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Jul 08, 2009
I think it would be fun to have a hair salon so that a wizard could go in and change their hair style and or hair color just like you can in the real world. Of course for a price of gold. You can stitch gear and change pets names and colors of clothes and things so why not hair color length and style? This would be a great shopping item to have available. What do you think? :P

Jan 05, 2011
I really, REALLY hope you come out with level 70 or higher soon. i am so board now that i am legendary ice! For ice it would be cool to have like i yetti or frost dragon spell.

Nicholas DuneBreaker-Legendary thamaturge.

Jun 08, 2011
You wanted ideas for another Palooza event. Have one for Mounts.

Offer a couple, broom or horse, for non crown players. Price would be heafty, 10-15k, so that it would be challenging for non crown users to aquire but impossible.

For crown users you could offer discounts and specialty mounts that could be class speicific. Example: skelton horse for Death class, thunder cloud for Storm.

By offering something for non crown users it would make things more intresting for them so that they don't feel left out of the special events.

Jun 24, 2011
ok i think this sould be said or mabey someone already said it i dont know but, i insist upon PET BATTLE i mean the pet pavillion is already amazingly fun but, i feel something missing.
any agree on this?

Mar 24, 2011
monsterconster101 wrote:
i think that crowns should only be charged to non-members only and members pay gold only

i agree to this. I mean we already pay for our memberships every month/6 months/year.
The least KI can do is give the payer a break by letting us get crowns for gold.
HOWEVER, if that happened then the gold buying would have to come OUT of the crowns shop because it would not be fair to have members buying 5,000 crowns with gold then buying 25,000 gold with crowns to get 60,000 crowns with that. Confusing so read it slow.
the thing is that non-members maybe would quit making things ( Bad for buisness) for KI. Also, another reason is because KI would lose money for improvements, new graphics,etc.

I think KI would agree with me.

What do you think about my comment?,
Cameron NightCaster Level 48 Balance Wizard

P.S. plz comment

Mar 24, 2011
whizbrain wrote:
monsterconster101 wrote:
i think that there shoud be a person in each world that you can talk to (like prospecter zeke) to redeem training points at the cost of gold.

? Do you mean get your training points back then I say yes, but to buy more i would say no it would give grand masters unfair pvp advantages think about it.

well think of it. if anyone could buy more it would not be a game because you would have all spells you need baisicly to win. its not just grandmasters so either way a terrible idea but i do love the buy back thing with GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!! :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o

Mar 24, 2011
nalaboo171 wrote:
I think that it would be wonderful if they had a new pet called Wyldfire Rabbit. It could be like a Fire cat, only a rabbit. The rabbit could be flaming, and give the card Wyldfire ( 25% to all fire spells ). I think it would be a hit, and everyone would want one. Its a flaming rabbit, who wouldn't? Hope this helped, Molly Starmender, Fire, lvl 27 :D

i think maybe a pet could be the ra.
but the only way you could get it is by hatching with hydra and a new pet i like to call balance sander. it kina looks like a grizzleheim pet yet a krock pet so kinda a krock mixed with one of those pig things in gh.
i picture it as a krock wearing that armor. it would be the first crafted pet and you have to finish all the worlds crafting missions. where to be able to craft it? in grizzzleheim by the rainbow bridge. and the best thing is.... you learn to make it by.... NICK JONAS!i have a world i dea too........

