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May 26, 2009
Hi King's Isle i have a great idea. Yesterday I was looking for an item from a boss in MS before I move on to DS and a friend helped me but he got it twice in a few tries while i have been unsuccessful. The drop rate should be changed drastically because its too annoying and time consuming, (don't take it personally KI but it should be changed) but i think that since he got it, items should be able to be traded freely (but only between friends so it doesn't cause too much trouble) but i cant tell you how many times i have failed at getting something and a friend got it immediately you really need to be able to give items you have no use for to your other friend who might need it :(

Jul 26, 2010
I think that it would be really cool for more furniture items to be interactive. For example, I would like my character or my pets to be able to sit in a chair or sofa that I place in my room. This may make rooms and castles more interesting. :D

Samantha Skullbreath
Death wizard
Lvl 21

Dec 05, 2009
i think that the library in wizard city could be expanded, and that some of the ropes could be taken down, so that (very) high level wizards can use the narrow hallways to find specific books for various quests. i think you could make the halways look like the department of mysteries in the harry potter movies.

Sep 11, 2010
Mar 30, 2010
This is just a random myth spell that I came up with:

Medusa Pips: 5 Damage: 250-300
The opponent who is hit with this spell can't do anything for the next 2 turns.

Feb 09, 2009
LuckieWabbit wrote:
:) Hello to Harold Argleston!
I have a suggestion....!
I would love to see more "feminine" clothes available for the girl wizards. Some of us would like to dress our girl wizards in cute & pretty dresses and also have a larger selection of cute shoes as well.
Also, how about some different hats, and even hair decorations, for when we get tired of wearing hats, so we can show off our hair style.
There are some of us playing the game who would like our girl wizards to look even more "girlie"....after all...just because we are powerful, skilled wizards...does not mean that we still are not also proud to be a girl!
Mr. Argleston, your help with this matter would be greatly appreciated.....

wow what a great idea! if they could make wigs in different fashions, for both the male and female players then they could change them and using the stitching feature they could stitch any hat's attributes into the wigs.

Jan 04, 2010
My ideas are:

Allow castles to be moved, thru bank between your chars.

Allow more interaction with your housing items, sitting on chairs and such.

Allow you the option, when friending someone, to add them to all your chars at once or just to that particular char.

PRETTY PLEASE.... seperate gardening and pet energy!

Thnx for hearing me out. :D

Jun 18, 2010
i think that there should be a treasure card [mainly for storm but for all schools] that you put on a card to heal you for each damage done to an opponent with that card! so if a storm person [or any other school] is almost dead they can hit the monster with a triton or something and heal themselves a thousand points! almost compleately healed for used reajents on treasure cards! :) :) :) :) :) :) :-) :-) :-) :D :D :D :D :D :D

Apr 25, 2010
I think KingsIsle should make the Wizard City quests give more experience. I always have a hard time leveling in Wizard city and I have no problem in Krokotopia or Marleybone. If so it would be much easier to get past Wizard City, I can see why if you add more experience to quests you make them harder so its worth the experience. I hope this idea gets submitted to you guys! :(

Jan 08, 2011
Another thing about transforming, I really think there should be some girl transformations like Banshee, Tempest, Seraph, Pixie, FrostCaller, Ghost Lady ( sorry I don't know what their called but just something that looks like those Pale Maiden Pets), Krokopatra transformation wold be nice to go along with Krokomummy.

Hope you like my ideas! :D

Nov 22, 2010
Sorry, Housing again.

There's no bamboo? So far I have seen none for sale anywhere ... yes, I've checked Mooshu and The Bazaar in Wizard City. KI, there is a whole world full of the stuff and we can't buy any. There are Japanese themed houses. No bamboo. What are we supposed to put in the garden? I'm sorry I don't like cherry blossom trees or red trees. Bamboo, please!

(Note: If it's a drop, I never got any)

Samantha Skybringer : Level 45 Ice Mage

Jan 08, 2011
ForensicSam wrote:
I think that it would be really cool for more furniture items to be interactive. For example, I would like my character or my pets to be able to sit in a chair or sofa that I place in my room. This may make rooms and castles more interesting. :-D

Samantha Skullbreath
Death wizard
Lvl 21
Wow I would love to see my Blue Banshee chillin' on da' couch! And my idea is I wold love to see pets come and knock you down in greeting! :-D Now THAT would be awesome! :-D

Dec 28, 2009
why are the wizards limited to one ring when there are seven more fingers that can also wear a ring.

