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Jul 04, 2009
1) Ok, so I'm learning about gardening now, and I have some ideas. After one becomes a grandmaster gardener, I think it would be great if we could combine gardening and crafting by being able to craft some items that would make gardening easier. For example:

Bee hive: keeping bees would allow for instant pollination, which would save gardens when one is away for a day or so.

Sprinkler system/sprinkler heads: could be constructed to keep high lvl gardens watered and alive. I can't be here all day, every day.

resident birds: would keep pests away. But beware, they might eat your bees too!

2) We need more things to do with arena tickets. We need new, updated arena clothing, and maybe we could trade tickets for spells or treasure cards, or even gold.

3) A cooking skill might open up some new opportunities, but I'll have to mull that one over a bit and see what I can brew up.

Jan 24, 2009
I have a good idea. This idea is that a castle should be created for Morganthe that has eight floors. On the first seven floors, you get helped by one of the Ravenwood professors during the battle. On the eighth floor in the battle against Morganthe, you will be joined my Merle Ambrose and the Ghost of Malistaire Drake.

Jan 27, 2009
I think they should add a new Quest. I had the idea for it a while back when i was doing the quest in Dragonspyre about going back in time inside the vault.
So what you do is Merle Ambrose asks you to come to his office for assistance in something of "utmost importance" and after you talk to him he opens up a time portal in his office that allows wizards to go back in time and interrogate malistaire and see if is willing to give out any information. sorry i couldnt explain it very well but i believe it would be fun to do and to see Ravenwood before the death school has fallen below everything else.

Wolf (Lvl 60) Legendary Necromancer
Tarlac HexBreaker (Lvl 60) Legendary Diviner

Sep 07, 2009
I wanted to post this back when KI asked about charm and ward ideas, but I didn't get around to it.

I'd like to see a spell to remove all charms and wards from myself. In other words, it would be like Earthquake but used on myself or my team. This could help when fighting monsters that layer us with Weaknesses or in PVP against people who have made it standard practice to layer us in Life dispels and Infections.

I would think that such a spell would be a 2-3 pip spell.

Dec 13, 2008
Hey all, I just had a few ideas..
First, we should be able to create Food for ourselves to "eat" in our houses in order to get time-related buffs, like "+5%
Storm Damage for an hour" or something. We could make them out of Ingredients that drop from our plants. And maybe you'd have to have a bowl or stove or something to make them?
Also, some more school-related stuff would be nice, it is Wizard101 after all. Maybe some"homework" that involves a minigame or something? And there could be quests from Mr. Lincoln where you get exchange students from different worlds and stuff. Just a few suggestions, good luck with the game-making!

Nov 24, 2010
I kinda have a lot of suggestions. :D
1. the next world could be a sky world where Ambrose says you need to fight this boss to get the ability to fly. You could also fight fire birds,griffons (sorry if I spelled it wrong).
2.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have the next world not be like celestia! CELESTIA MESSED WITH EVERYTHING WE LEARNED! death has an ice boost life has a fire boost it's rediculous!
3.no more cheating bosses please. I wouldn't care if there were only cheating bosses in spell quests.
4.please make a chimera spell for balance :D
5.There should be a way to change you're hair, hair color, and you're name.
6.have us be able to interact with our furniture. You know sleep in a bed sit on a couch read a book.
7.please make a furniture trading system between friends.
hope you consider putting these in the game
Sean Dragonflame level 56 Sorcerer

Dec 31, 2010
I think while in MB in big ben all of the people you beat should be minimized to 5 NOT infinity

Apr 20, 2009
the menu chat should include some phrases like

"sorry i need more gold"

"sorry i have to wait"

"sorry i already hatched"

"sorry i promised someone else"

"sorry my pet is not adult"

because it is hard to tell menu chat people why i cant hatch and there is no exact phrase so i feel bad that they think its just because they are menu chat or their pet is lame or something. please add these phrases to menu chat and also if you can put a list on menu chat saying
"the pet ----" and in the ----- you would be able to choose the name of any pet that exists from a list so in their house when menu chatters are choosing a pet, they can choose a pet easier.