Mar 24, 2011
I have a new world idea for w101 next hit.
well i have seen all worlds and none of them death.
wiz city is a base world.
Krokotopia is balance
Marleybone also seems balance/myth
MooShu is life
Dragonspyre is fire (duh)
IDK what the heck gh is but not death although i wanna kill myself in it
Wintertusk is ice
i think the way to get to this world is by barkingham palace from the queen.
she will tell you to speak to the death teacher in nightside. he will assighn you to a mission to look at the model of the spiral in headmasters house to look for anything different to see who sent a threat to wiz city. you are sent to talk to merle ambrose. He is shocked to find your drawing of the figure and is sad to tell you that it was a world created by malistare. it was made from the ruins of dragonspyre. it is supposed to be beneath the world of wizard city. it is called shelterdark. to be preped merel sends you to defeat all teachers. when you do merle will challenge you to a duel.
the storyline is the spiral is under attack and your mission is to destroy the death lord and destroy the city with the two most powerful minions ever! MERLE AMBROSE and none other than...... MALISTARE! to get malistare you must capture his soul by destroying him AGAIN but in 1v1 in wizard citys ravenwood. Also, if you are a life student you will get the chance at summoning sylvia to help. the death lord will have 100,000 hp. if it were enhanced it would be 200,000 for a limited time.
After you finish the journey to get to the death lord you will get 3 new spells. 1 is spectacuminion. you get 25% chance of summoning ambrose,25% chanceof malistare,and 50% chance of summoning sylvia.
the next spell is sanctosepion. it does 100, 1,000, or 10,000 damage life.
and the final spell depends on your school. the first word is your school for example balance the name would be balance stance. it gives +1,000 damage to next (balance) spell. When you get them you are told to go to lifedrain tower to defeat death lord. when you get there ambrose is pleading. you see malistare standing next to death lord. myth teacher drake pops in and starts confronting his brother. you focus on death lord. when you defeat him merle and you run over to help drake but he is gone as malistare is standing. you now must defeat him with ambrose. but at this time malistare is enhanced because of death lord he now has 100,000 hp. When you defeat him you earn the badge "headmaster apprentice". Merle tells you to take care of the spiral for a while so he can heal. this also gets you to a level 70.
but ambrose then tells you that your not done. you need to get rid of the undreground world. he says go to crab alley and talk to the king. the king givesyou a skull key and you bring it to ambrose. he says to go over to the death lords control panel and turn the key in the slot. it is the connector. you turn it and feel a crash. you and ambrose take a portal to his office. the world has been disconnected from wiz city and has set for destruction for when it hits mooshu as an army of samuri will destroy it.

that is my world idea :D
Cameron NightCaster Lvl 48 balance

Mar 24, 2011
shipleyv wrote:
HaroldArgleston wrote:
I'm Harold Argleston. While I'm usually in the Library in Ravenwood, I do like to read what our players post in the Dorms section of the Message Boards. The Dorms are for all your ideas for Wizard101.

You may also know me from the monthly newsletter, where I tell students about books they can read that are appropriate for younger readers, and that resemble areas of Wizard101.

Each section of the message boards is intended for different discussions so make sure you post in the right area.
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Pets is for questions and answers about the Pet Pavilion and raising and hatching your pets.
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Wizard City is for questions about your adventures in Wizard City.
Grizzleheim is for questions about your adventures in Grizzleheim.
Krokotopia is for questions about your adventures in Krokotopia.
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MooShu is for questions about your adventures in MooShu.
Dragonspyre is for questions about your adventures in Dragonspyre.

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Knowledge is power.

Just a few thoughts on the pet issue:

1. Why not let your pet age as the wizard levels, as an example when a wizard levels, it could be worth 50 life/age points to the pet that is active at that moment. This would encourage a better balance of time between pet games and finishing quests.

2. I would love to see a new hybrid pet, where if you mic hydra and any major sipirt pet (Life, Myth, Death), tehn you get a spirit version of the hydra.