Jan 26, 2010
i have a few ideas here

a button in the bottom right corner in the area with common area and home button for going straight to the bazzar would be nice

the monsters in the game from dragonspyre, celeatia and grizzlehime new pets such as sharks, draconians, celestian mechanical man, kraken, and a grizzlehime bears ect... and make them availiable with the gift cards like the ice elf

if u get a friends request it should have if they can go anywere in the game or just free play areas

raising the level cap to 60 to 80 or 100.i have a character im working on and he is already at level and i just made it to the begining of stormriver. he was at level 55 when he first made it to celestia. thats with out doing anything in grizzlehime and with out doing briskbreeze and the tower in marleybone for the key. he hasnt even completed all his badges yet either.

is there anyother pets besides the ones you get from gift cirtifices and store bought cards that give life if so a pet gives life it should be put on the pet info when you get it or when you bread it. people are getting tired of raising pets that are useless and cost lost of money for pet food to bring them up. also a pet when you get it should tell you if uou get anything out of them before you raise it.

sperate realms for crown and subscription ppl to play on together and free play players on there own, so the ppl who play free play can have there own realms and not crowd the realms so we cant move very well and not have them always asking to be friends

if i have anymore ideas i will post them and feel free to tell your own ideas aswell people peace out for now

Feb 04, 2010
heronin wrote:
Hi I was Just thinking it would be cool if we could interact with are housing items Like if we could sit on a sofa or light a fireplace even grab a tomato out of the bowl or eat a slice of cake also if we could jump on/over things i find myself wanting to jump over fences in wizard city alot i have also tried to jump in the fountain at my house to get in the water lol i think it would make it easier to get realy into the game without getting bored. also if are pets/mounts could grow in size that would be pretty cool. if there were more leisure places in the game that would be cool too like a place you could go to hangout with other wizards or something. I would love too see any of these ideas added to the game. :) :-) :D

I love your ideas. Good thinking!

Feb 04, 2010
shipleyv wrote:
HaroldArgleston wrote:
I'm Harold Argleston. While I'm usually in the Library in Ravenwood, I do like to read what our players post in the Dorms section of the Message Boards. The Dorms are for all your ideas for Wizard101.

You may also know me from the monthly newsletter, where I tell students about books they can read that are appropriate for younger readers, and that resemble areas of Wizard101.

Each section of the message boards is intended for different discussions so make sure you post in the right area.
Ravenwood Commons is for general questions about Wizard101, such as how things work.
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Crafting is for questions and answers about Crafting.
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Knowledge is power.

We REALLY need a way to report bad activity by multiple payers who you can not ID since they have the friend feature blocked. Yesterday, several of us were having to battle the Gurtok Demon for 3 hours because some kids using the character names Ethan Shadowhubter and Robert Deathcaster decided they owned the realm (Unicorn) and that we needed to all go elsewhere. So, they got on the battle and began to heal the demon etc. If we had some sort of live monitor who can be alerted to a realm and area to see whats happening, it would be better. What makes it worse, the kids reported the rest of us as having broke the rules and we got the warning window...NOT FAIR! A simple alert button in the corner, near the compas would alert a monitor to check in that spot/area.

I agree that something needs to be done about misbehavior. A friend contacted me and asked for help in Mooshu. When I ported, I found him asking another player why he had reported his friend. Then my friend told me that this "other player" had reported everyone near by. While I was standing there, talking privately to my friend, the "other player" reported me too. I had had no interaction with him at all yet. It was crazy. My friend was very upset. If there had been an alert button, then perhaps this situation could have been monitored in real time, or at least recorded for later review. I am especially concerned about the effect this kind of behavior can have on younger players - it seems like (cyber)bullying.

Feb 04, 2010
Goldenfish98 wrote:

ok, so now we can have our pets roam around our homes. but what about mounts? like obliviosly wings wont work, but the animal mounts. I have many animal mounts, and it is hard to choose what ones to use! but when we chose one, the others go to waste for a while. i ave a dragon mount that i love, but i cant decide if the tiger is better or not! i would choose tiger to ride, and put my dragon in my dragon spyre home! i mean, give these animals for freedom! LOL

Madison FireSword
Level 50 Pyromancer

Plz reply! that would be great! ;)

I love this idea. Really love it. Imagine seeing your griffin flying around the castle, or your broom whizzing around the house - wouldn't that be fun? I know it is silly, but I feel bad for my mounts, locked up in my backpack...man that is no life. Free the mounts! :)

Feb 04, 2010
windwalker wrote:
If we are going to have celebrities join us in the Spiral could you please ask Stephen Hawking if he would be join us in the Spiral?

Stephen Hawking is the probably the top expert on Time. He might be able to teach us something in the game (through a quest) that we might not understand if we just read his book, A Brief History of Time.

Also I really wish that everyone with disabilities could play Wizard101. Maybe Stephen Hawking could tell you what to do so that thousands of disabled people can have fun playing Wizard101.

What a novel idea! I too would like to see a celebrity from an field outside of entertainment. There are so many people who have enriched our lives, from many countries and occupations, why not have one of them join us? Great idea, and kudos for original thinking!