May 25, 2009
From what I have seen, you guys have been doing a fantastic job, and I am ecstatic with how fast you come out with new things. For those who disagree, I started my account over two years ago. There was no Celestia, no pet training, no gardening, no houses for each school, and no Auction either. My first six Grandmasters had it a lot tougher than the ones I have now.

I know it takes a lot longer to program a new area than it takes us to play through it, and while some of the ideas I have read so far (admittedly I have not read every post word for word) are not bad, perhaps a bit daunting if I were in your shoes, but over all, at least some of us are thinking.

I agree, also in other forums with the idea that there should be a level lock on
where you are allowed to go. I would suggest something like this:

Wizard City - OPEN TO ALL
Krokotopia - Must be level 8 or higher
Marleybone - Must be level 15 or higher
MooShu - Must be level 25 or higher
Dragonspyre - Must be level 35 of higher
Celestia - Must be level 45 or higher

Main reasoning for this is that many of us, while playing our higher level characters, have friends who are much lower in level that we wanted to help. However, many of them do not ask where you are or what you are doing before they jump in. If the player is in a tough battle, the last thing they need is another enemy joining because of the new arrival, who will most assuredly, die quickly, leaving the player that was already in trouble holding the bag.

But I would say that if your character cannot get to a world on their own, they shouldn't be able to port there either.

The calls for new spells don't pass me totally unnoticed, but please, not for the current schools. There is more than enough material in game now to support new mage schools. Perhaps from an entirely different area, much like wizard city. We would have to start new characters to play the new schools. Or to make it even more attractive, perhaps make it so that you have to trade in a legendary character to be able to make one.

On, gold and crowns. I understand that you are running a business, and the more crowns you can get us to buy, the better for you. I cool with that, i have enough experience that I know what I need for most battles, so hiring henchmen is few and far between. I have not bought any weapons or armor in the crown shop, finding it just as easy to make do with things I can buy at the Auction. As well as a few gifted items I have received from you. The Valor Sword is still used by each of my characters level 1-29.

What I would really like to see is not so much new material as a rearranging of something there already. With as many servers and areas as there are available, could you please make separate servers for those with menu chat, those with text chat, and those with open chat?

I know I am not the only one who can't stand having to look through a list to find what to say. I also am tired of writing one, too, tree, for, fifth, sixth, (will not allow seven or seventh), eighth, so on. The filter should be a little smarter and allow me to say "I need five more of these". If someone is going so far as to say "My phone number is 804-325-????" that should be something red flagged, or any expletive, then they should receive a warning, followed by a 24 hour suspension for second infraction, and account dismissal for third offense in a 48 hour period, or any total of four offenses in a 14 day period, would be more than fair. Really, if somebody wants to give out their phone number they can find a way that the filter will allow.

As far as new material, I would like to see some optional wondrous item solo (one player only) quests for each current world. Nothing overly powerful, but better than you can get from a regular boss drop, or that you could buy in the auction or crown shop.

The optional quests that exist already are tricky to say the least, although I would be exaggerating if I said impossible. Just really, really tough, even for four seasoned players.

Thank you for your consideration.

Karic Foehammer Legendary Necromancer
Ronan Foehammer Grandmaster Sorcerer
Oran Mythcaller Grandmaster Theurgist
Finnigan Mythcaller Grandmaster Conjurer
Boris Boomfist Grandmaster Diviner
Fiona Hexslinger Grandmaster Necromancer
And the list goes on....

Jul 13, 2009
it could be cool to sit on furniture like a couch or a sofa or even your bed ;)

Feb 08, 2009
I've been thinking about this a lot lately. We all pretty much like help and most of us are usually willing to help others as well.

I used to play this game called Asheron's Call. It was a good game. I really like the way they had structured the game to encourage helping others. Like giving experience bonus, open trade, patron/vassal monarch system and many other bonuses. But don't worry, that isn't exactly what I mean.