3. To promote pets that are dropped or mixed, allow those version to be used by any school. If you spend tons of crowns with someone to mix a pet only to get one you can not use is just plain wrong. Same feeling to think you won a great pet only to learn you can not have fun with it.

well first off #3 is kinda not true because you can make a new char from the school required to use the pet and problame solved

Mar 24, 2011
LuckieWabbit wrote:
:) Hello to Harold Argleston!
I have a suggestion....!
I would love to see more "feminine" clothes available for the girl wizards. Some of us would like to dress our girl wizards in cute & pretty dresses and also have a larger selection of cute shoes as well.
Also, how about some different hats, and even hair decorations, for when we get tired of wearing hats, so we can show off our hair style.
There are some of us playing the game who would like our girl wizards to look even more "girlie"....after all...just because we are powerful, skilled wizards...does not mean that we still are not also proud to be a girl!
Mr. Argleston, your help with this matter would be greatly appreciated.....

i only got 2 things to say to that: 1. you are sutch a girl and
2: NO!

Mar 21, 2010
A world idea, and with it, increase the level cap to level 100, please, I would like to be able to keep on going up in levels.

Basically, not really another world, but the outer space of the spiral. Space stations to exploring the outer space of the Spiral. No main ideas here, just the world idea, no complete specifics, being I just came up with this seconds before I wrote this post.

~Wolf FireSword
Level 60 Legendary Pyromancer

Jun 18, 2009
I am new to the message boards and didnt want to read all of them to find out if it is there, but I would like to offer to the community an idea that has been brewing in my head for awhile. Why can't you put items earned on display in your house. For example I have had a robe bootsand wand set that I wore through most of the game and as lame as it sounds I have sentimental attachment to it because as I said it has traveled through all the worlds with me. Now I have my Legendary Armor and would like to display my old armor and wand in my house as decoration. maybe even have wear on the outfit. There is already manequins in, Marleybone?, for sale. but there is no use for them. Just an idea :).

Ethan Drake: Legendary Pyromancer
Waterworks Warrior

Dec 13, 2008
Oct 28, 2010
heronin wrote:
Hi I was Just thinking it would be cool if we could interact with are housing items Like if we could sit on a sofa or light a fireplace even grab a tomato out of the bowl or eat a slice of cake also if we could jump on/over things i find myself wanting to jump over fences in wizard city alot i have also tried to jump in the fountain at my house to get in the water lol i think it would make it easier to get realy into the game without getting bored. also if are pets/mounts could grow in size that would be pretty cool. if there were more leisure places in the game that would be cool too like a place you could go to hangout with other wizards or something. I would love too see any of these ideas added to the game. :) :-) :D

I like the whole interaction thing with the siting on a sofa or jumping inside the water. I also like the mounts idea where they grow. I think it would be super cool if the mounts could start as babies and they get older and you could hatch them. :)
- Kestrel DarkTheif lvl 60 life

Jul 05, 2010
umm to those few people who want the level limit to be changed to 70 i have thought of some spells that they could use.

Here is my list
Reminder: all spells of mine are 9 pips

600 + 1100 Fire damage over time to all enemies and makes them help you for one turn (think beguile for death)
A lyre appears out of nowhere, then Apollo appears floating and playing the lyre in the way of sitting. Then he stands and points a finger at the enemy, then points up and drags a miniature sun down to hit the enemy, the sun expands as it hits the enemy and blows up to stun and put the lasting aura. The animation continues untill all are hit.

North Wind
800 Ice damage to all enemies and dispels the next five spells used by all the enemys
The battle circle turns icy and freezes and a cloud followed with wind sound effects floats down. Then a giant blue-white bear walks out of the fog in a blue and white robe, and "howls" toward the sky twice. The bear walks up to the enemy and yells with expelling a cold breath and wind blows around the enemy as they float up and to the ground. The animation continues untill all are hit.

Pure Energy
2200 Storm damage and add +75% to next 3 spells used by all allies
Four pillars rise up from the ground and get zapped from lightening making orbs appear on them. Then little tendrils of light go from the orbs on the pillars into the middle of the battle field and creates a ball of energy. The tendrils then swirl around the enemy and form a ball that explodes to attack the enemy.

