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Dec 04, 2010
Marioeagle506 wrote:
I think they should make wisps that fill up your pet energy because when it says it refills it give one energy at a time!

i agree

Jul 12, 2009
The ability to choose what to do, kind of like good and evil or be possessed and have to go with evil. with this you can fight with the monsters and find an entirely different storyline.

Elixirs for additional castle slots available in crown shop

a bazaar button with the commons and go home

wysteria pets and wintertusk pet drops, more ds pets

World ideas
Greek Mythology
world above the clouds, where the giants came from
Mirage, where cat in wysteria comes from

Boss idea:
A boss that has possessed every teacher and in order to get to him, you must defeat your teachers and ambrose, thus freeing them. and the beginning of the tower can be you getting called by one of the teachers into the ring across from their school and talking, then trying to kill you. And at the end you find out someone who was good secretly was this monster disguised as that person, who they killed long ago and you can only bring back by defeating him. His secret identity can be the librarian, Gamma, diego, cyrus Drake etc. Name can be:
Statuo Recubo meaning: Deciet and lies

i also want more pets that look like normal pets. kittens and puppies and parrots. Siamese, maine coon, himalayan, tabby, and sphinx for cats. golden retriever, husky, black lab, chuiauia (however u spell it) shih-tsu, and pomeranian for dogs. Any other breeds would be aweome too.

Also they should add kraken's hoard with kraken mount, Orthrus's hoard with orthrus mount, oni's hoard with oni mount, vampire's hoard with vampire mount and pet, and centaur's hoard with centaur mount and pet. also a tree pet, like your own bartleby and of course an owl pet, like gamma!

And you should be able to zap people when walking, like if they say something silly you make them jump. They can be categorized by your school, like a snowball for ice, spark for fire, zap for storm, and so on. Like wand spells.

And also maybe another school, like a combonation of the spirit schools to be the opposite of balance.

To those people who say they shouldn't be pulled off the street into battles, get over it, it's part of the game, and thats as it should be.

May 15, 2011
zacx133 wrote:
How about a tower it's solo only can't port in but if you beat all the bosses you will get crowns like 100 per tower

yeah agreed, make it to where non-players can get crowns, a tower that adjusts based on your level and not 100 crowns for finished the tower, just change it depending on how long the tower is and how many enemies you fight

Jul 23, 2008
I dunno if I can post this idea here or not but, I would like the idea of having each of the 3 elemental schools to have the same spells, like all 3 have bats,sharks,wyverns,snowmen, etc. seeing as how fire and ice enemies can use the shark bat and such, why not have our schools give those spells to us to. Storm already has bats and shark, they would need to learn squall wyvern and storm snowmen,
Ice has snowmen and wyverns, they could learn the bat and shark spell (IE ice bat and snow shark )
same with fire they would need to learn fire bats and fire shark and fire wyvern.
Rather then get those spells through pets and treasure cards. It would be really nice just to learn them at our schools.

The run down:
Storm Would Learn: Squall Wyvern, Storm Snowman Storm cat, etc
Fire would Learn: Fire Shark, Fire Bats, Fire Snowman, Fire Wyvern, etc.
Ice Would Learn: Ice Bats, Snow Shark, Ice Kracken, etc.
See where I'm going with this?

Have fire,storm, and ice learn each others spells, that would greatly help and even the odds on the field, seeing as how enemies can use it, and not have them used when with a pet that has the card or a treasure card.

Dec 11, 2009
I have several good ideas:
1. Transformation mounts! Like a cross between a transformation potion and a mount, when you equip it it will actually transform you AND make you faster! I like to play games at out houses with my friends, and we like to pretend to transform into things, so this would be awesome.

2. Outfits with gloves: Mostly self explanitory, I would like to see some robes with gloves, just for fun.

3. Pet mounts! I like to equip a pet that matches my mount, so when I go indoors it looks like my mount has shrunk. Can you find some way of actually making mounts that can be equipped and trained like pets? Otherwise, I spend a lot of gold buying a pet with my mount.

