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Oct 04, 2009
DarthCyclonis wrote:
I think it would also be nice if your earned rewards or gold for earning badges.

yeah i agree
it would be way more insentive to get the badges anyway
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Oct 26, 2010
I think it would awesome if the wing mounts could be school specific in a way. What I mean is this; For the fire school, have the wings be made of fire. For Ice school, have them made of ice crystals. For storm, maybe electricity. Then just sell them in the crown shop as usual.

Dec 21, 2008
I think it would be nice if we make a world or place for a wizard that is finished everything else for their own type and element. like a party. Storm wizards in 1 world or place. We can add fun activities as well. when we are upset we can come to these places and be happy.Do you agree

Jun 04, 2009
I have a couple of suggestions that I think would greatly improve gameplay for us wizards and one to improve aesthetics:

1.) PLEASE give us an option to lock battles so that others can't join if you don't want them to. There have been SO many times when someone has joined a battle I'm in and messed things up for me and/or my group by a.) coming in just to mooch off of the work of our group while they stand there and cast NO spells or anything b.) come into the battle with the INTENT to mess you up just to be mean. (This just happened to a friend less than a week ago.) or c.) a lower level friend teleports to you and doesn't want to flee. Some people come in and are helpful, but some are not and it seriously hinders my enjoyment of the game to have someone bully (and I've run into lots of them.) me and my group or make us do all their work for them. Maybe there could be an option to only allow group members to join your battle and lock others out.

2.) If number one is not an option, it would be nice if there were seperate teleport settings for groups and friends. Being able to control them seperately would help belay some of the aforementioned problems.

3.) I would LOVE to see more furniture items with animations. I love the way the crafting tables have the tools moving around and bubbling bottles and I would like to see more of that kind of thing. For example, the Grizzleheim anvil could occasionally slam the hammer down on it a couple of times, the bottle burners could have a little flame under them with bubbles coming up inside. Mummies could take a step or two before poofing back in place, statues and pictures could wink/blink or smile, books could come off of the shelves and open up (kind of like the crystal shelf from Dragonspyre) and even wallpapers could have a little more pizazz like swirling colors, lightning strikes or falling leaves.

That's all for right now. Thanks for a great game, Wizard 101!

Lenora Lifemender
Legendary Life Wizard

May 16, 2009
monsterconster101 wrote:
i think that crowns should only be charged to non-members only and members pay gold only
That would be nice if only Wizard101 made that happen

Oct 05, 2008
I am a level 31 Balance/Storm wizard name Luke Skywalker and here are some of my ideas for the game:
1.We should have an option to teleport to a person with a quest or our techer like we set a person to teleport to so we can go right back to them after we finished our quest so we dont have to walk all the way and get sucked into a battle like in a dungeon.
2.When you are in a battle and you want to discard a card you should have to drag it to a trashcan . I want this idea because sometime I have a really good amulet card and I want to make shure that if it fizzels I will draw it again but insted I dicard my card and I have no cards left.
3.Haching should be free.
4.If someone is in a dungeon and leave before they have been there for very long and someone else want to join it would ask all the players if they want to stop saving one guys spot and bring in a new one.

Jan 13, 2011
I made a post for it but idk if it will be rejected or not xD

I have few ideas that i think are pretty cool(:

Combine Spells:

Ok combine spells are spells that require two wizards to cast. So around every 10 levels your teacher summons you to a new spell which in this case is half to a spell. So say your fire and you get the quest do it and recieve a part of the spell and an ice who has done the quest and recieved the other half in duel you both do the halfs on the same round and after the other person casts the half the full spell appears. These spells would be a bit more powerfull then single caster spells. The combine spells much be matched! Not like a level 10 and a level 60. the combine spells can only be used as listed fire/ice life/death myth/storm so opposites pretty much xD the cool thing about balance is thaat it can match to any other school but not itself.

Master pips:

Since the level cap is growing I think a new type of pip is in need. So around level 35 diego will summon you and tell you about the master pips. These pips represent 3 pips and are purple. you can start getting master pip chance at level 35 and when the cap is increased you can get wands that start with one master pip.