300 Fire damage 300 Ice damage 300 Storm damage 400 balance damage to all enemies and heals all allies by 300
A semi-large book appears and starts floating and glowing with holy sounding music. Then A cross comes out of the book and glows on and off and floats, Then flashes as three swords surround the enemy. One red-orange sword, one white-blue sword, and one purple-yellow sword. The Red slashes and floats up while facing upward. The white slashes and again floats up while facing upwards. The Purple the same thing. Then they all touch tips, and a brown-yellow light comes down from the sky and deals damage.The animation continues untill all are hit. Then the book turns to your allies and flashes and all are enveloped in white light and you heal.

Mother Earth
500 + 500 Life damage to all enemies and 500 + 500 Heal to all allies and +30% to next attack on all enemies
A grassy plain with flowers appears on the battlefield and meadow sounds play. One giant flower bud appears and grows so that you can see the stem. The flower opens up and a woman clothed in white turning away is seen in the flower. She turns to look at the enemy, and looks shocked. She steps out of the flower and raises her hand and some very tall grass grows. Then she shows her palm to the enemy and thorny vines strangle the enemy. The animation continues untill all are hit. Then she turns to your allies and giggles. She then lifts both of her hands and sways them down, to make a green light surround the ally, healing them.

Grim Reaper
1000 + 500 Death damage and heals by half of the aura damage done every turn
The circle turns into a graveyard and a spirit begins floating around in a circle. All of a sudden a random rip appears in the middle, and splits apart into a dark portal. Part of a scythe peeps out of the hole. Then a whole Grim Reaper steps out and slashes the spirit into nothing. Then his skull, only, turns and stares at the enemy. Then the Reaper has a blue glow on his finger and puts it on his scythe so it turns blue, then he slashes the enemy. The animation continues untill all are hit. Over all turns once the aura damage has been done, a skull appears above the person who took the damage and half of the damage is given to the necromancer who used the spell.

Story Teller
300 + 1300 Myth damage and -80% to next five spells used by the enemy
A giant chair appears on the battlefield and you hear a deep laughter as a giant one-eyed purple man appears sitting and laughing while reading a book. He looks down and then he looks concerned at the enemy. He swings his book once, then opens his book to the front side and an eye appears and glows red to do the second part of damage

lol i put a lot of work into this so tell me what you think...

Made by,
Reed Sand - Level 40 sorcerer

Mar 21, 2010
Me again, but this time on my nephew's account.

I have three things to say here:

1) I know this is something that's been said before, but I feel it needs to be done:

Buying our training points back, with all the new spells and the new amulets, most of us who are subscribers already pay you monthly/6 months/yearly, we would like to buy them back in gold, or maybe buying new ones, like 10,000 gold per training point.

2) The new Mastery Amulets, their drop rate is WAY too low, most of us are killing ourselves and wasting our time trying to get them. I have talked to others about this, we feel it should be fixed, or at least have one specific boss drop them all and tell us which boss and where, either way would save us time.

3) The Level 60 Clothing in the Waterworks. Their drop rates are messed up to the extreme. Sure I like how you can only get your school's, but I'm on my 15th time down there, I've got both the Hood and Boots, the past TWO DAYS I've been going down there. Please fix this.

Please fix all of these problems.

~Wolf FireSword
Level 60 Legendary Pyromancer

Jun 04, 2009
I have a great idea for a world:
It is called Astromooose. It will be the best world because it is in space.
So you can go there anytime you want but you need a helmet from Merle Ambrose to go there. If you go there without a helmet your health automatically goes to zero. I think it would be cool if, like Mooshu, there were animals there instead of people. And instead of cows, there would be moose there. The streets would be the planets (Jupiter, Pluto, Mars, etc.), and the last sreet would be The Moosey Way. The world of Astromoose is being taken over by The Wolve Tribe lead by their leader, Lord Carnivore.

Please reply. An idea this grand is hard to find. And by reading this you have found one.