What would be interesting, would be to be able to earn non school spells like blades, converts or even treasure cards, when you help people with certain quests or bosses.

I do think this is a good idea. In fact I've strayed away from training any secondary school because without the converts, or blades, they are almost useless, especially when you really, REALLY need them. So I thought why not plug those spells or treasure cards into the game by rewarding them for aiding others in their quest lines.

**It would also spice up PvP a bit more**

Dec 16, 2010
troybtxn wrote:
i think that in marlebone they should make a sidewalk that actually works. too many times i have been forcefully sucked into a battle while i was still on the sidewalk. it takes up the little time that i do have on this game and its just plain annoying.
yeah. i just have to stand on a peice of wood and i go to talk to some one and a hoolagin attacks me. and i end up fleeing.

Oct 30, 2008
I think it would be cool if you could buy spell with not just the points you get when you level up a certain amount of times and from quests, but with gold too! It would probably be expensive, but it would SO be worth it! :D :-) :)

Artur Goldenblood, Fire Wizard, Level 56
Fire Dragon = BILLY BOB JOE!!!!

Feb 06, 2010
I think a good idea would be to add the smybol of the corresponding teleport stone to the map once you have activated it. :D

All of my mates say it would be better, cause then it wouldnt be trial and error when you try and use them, we allways choose the wrong one and we wind up somewhere totally different as to what we were expecting.

this would be a great addition as it would make navigation and the teleporter stones WAY more usefull and not a "source" of "constant frustration"

Mark TitanTamer- level 46 master pyromaster

Feb 06, 2010
It would be interesting (and awesome) to be able to choose your race when you create a wizard, you could have Manders, krokodiles, dogs(assorted breeds?) frogs, cats, sheep, goats, ronin, pigs, and the list goes on.
Maybye even have a seperate racial backstory to act as a tutorial,(the existing one can put off some of the older beginers by thinking that the game is "cheesy" and not getting immersed in the storyline)

It would reflect the personality of the players to be able to customise thier race, i'd suggest thatfor all of the existing players, you could have "a mad scienist(or other) re-moddeling the players apperence(for a modest fee, ofcorse)" so that they could customise after it was implemented for beginers.

I'd love to see this on wizard 101, all these different looking wizards fighting alongside other races.

Mark TitanTamer- lvl46 master pyromancer

Nov 08, 2010
i have three ideas that i have thought about and talked about to many others at length, and we all agree.

first we should be able to feed our pets a number of snacks per day even if we do not play the pet games. limit to four or five snacks per pet per 24 hours ? this would help greatly for those of us who can not play for hours on end every day, or those of us who have a great many pets. no need to charge mana or life or energy as snacks cost all on their own either time or coin or crowns.

second there should be a quest checklist with the main, instance, and side quests listed for our individual characters. which updates when we finish a step in the quest. this would be really helpful to many players. with little hints to let us know where to find them in case we missed something along the way.

third badges need a clear list of how to obtain them. some are easy, fight so many of this or that. The others, and you know which ones i am talking about, are impossible to know what needs to be done to get them. even the players who have the badges when asked say they have no idea how they got them.

Nov 08, 2010
monsterconster101 wrote:
i think that crowns should only be charged to non-members only and members pay gold only
i like this idea very much i wish i had thought of it myself

Jan 01, 2011
packers19960 wrote:
i think it would make the game so much better if you can use your houses furniture so i can sit in my chair for once instead of staring at it

Yes it would be sooooooooooooo much beter. It gets on my nerves when you are talking to someone and you cant do anyting but stand and talk.

Feb 15, 2009
Another idea I have is to be able to use regular chat in battle, not "Battle" chat. I am text chat, but some of my friends are quick chat and when they ask me if I can port in battle there isn't much to say. Maybe I can say, "Sorry, I'm in a battle" other than, "Sorry, I can't" or "I'm busy."
Please consider this KingsIsle, I annoy and confuse my friends when I'm not specific enough.

