are the only Titan's besides the last triton left! You must quickly go to Dragonspyre and find the portal, it should be in the Basilica. Then you must talk to Isaac RavenTamer (he is a DragonSpyre person as a ghost).
You go to the Basilica and at the end of the 1st ramp before the bridge to the portal room you go into the spare space to your > to find a portal
You use the portal and appear on a beach lava firey beach with lava flowing off the side of the island
Ishac RavenTamer waits on a hill up the rocks
You talk to Ishac RavenTamer on his hill
Ishac RavenTamer: What? Who are you?
Quest complete
You Talk to Ishac again

Ishac RavenTamer: (gives quest: "Lets rock and roll!" ) Oh you are a wizard from wizardcity... I recall being visited by a Merle Ambrose. Well if your here to stop the spider lady she is already a few weeks ahead of you, I doubt you can make it to her in time. Still... it would be nice to finally have peace from all this havoc. Alright but you'll have to move fast. This place is called the Sinner's Isle or Isle of Punishment. Those who had done a crime used to be sent here, and were never ever seen again. What..? You still want to go after her? Alright then. You must cross the bridge over there that goes over the river of lava and fight some Rock golems. They stole my power crystals for the jumping portal. Be careful though, they arent like creatures anywhere i've heard of, they have resist to all not just one school.
Quest: Defeat Rock Golems and Collect 6 power crystals for the jumping portal

Rock Golem: Rank 12 elite
School- Balance
Creature health: 3000
Creature- Golem (round rocks put together floating a little bit apart and held in place by something between the rocks)
Resist- 15% universal (all schools)
Boost: N/A
Spells: [Judgement] [BalanceBlade] [Weakness] [Hex] [Sandstorm] [Ra] [Power Nova] [Hydra] [Scorpion] [Chimera]
Cheats: N/A
Starting pips: 4 power pips 1 normal pip

Upon gathering all 6 jumper crystals you go to Ishac and talk

Ishac RavenTamer: Great job, now I can create the portal to get over the

northern gorge beyond that first mountain.
Quest complete
You talk to Ishac again

Ishac RavenTamer: (gives quest:" Dancing with the Devils" and a sidequest) Something happened while you were gone, a band of lowly Golems attacked and broke my portal. After breaking it they hauled it off to their bases and now I cant make the portal! Please defeat the 5 of the Rock Golem lows bring the portal pieces back to me. The first one is right over there, the second is around that volcano, and the third is near the forest. The fourth is back inside the cave where you came from and the fifth is on the other side of the bridge. Please get those pieces back for me, I mean uh you.
Quest: Collect 5 portal pieces

You go to first cave and hit X then stand on the sigil and go inside
Upon entering you hear Dareth's speech

Dareth of Niyah: You think you can get all these pieces back? Think again, I will crush you like a twig.

Dareth: Rank 13 Boss
School: Storm
Creature health: 10,000
Creature: Aqua Golem (aqua version with Water connecting stones)
Resist: 30% to all but myth
Boost: 50% to myth
Spells: [Stormblade] [Tempest] [Wildbolt] [Disarm] [Stormlord] [Myth Shield] [Empower]
Cheats: Yells: I WILL NOT FALL TO YOUR SNARES! (casts Basilisk whenever someone traps him and removes the trap)
Starting pips: 5 power pips
Minions: none

After his defeat he speaks once more

Dareth of Niyah: Urgh. My brothers will not fail like I have.

You leave the cave and head to the next one around the volcano and stand on the sigil
Upon entering you hear a Roar and Drell speaks

Drell of Niyah: Are you here for the portal piece? Too bad you shall never get it Ahahahahaha!

Dareth: Rank 13 Boss
School: Life
Creature health: 10,000
Creature: Grass Golem (Grass version with vines and leaves connecting stones)
Resist: 30% to all but Death
Boost: 50% to Death
Spells: [Unicorn] [Lifeblade] [Centaur] [Forest lord] [Absorb] [Death Shield]
Cheats: Yells: I WILL NOT FALL TO YOUR CHEATS! (casts rebirth whenever someone weakness and removes the weakness)
Starting pips: 5 power pips
Minions: none

Upon defeating him he speaks

Drell of Niyah: I lost... Here just take it, it's caused me more trouble than help.