4. Flying mounts that actually fly up high: 'Nuff said.

5. More Transformations! I want things like Seraphs, or cat people like Myrella WIndspar the real esate agent, because I play a game with my friends about cats, and that would be awesome.

6. Customizable Transformations! Like how you can change the color of clothes before you buy them, I was thinking you could do something like that with Transformations too, so people could REALLY express themselves! :)

That's about it for me, so plz Plz PLZ consider these! :) :-) :D

Aug 30, 2011
krazykbby wrote:
I like that snow leopard mount idea.

Maybe changing the color of your mount and the saddle thing.

I just wish they can let you try out the mounts and clothing before you purchase them. Like if you want to preview mounts & clothing, you can be sent to a secondary world where there is no one but you. You can put a few lost souls there too so the wizard can try out what their clothing spells are like, and what it feels like to ride a mount.

Mar 22, 2011
Can we please get a disco ball that lights up the room? I have the perfect spot for one on the ceiling and I wanna watch my forest lord pet rock out under the beams of light. Thank you!

Apr 26, 2010
lundy80 wrote:
I currently have quests in Wysteria, Grizzleheim, and Marleybone and I hate how all the quests are all jumbled together. I would like it if KI would do separate tabs in the quest book. This way you could click on the tab of the world that you are in to see what quests you have there.

great idea,

Apr 26, 2010
Dynax076 wrote:
Here is an idea for the new mounts that were released. I have seen that a number of wizards have been complaining that the new mount rentals are crowns only. They don't want to waste crowns on something they are not sure they are going to like. So, why not create a preview area like you have with the housing deeds? This would only need to be a small area with different terrain for people to cruise around and see if they would like to purchase it.

it sounds if the pet pavillion should expand (afterall most mounts is a kind of pet, or would be in the real world) and mayby there could be a mounted darby too?

Feb 17, 2009
hey hey lolz :P

i think it would be awesome if we could actually use some of the items in our houses. i mean, if we RP in our houses and we want to sit down on a couch or something and we just put x sits down x you end welll ... still standing. kind of awkward XD i just think it would be totally cool to be able to sit down or lay down or you know pick up a newspaper XD

Feb 17, 2009
idea!!! just hit me! lolz

cant we have clothes like the equilbrium teacher in wysteria???? it would be so cool! (sorry if i was wrong about the teacher ... its the dog teacher if that helps)

i like her outfit and i would so love to copy it!!! <3 <3 i'm trying to now but its really hard lolz

Aug 28, 2011
I was wondering if you (wizards) would like to be able to have a minotaur pet for fire, ice, storm, and balance? Since myth, life, and death, have their own minotaurs, why shouldn't the rest of the schools get one?

The minotaurs will have most of the same characteristics as the the regular minotaurs, except for fur/hair, their axes, and their cards. Each minotaur would have a card that suits their schools. HOW COOL! Take a look at the stats I have created for the minotaurs.

Fire minotaur: 47 + 475
Ice minotaur: 43 + 454
Storm minotaur: 50 + 498
Balance minotaur: 48 + 482

These would help out A LOT wizards all over the spiral. I think that would be one of the next big updates for Wizard101.

Also I was wondering if you (wizards) would like to have a pvp, pet derby, and bazaar icon next to your compass. These would make it A LOT easier for wizards to do what they want in half (1/2) the time. It would also be one of the next big updates for Wizard101. Comment this and tell me what you think.

May 28, 2010
LexiLopezi wrote:
what about a pegasus mount. also i wish can have more than three houses and be able to type numbers in text chat.
Forthe mount they have it the other to thing I agree with 8) by the way does this show up smiley face :)

Mar 06, 2010
We should be able to put music in our houses or dorm rooms. doing this can make being in houses more fun!

Jul 12, 2009
Jun 03, 2010
I think that you should be able to put music in your house. You don't have to download it but you could use the regular songs for Wizard 101 (like the commons music). It would be perfect for parties and would show other wizards your style. :P

Aug 18, 2011
I vote for the option to dye or color statues. I've got a Firecat statue from Swiftarrow and I'd like to dye it to look like the black and orange statues in Firecat Alley.