So those are my ideas Kingsisle if you consider using one just reply to the message :) thanks!

Joshua GoldenLeaf Level 60 Life
Joshua DeathBlood Level 50 Death
Joshua WaterWeaver Level 42 Ice

EDIT: I saw a few other people post about pips like the ones i talked about i hope it happens :)

Jun 05, 2010
I love playing this game! I would ask that you speed up the rebirth spell, PLEASE...its way too slow and drags the fight.

And I have a suggestion for Medusa...

When she attacks, her snake hair hisses...can you turn the wizard into stone? Then have her hit them with the swords and the stone shatters...kinda like how the Centaur spell works. I think that would make her more awesome to watch.

Morgan UnicornTamer :D
Legendary Life
Legendary Balance

Jul 31, 2010
I wish you could send a message to all online friends at once, without being in a group. This would make calling for help or getting together a group to do a dungeon quicker and easier.

I also wish you could leave a message for a friend who isn't on. Sometimes when I arrange to hatch with somebody, it would be nice to leave them a message telling them I had to get off before I saw them and easier to arrange a time to meet.

Fallon Fireeyes

Apr 01, 2011
KI shud make like a wizard 101 flying mount pvp quiditch game were you can use your flying mount (wings or broomsticks) and play a game along the same lines as the pet derby but it gives you XP!!!!!!! Excpet its like harry potter quiditch

Jan 29, 2011
They should add a spirt hydra ( a hydra that does life, death, and myth damage) and a spirital blast ( sprectral blast that does life, death, or myth damage). or

Apr 09, 2011
Mar 16, 2010
monsterconster101 wrote:
i think that crowns should only be charged to non-members only and members pay gold only

i really don't think so. I think that it would be unfair to people. but i think crowns should be lowered by 1 or 2 dollars...

Apr 30, 2009
Wouldn't it be awesome to have new PRIMARY schools of magic? I also think it would be kinda cool to have a few earthy sets oh clothes. just a thought lol. :D

Jan 11, 2009
Make some of the very cool wands where you hit the enemy without doing the symbols, like the bolt blade, to lower levels. When i was at level 12, i saw a lot of people with those wands and i wanted one. when i went to the bazzar some said lvl 45 or lvl 50. It takes a while to get to those levels. So i am begging you to please agree with me :) :) :D

Sep 20, 2010
i think you should be able to give equipment from your bag to your true friends cause sometimes i get stuff that i dont need or cant use but my friends could use them

Jan 03, 2010
I think you should increase the levels from 60-70 or 80. It gets bring on my level 60 wizard sometimes because he doesn't level up anymore. You should also make new spells and primary schools. I think a school of rock or ground may be a good idea. Thanks.

Mar 14, 2009
In Wizard101 I think you should be able to change your main school of focus by paying crowns maybe 5000 or so. I have a myth wizard who is lvl fifth ty and i like myth but I would like to get him to a legendary by trying put new schools etc.

So please think about this!!!!!!!!!!!

Mar 02, 2010
Well i got a few ideas for a few new worlds haven't thought of names

First a world kind of like Krokotopia where you can fight wait for it....
JUDGEMENTS and also Krokopatra's revenge.She tries to steal the gem
of a thousand storms.So you must stop her from awakening the Storm titan
(because they already showed dragon and giant) WHY NOT THE TITAN?
so Krokoptra's health is 30,000 not solo though can solo if you want too and once you beat her your sent to Ambrose
and he tells you about the elemental witches controlling the mother of dragons the king of giants and the lord of titans so you have to go to earth
because if they continue earth will be destroyed but first you have to prove yourself by fighting Merle Ambrose himself Merle uses Light magic (hoping that can be a new school by the way) He has 60,000 health which people can help you with it.Then at earth you have to calm down the dragon
titan and giant by fighting them.Dragon:40,000 health Fire magic
Giant:40,000 health Ice magic Titan:40,000 health Storm Magic
Then by doing that the elemental witches are enraged at you so you must fight them. Fire witch:20,000.Storm witch:20,000.Ice witch:20,000

Please tell me what you think

Logan silversword

Jun 18, 2009
I think there should be a window that pops up in case you accidentally press Ignore when your exiting friend stats.