You go to the Forest area right north of where you are
You stand on the sigil and enter
Upon entering you hear a hiss

Argoth of Niyah: You've defeated Dareth and Drell? Hmm... This might not be a good idea... I offer up a trade. If You go outside and defeat Rock Golems and collect 3 gems I will give you the portal piece.

You leave the cave and fight rock golems until you collect all 3 gems
You return to the cave and talk to Argoth

Argoth of Niyah: Thank you, my sister has wanted one of these as a ring. For your help you may take the portal piece.

You go to the portal piece and hit X to collect it
You continue to the next cave near the portal where you came from
The cliff over it looks loose but doesnt come down
You walk inside and hear a roar

Ach'Nai of Niyah: You think I am a sap like my brothers? I will show you pain!

Ach'Nai: Rank 14 Boss
School: Death
Creature health 15,000
Creature: Soul Golem (Spirit version with black smoke connecting sones)
Resist: 20% to all but Life
Boost: 60% to Life
Spells: [Wraith] [Feint] [Virulent Plague] [Skeletal Dragon] [Dr. Von's Monster] [Skeletal Pirate] [Deathblade] [Deathtrap] [Life Shield]
Cheats: N/A
Starting pips: 5 power pips 1 normal pip
Minions: none

Upon defeating him he speaks:

Ach'Nai of Niyah: This is not over! I have friends in very dark places... The Shadow mistress shall hear of this! You wont meddle much longer.

You leave and go to the final cave near the bridge
You stand on the sigil and enter the cave
You hear a yelp

Derin of Niyah: Help! This Shadow Web Tyrant is double crossing me!

After he speaks a Shadow Web Tyrant appears in the center of the cave

Shadow Web Tyrant: Rank 13 elite
School: Death
Creature health: 9,000
Creature: Show weaver (the look from Celestia and in Zafaria, the dorms)
Resist: 15% all
Boost: N/A
Spells: [Wraith] [Feint] [Skeletal Pirate] [Deathblade] [Deathtrap] [Life Shield]
Cheats: Random casts weakness on his target
Starting pips: 4 power pips
Minions: none

Upon defeating the Shadow Web Tyrant Derin of Niyah appears in the middle of the cave

Dering of Niyah: Thank you young wizard, I was attacked by him when I was going to give him a portal piece. What..? This is your piece? Oh sorry, I thought it didnt belong to anyone... Go ahead it's all yours.

You go outside the cave and talk to Ishac RavenTamer

Ishac RavenTamer: Good job, now we can make the portal!

Quest complete
You talk to Ishac again

Ishac RavenTamer: (gives the quest “Terra exploration” and a sidequest) Thank you for your help, now use the portal over by the first one's cave and continue inside the forest.
Quest: Talk to Derin of Niyah in Marinah

You go to the first cave and hit X on the teleporter
You appear in Marinah the forest
You talk to Dering of Niyah who is close by

Derin of Niyah: Hello young wizard, I noticed the portal and came through hoping to help you. Need any help?

Quest complete

Also the new spells section is next.