Caleb Deathpants (Level 21)

Dec 14, 2008
i think that it would be a good idea to look back at the housing plot in wizard 101 . becuase at somepoint in time wizards get board with ther home and spend tons of money on a new home with the again will get board with so my idead is that there should be houseing ad ons like a bridge to a new plot of land i couldnt think of what to place on this land, but you guys are expert game disiners . i mean you are an extreamly large mmorpg( oh and a pet that gives the card of tempest would be great). i am just one of millions or billions of wizerds sharing there opinion. :D

Mar 16, 2010
i think that there should be a members-only shop where you can use gold or crowns to make your own custom items out of selected themes and out of every card and a range of stats! It would be cool and if you could make robes, hats, shoes, amulets, rings, swords, and wands.

Dec 14, 2008
i skimed a idea that there should be a death world and liked it but then all monsters would be deadth no variaty of monsters types. so what about a greek or roman world
a unbalanced key where you go into a paralel univers and you have to fight to save the final destruction of wizard city.
what about the other two titens where are the other two titans gonna be?
an aciant inca or myan or indias world

and where did the wands go i mean i like swords but wands got that wizard magic
-eathan angaleyes

Jun 29, 2009
I think there needs to be a way to buy back training points with gold. Even if it is like 50,000 gold, that is still better, in my opinion, than the almost 5,000 crowns i need to spend now. Maybe it coulod be like the houses in the shop. They are ten thousand crowns, and 100,000 gold. There is just one zero added on. Maybe have it like that with training points. Five thousand crowns is not worth it, in my opinion. Anyone else agree? I say that if they even lowered it to 1,000 crowns to get them back, i might consider buying some. But 5,000? nope, not for me.

Jun 29, 2009
necro31 just gave me an idea. For the other two titans, the fire one could be a world almost like dragonspyre and krokotopia combined. I was just gonna say desert, but then i remembered krokotopia. Maybe i could have been a lush, green world, but then fissures (cracks) appered and lava within them, turning only parts of it dead. The storm one could be....hmm. This is a little more difficult. Maybe a city in the clouds, but then storm clouds rolled in and the lightning destroyed parts and left big craters in others? Maybe you have to go down to the surface (the cloud city is the main hub, like the commons) and recover the pieces to create bridges to other parts, which would unlock new parts of the surface world. I would come up with some names, but i am not good at that, so how about some others on here come up with the names? If this is considered, please tell me, KI.

Jun 22, 2011
johnjohnhawk5 wrote:
i think that insted of being sucked right into battles. you should be able to just choose if you want to fight them. and you get a message that tells you you have to fight them to get somewhere.if its a fight for a quest or to get to a boss. i cant stand being pulled into battles

How could I ever agree more! Everything you said exactly fits my needs.

May 13, 2011
I would very much like some videos of high-level spells: Afreet, Chimera, and Medusa, Ra, etc. So can you please put videos of them on the site?

And also I would like to import two spells that I made up. Psyclops, a big purple cyclops, comes from the sky. He throws his hammer up in the sky and sends down light beams on all the wizards and enemies. The wizards the gain a blade of their most frequently-used spell. The enemies are hit with 1500 damage. 10 pips.

Myth Treant: it shows a round green building with a spike on top. Then a big orange treant jumps out. It picks up two large pieces of rubble and throws them at the target enemies. It hits two enemies with 1200 damage. 8 pips.

Nathaniel ShadowTalon, lvl 6 Sorcerer

May 14, 2011
johnjohnhawk5 wrote:
i think that insted of being sucked right into battles. you should be able to just choose if you want to fight them. and you get a message that tells you you have to fight them to get somewhere.if its a fight for a quest or to get to a boss. i cant stand being pulled into battles
I also hate it when that happens because sometimes when I'm in Webwood trying to get to bosses over and over again I can't win because i don't have advantages against webwood scuttlers (balance) I'm always to damaged to face a boss such as Wildroot (who I'm on now) .