Ian FrostBreeze
Ice/Storm/Moon Wizard
Lvl. 60 Thaumaturge

Mar 07, 2009
This is a new PRIMARY class called Wind

Wand/Staff Spells- Like all the other wands, it does same damage as the rest. Probably the starting damage can be (for a picture) just regualar wind blowing on the enemy. Next, the big damage can be a little tornado surrounding the enemy.

Accuracy Percentage of Spells- 85% (wind of course will have high accuracy not as much as Life though)


-Lvl 1-

Damage 75-95
Description- A little winged animal who swoops down and attacks the monster.
Required Pips- 1

-Lvl 3 (When You do the quest for RavenWood to talk to the teachers)-

Wind Blade.
Attack Percentage- 35% to the Wind element.
Required Pips- 0

-Lvl 5-

Twisted Shield
Can Defend 80% of any TWO random Spiritual and Elemental shields (Not a shield like Tower Shield for Ice)
Required Pips- 0

-Lvl 8-

Attack Damage- 160- 210
Description- A mini mountain grows in the center and the Eagle swoops down, using its claws to swipe the enemy twice.
Description 2- An open field grows while the eagle lands on it. It sees the monster and charges with one swipe.
Required Pips- 2

-Lvl 10-

Wind Pixie (Not like The regualr pixie and fairy that heals you. Do a total makeover of it. Make it either smaller or bigger than the Healing Pixie and Fairy.)

Attack Damage- 270-340
Description- A crowded (Not too crowded) forest grows and the pixie wakes up staring at the monster. It blasts winds for 3-5 seconds.
Required Pips- 3

-Lvl 12-

Wind Prism

Percentage of Damage- 30% (If it picks the right class of the monster.)
Description- Just as the shield, it is a random choice of THREE this time. The card will look like a white triangular prism with a question mark (question mark represents the random choices of classes)
Example- If it chooses STORM, Then it will be a BOOST damage to a MYTH monster.
Required Pips- 0

-Lvl 16-

Wind Trap

Percatage of Damage- 30%

-Lvl 18- (A spell quest card such as Frost giant, Orthurus, Rebirth, etc.)

Twisting Confusion (You can change name of that to)

Attack Damage- 475 Exact
Description- Tiny tornadoes (about 3-5) appear and attacks you one by one spinning you. It stuns for one turn (or round.)
Required Pips- 3

-Lvl 22-


Attack Damage- 280-370 All around damage.
Description- First, one huge twister (first a cloud appears and gets darker and darker) comes down then tiny tendrills of tiny twisters comes out of the same cloud and rushes at the monsters quickly.
Required Pips- 4

-Lvl 28- (Spell card quest recieved from class teacher)

Summon Wind Elemental

Health- 530
Cards Wind Elemental Have- Cherubim, Wind Blade, Twisted Shield, Eagle, and Wind Trap (If you think its too little then you can add some more.)
Description- Just the same as the other Elementals (Ice, Fire, and Storm.) But white with a touch of gray.
Required Pips- 3

-Lvl 33-

Grifon (Please excuse the spelling error if i made the error)

Attack Damage- 360-480
Description- The Grifon flies in with leaves or petals or both on a rocky/field terrain. It lifts up a little while flaping its wings and plunges head first attacking the enemy with its beak.
Required Pips- 4

-Lvl 38 (When you finish Marleybone [or MooShu i think], you will recieve this card)-


Attack Damage- 85 and 415 over time damage for one monster(such as frostbite and snow angel.) Three rounds of damage.
Description- Three tornadoes spin in together and charge at the monster. Each round the tornadoes grow and spin around the target.
Required Pips- 5

-Lvl 42-

Aeolus (Greek God of air and winds)

Attack Damage- 585 Exact
Description- Draw him however you want
Required Pips- 6

-Lvl 48-

Boreas (Another Greek God. God of the Northern Wind)

Attack Damage- 600-655 All around damage. Gives team ONE of the Elemental and Spiritual shields.
Description- Clouds appear instantly then open with light (just as regeneration) and he comes done slow. Draw him however you like.
Required Pips- 7

-Lvl 58-

Elpis (Again, another Greek God. God of Hope)

Attack Damage- 700-800
Description- He appears in an actual flash almost like the Centaur. Draw him however you like.
Required Pips- 8

Bought With Training Points Spells

Aeolus, Grifon, Cyclone, Wind Trap, Wind Blade, Wind Prism, Eagle, Wind Pixie, Twisted Shield, and Cherubim.(10 Spells in total)

Wind Shield

Percentage of Defence- 80%
Required Pips- 0

Please tell me if you like it or not.