On top of that, a few more pet dye options for the dropped pets would be nice, as well as more hybrids for lower-level pets.

If crafted item recipes could have some sort of Estimated Value on them, I'd be delighted. Considering the time and money spent on gathering regents, it would be great to know whether dagger A would be worth more to craft and sell than dagger B.

As to the in-game censor, is there a way to update it slightly? As one can probably tell, I have a habit of being verbose, and I've found that my vocabulary has been cut down quite a bit.

The ability to trade items would be appreciated, but since there are already plenty of Treasure-Card beggars cluttering up the Commons I can understand why such a trade system would not be completely desirable.

One final request pertains to the gender specific colors. Only male characters are allowed to wear brown and only female characters are allowed to wear rose. I can understand the concerns regarding exposing children to gender equality; I'm sure there are parents out there who would immediately cancel their children's accounts if they espied a male character with a light red outfit, but I think that KingsIsle could absorb that monetary loss. Especially if they claimed it was for those of us who want to wear a pink trim to promote cancer awareness in their own unique way. I don't want to make a big deal out of this; I doubt many players would notice if the options changed that small amount.

May 18, 2011
idea for world of wildwood huge overgrown forest where inhabitants live in tree houses and the monsters are huge overgrown monster plants with huge teeth, poisonous mushrooms and dead tree stumps with thorns

Jul 11, 2009
johnjohnhawk5 wrote:
i think that insted of being sucked right into battles. you should be able to just choose if you want to fight them. and you get a message that tells you you have to fight them to get somewhere.if its a fight for a quest or to get to a boss. i cant stand being pulled into battles

I do not think so if it was like that wheres the adventure

Jan 23, 2009
The flooding in the Sunken Palace needs to show some class besides wall hangings in flooded rooms. How could we place our furniture wherever we wanted to on top of the water? Makes the rooms a little dull with nothing but water washing away. The idea here is that we should put stuff where we want freely in a house. It's home, after all. We do what we want with it. If this can be done, please let all the Wizards know that their homes is a home sweet home. Thank you! :D

Jul 12, 2009
auntiechar wrote:
I am having a whole lot of problems with people begging me to gift them all the time !
When I say no or nothing at all!
I get verbally abused.
Is there anyway to ask people to quit begging as soon as they see you must have Crowns by your clothes or mount or pet/
I am really being harassed as is my granddaughter.
Many Thanks
Anyone Else out there get this also? :(

YES! I get this all the time. I just walk up to them and say "You are pathetic. I don't know you. Why should I spend my money on you?" The I tell them to beg there parents or move out of their basement and get a job. lol that quiets them down. I don't say it to offend people so much as stop them from yelling at me and insulting me.

Dec 21, 2008
I was just playing wizard101 and I was thinking, why is the max level only 60? Should it be more like 100 or 200? So, maybe you could even just make the max level 100, it would be great if you could do that. Many of my friends that play wizard101 think that too. So, if you can, thank you.

A wizard101 player for 3 years, Fred AshCrafter

Apr 17, 2009
How about being able to change the look/face of your wizs without having to create new ones. Like a dye shop or something.

Sep 18, 2011
i hate to see when people buying everything with crowns and going to play on arena with lover health. when i choose to quick match some player comes cross of me and have everything they have, with no fair battle. that trick over there is acting like same level but ta ta ta taaa boom!! one of the hell player shows up :S

i like to see people can play in arena with no crown stuff. so that will be fair for every player. i like to see that happen.

Apr 09, 2009
i eas thinking. like people should be able to wipe monsters off a map in some of the realms. gone completely, so that we can inhabit them. like raven scar, perhaps have a teleport for people willing to pay gold/crowns/etc/ to have partial control of it like a house. every item put down is like local and can be taken, and they can all vote on whether some monsters are in some areas, like a leisure area based on a street or area. but like a house too.