Nov 07, 2009
May 10, 2009
Here are my ideas
a) I think that you should add a special ability once you reach lvl 60 or maybe higher called "mastery". masterys' effects would apply powerful PERMENENT changes to the wizard. i am thinking a lvl 20 mastery and lvl 60-80 mastery. these quests would be VERY hard involving world bosses, finding smiths, clams, ect and other near impossible tasks. the bonuses would be

Life lvl 20: increase outgoing healing power by 20%
Life lvl 70: when you succesfully cast a healing spell you gain a 40% damage bonus blade. and when you successfully cast a damage spell you gain a 40% healing blade
Death lvl 20: your non swap spells now heal you for 20% of damage dealt (that includes poisen every round damage)
Death lvl 70: your blades and traps can now be stacked twice with your spells
Myth lvl 20: allows you to control your minion(s) and summon more then one (if you run out of time the computer makes a decision)
Myth lvl 70: when you remove a blade or shield with a spell you now "steal the buff" and you know have the removed blades and shields and your spells no longer remove debuffs
Storm lvl 20: when you fizzle with a storm spell you gain a 30% storm accuracy bonus blade
Storm lvl 70: your single target storm spells now deal half of the damage dealt to the original enemy to everyone else on the enemy team (turning storm spells into AoEs)
Fire lvl 20: your Damage over time effects go through shields and resistences
Fire lvl 70: Your single target spells (i.e. heliphant) now apply a damage over time to the affected enemy equal to 150% of the damage dealt
Ice lvl 20: increase resistance by 20%
Ice lvl 70: you can now taunt an enemy player, your single target spells taunt the opponent, and when you succesfully taunt you gain a tower shield
Balance lvl 20: your buffs and debuffs now cost 0 pips and 0 mana
Balance lvl 70 your buffs effect all allies and your debuffs effect all enemies
Star with all spells: when you cast an aura your entire team bennifits from it
Moon with all spells: you can polymorph other players (you or opponents)
Sun with all spells: you can use this buff on other players spells that they cast that turn

b) you can buy a "manican" furniture item to put your hats, robes, and shoes on

c) add a pip which you get at lvl 50 which increases the power of the spell that uses the pip by 20% and would count as 2 pips for your own school and 1 for the rest

and d) add "crit" and "brt" to the words that you can say. crit is short for critical and brt means be right there

Believe it or not these are ORIGINAL, a response to my ideas would be great

Feb 11, 2009
One thing that is really dissapointing is that the jewelry (Amulets, Rings, and Anthames) that is equipped does not show up on you character. The designs for the jewelry is really cool as you see in the banks and the shops but it doesn't even show up on the character. The jewelry should show up because it would look soooo cool.
Also when you don't have a wand equipped you cast spells with your hands. It is really cool to cast magic with your hands but then you don't get wand spells. You should be able to have gloves that function as a wand so you can cast with your hands but get bonus wand cards too.

Jan 27, 2009
My Post will be on your guys (being your KingsIsle employees) epic cards that you can buy for new housing and stuff like that. In each of the two cards you introduced something new. In Massive Fantasy Palace you introduced dueling rings to housing, and in Sultans Palace you added a genie that allows you to get free items daily. Now what i think would be REALLY cool would be for the next download card you should introduce the ability to collect reagents and other things to summon bosses to fight in your house.

May 26, 2009
Hello I am Gabriel EarthShard, Legendary Sorcerer, i have an idea for a new world. The new world would be called Jurasica. There would be new mounts, the max level for wizards would be raised to seventy-five,and a few spells for Jurasica would be like dinosaurs and cave men, you know stuff like that. the mounts would be a T-Rex, Pterodactyl, And a Triceratops.