Oct 08, 2010
jon1919 wrote:
I think you should be able to use to characters at one time. like wasd can be movement cantrols and to choose which one uses chat you press a button like when you in group you press button to talk out loud. also there could be to friends buttons for each. when in battle you just choose a spell for one of them then the other.

That's a really bad idea. If you could controll more than one at once then 4v4 in the arena would turn into one person controlling a whole team.

Oct 08, 2010
flamingdeath911 wrote:
This is an idea I've had for a new world. (I've been getting into a book series where the idea came from, yes it's Percy Jackson and the Olympians)

Please note, the only source of info on Greek Gods and Goddesses for me is Percy Jackson book series

Mount Olympus is the name.

With it I think the Max Level Cap should be increased to 80

Unlocking it would require beating Celestia and being level 60

Like Celestia, Balestrom would request you to his classroom. Once you arrive he'd start going on about the Greek Gods entering the Spiral. Receiving a distress call that the Titans were rising again and needed help against the newly-risen and more powerful than ever Titans.

Of course, being Mount Olympus would have just entered the Spiral. There is not a Spiral Key or World Gate. Balestrom sends you on a quest for materials to create a portal to get there. Two materials from each pre-existing world.

Once all the Materials are collected and brought to Balestrom. He requests that you go to Ambrose and tell him of the Olympians entering the Spiral. As you do, he creates the portal. And after telling Ambrose, he tells you to return to Balestrom and go to Olympus. (The portal would remain in Balestrom's classroom at all times)

I'm a fan of Bosses right off the bat. So once you enter Olympus. A satyr there in front of the portal tells you that you are summoned by Zeus after asking if you're from Wizard City.

At the end of the first part of Olympus (no name idea for that area yet ) there is a dungeon. (no name idea for the dungeon yet either)

Once you enter. All the Olympian Gods are there. Zeus starts speaking with a high-and-mighty tone. Saying that to prove that you are the hero of the Spiral he has heard of so much, you must fight him.

Zeus Boss Details:
Rank: 14 Boss
School: Storm
Resistance: None
Boost: None
Cheat: Removes all blades and Traps casted.
Health: 13,500

That's the beginning of it. I am not good with dialogue (excuse my spelling) and such. That can be done however. I put a lot of thought into this and would love to see it considered :D

Wolf FireSword
Level 58 Grandmaster Pyromancer
Fire/Balance/Moon Wizard

uh, I think if you went to a teacher about this world it would be Cyrus. He is the myth professor and that would have to do more with Greek gods than Balestrom. Just an idea.

Oct 08, 2010
Eragoniscool22 wrote:
I think while in MB in big ben all of the people you beat should be minimized to 5 NOT infinity

Uh, that's kinda the point of BIG Ben. Plus it's the final quest in mb it should be a big one.

Oct 08, 2010
I think it would be a good idea to be able to be on more than one character at a time. I know there would be some complaints about that in pvp but you can make it so you can't in pvp. Just an idea.

-- Charles Nightsword legendary pyromancer

Feb 26, 2011
I had an idea for an option that could be turned on in the options menu.

How about having a 3D anaglyph option? Anyone with say, red and blue 3D glasses (or other types) could set this option, and the world could become 3D. A game called 'MineCraft' has this option, and it does make it look a lot more interesting. The side effects of this though, would be possible lag, and possible eye strain/headaches. So if this were to happen you would need to mention about eye strain and headaches etc.

I hope no one has posted this idea before me, Lol