Mar 07, 2009
hamstersrock333 wrote:
I know I just posted, but I keep getting new ideas :) I think that you should be able to change your hairstyle any time you want. I am getting tired of the hair I chose at the beginning of the game! Maybe this could be done at the dye shop for 500 gold. ( if you do make this in the live game, please don't make it cost crowns )
I also think stitching should be available for gold, too. I only want to stitch a few items, but I don't want to have to buy $5 woth of crowns to do that.
Players should also have the ability to send letters to each other. Sometimes I want to get a message to my friend, but they aren't on. It would be nice if they could get my message once they turned on.
Finally, you should be able to tour a house with your friends.

hey i dreamt the same thing a long time ago there was a sequel to wizard101 called timeland and you get first the death orb and then fire .ect and there was a message thing i would type a message and then post it when there offline and they log on and see my message and the battle circle was a battle SQUARE . and there was a minigame quest when the marleybone RATS build a 2nd dimension escame so its like a platformer and the game was life element like.

Mar 07, 2009
one word:Illusion.
it is a new secondary school that is REALLY powerful
one spell is:!""""""""""""""""""! the symbol is a spiral with dots all over it
! brain bend !
! spiral !
! enemy will !
! help for 3 !
! rounds !

Jan 26, 2010
i have a few ideas here

how about a few new worlds like a peristoric dinosaurs / cave man type having to in the past 2to right a wrong a wizard changed, atlantis before the fall and then after they sunk, even a world like midgard / god like world were u fight gods that have been convinced by a trator to destroy mankind

a few new schools like air control of bugs, birds like the eagle, vulture, and anything that can fly, nature control over plants like the venuse fly trap, snap dragons things like that, anthropology / beast control over things like sabertooths, tigers, bears things like that

if i have anymore ideas i will post them and feel free to tell your own ideas aswell people peace out for now

Sep 15, 2010
I haven't read the whole thread but here are my ideas:

* I want to be able to remove some of the spells I get from my wand. I only need 1, not 5.
* I would like to be able to pay a training point to 'pin' a spell or two to the top of my deck so they always show up in round 1.


Dec 01, 2010
you should add smaller houses like the wooded cottage for lvl fives so they dont feel left out.

Feb 15, 2009
031870 wrote:
you should add smaller houses like the wooded cottage for lvl fives so they dont feel left out.

I don't mean to offend anyone, but lvl. 8 really isn't that far away! Plus, lvl. 5s won't have the money for houses by then. (Unless they use crowns!) Honestly, if you are eager to get a house or just try to advance in the game itself, you should hit lvl 8 in about 30 minutes. (I can beat Wizard City in a little over an hour...) Thanks!

Ian FrostBreeze
Lvl. 60 Ice/Storm/Moon Wizard
Legendary Thaumaturge

Mar 21, 2010
This is an idea I've had for a new world. (I've been getting into a book series where the idea came from, yes it's Percy Jackson and the Olympians)

Please note, the only source of info on Greek Gods and Goddesses for me is Percy Jackson book series

Mount Olympus is the name.

With it I think the Max Level Cap should be increased to 80

Unlocking it would require beating Celestia and being level 60

Like Celestia, Balestrom would request you to his classroom. Once you arrive he'd start going on about the Greek Gods entering the Spiral. Receiving a distress call that the Titans were rising again and needed help against the newly-risen and more powerful than ever Titans.

Of course, being Mount Olympus would have just entered the Spiral. There is not a Spiral Key or World Gate. Balestrom sends you on a quest for materials to create a portal to get there. Two materials from each pre-existing world.

Once all the Materials are collected and brought to Balestrom. He requests that you go to Ambrose and tell him of the Olympians entering the Spiral. As you do, he creates the portal. And after telling Ambrose, he tells you to return to Balestrom and go to Olympus. (The portal would remain in Balestrom's classroom at all times)

I'm a fan of Bosses right off the bat. So once you enter Olympus. A satyr there in front of the portal tells you that you are summoned by Zeus after asking if you're from Wizard City.

At the end of the first part of Olympus (no name idea for that area yet ) there is a dungeon. (no name idea for the dungeon yet either)

Once you enter. All the Olympian Gods are there. Zeus starts speaking with a high-and-mighty tone. Saying that to prove that you are the hero of the Spiral he has heard of so much, you must fight him.

Zeus Boss Details:
Rank: 14 Boss
School: Storm
Resistance: None
Boost: None
Cheat: Removes all blades and Traps casted.
Health: 13,500

That's the beginning of it. I am not good with dialogue (excuse my spelling) and such. That can be done however. I put a lot of thought into this and would love to see it considered :D

Wolf FireSword
Level 58 Grandmaster Pyromancer
Fire/Balance/Moon Wizard