May 27, 2010
Also the new spell section is this,

New spells:
Sun Magic-
Armageddon, +350 damage to spell 0 pips Sun Magic
Mystic eyes, +25% accuracy and +25% pierce 0 pips Sun Magic
Multitask, +200 damage to spell & +10% accuracy and 5% pierce Sun Magic
Star magic-
Ballista, +25% damage for next 4 turns Star Magic
Archmagic, +40% critical for next 4 turns Star Magic
Craze, +50% incoming, +40% outgoing for 4 turns Star Magic
Moon Magic-
Polymorph Lunar magician. (has spells from Myth Ice and Death) Moon Magic
Polymorph Solar mistress. (has spells from Life Storm and Fire) Moon Magic
Polymorph Stellar Protector. (has all the spells of a stellar protector) Moon Magic
Fire Magic-
Dragon Deal, take 500 damage & deal 1200 damage to target 6 pips Fire Magic
Fire Lord, 400 fire damage +1200 damage overtime one -40% buff on all enemies 8 pips Fire Magic
Hearth Flame, take 1000 fire damage, heal 1000, or heal 500 to all friends 6 pips Fire Magic
Magma burn, 90 fire damage per pip on all enemies over 3 rounds X pips Fire Magic
Storm Magic-
Zap, +5% damage per pip (as a trap) X pip Storm Magic
Sky Screamer, 1500 storm damage to all enemies and stun all enemies 2 turns 8 pips Storm Magic
Reckless Bolt, deal 2000 moon damage to target, take 2000 moon damage or take 10000 moon damage 1 pips Storm Magic
Shocker, stun all enemies for 2 rounds 4 pips Storm Magic
Ice Magic-
Frozone, Destroy 2 shields from enemy and gain 1 tower shield 2 pip Ice Magic
Arctic Yeti, 800 ice damage to target and stun for one round 8 pips Ice Magic
Arctic wind, +1 -40% shield on all friends 2 pips Ice Magic
Glacier, 50 damage per pip to all enemies X pips Ice Magic
Balance Magic-
Hydregion, 250 fire ice storm life myth and death damage 8 Balance Magic
Mass Blade, +1 dragonblade to all friends 2 pips Balance Magic
Vortex, 400 damage to all enemies, -25% to next spell, and break aura 9 pips Balance Magic
Trade, take one shield and move one trap to them from you 2 pips Balance Magic
Life Magic-
Life Angel, 1000 damage and dispel 1 myth, life, and death spell 8 pips Life Magic
Strain, 400 +400 more per defeated friend 4 pips Life Magic
Rebuild, +200 & one absorb to all friends 5 pips Life Magic
Revive, +300 health per person in duel (self only) 5 pips Life Magic
Myth Magic-
Mars, 900 to all enemies and stun all for 2 rounds 8 pips Myth Magic
Rematch, destroy all traps on friends 6 pips Myth Magic
Pain Split, 1000 damage to target per defeated friend Myth Magic
Last Resort, take 10000 Sun damage and deal 10000 sun damage to target 9 pips Myth Magic
Death Magic-
Betrayal, deal 600 damage to target on your team and heal 600 health 3 pips Death Magic
Matcher, copy a negative buff on yourself and put it on target 2 pips Death Magic
Revitalize, take 600 damage and give 1400 health (No self) 6 pips Death Magic
Manerva, Deal 900 damage and half of it gained and target helps you for 2 turn 8 pips Death Magic

~Oran DragonWeaver, Helper and Defender of DragonSpyre & Archmage Warlord

"Fire is passion, the bright, burning flame of raw emotion sweeping over everything. Those who follow the School of Fire, known as Pyromancers, are tempestuous, very smart, quick to anger, and consumed by whatever drives them at that moment. They tend to walk a fine line, having great passion and enthusiasm for one’s loves in life is good, but watch out! Passion can burn you up and consume you, leaving nothing but a charred husk of your former self. Pyromancers use Incantations to dominate and convince Fire creatures to do their bidding."

Jun 12, 2011
LuckieWabbit wrote:
:) Hello to Harold Argleston!
I have a suggestion....!
I would love to see more "feminine" clothes available for the girl wizards. Some of us would like to dress our girl wizards in cute & pretty dresses and also have a larger selection of cute shoes as well.
Also, how about some different hats, and even hair decorations, for when we get tired of wearing hats, so we can show off our hair style.
There are some of us playing the game who would like our girl wizards to look even more "girlie"....after all...just because we are powerful, skilled wizards...does not mean that we still are not also proud to be a girl!
Mr. Argleston, your help with this matter would be greatly appreciated.....

i think tthey have looked at this suggjetion guess what shoes my wizard is wearing? HIGH HEEL BOOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND i am wearing a dress(no cape) with poofs on the shoulders but i think they shoud add somthing more girlie hairs stuff like flowers you can wear on your head or even a veil,or glitter now THAT is a fantasctic idea!

Dec 11, 2009
I see that with each new word that comes out it gets harder and harder. I love that! The one thing I did see is that the bad guys are having more pips to start off with and in some cases hitting us with high lvl spells. Do you think that we should get some increase in pips to even things out?

Nov 14, 2011
I know you people are busy working on improving and fixing wizard101 at the moment but today my brother and i came upon the realization that with the new spells costing more and more pips we began brainstorming for the problem and we came up with two solutions. The first one is that you just simply make the pip capacity larger, the second one, i think, is the best. There would be a new "ultra-pip" that would be worth three regular pips. We think that a nice florescent blue would suit the the new "ultra-pip" quite nicely. We hope that you can take this suggestion seriously.

Mark & Matthew