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Welcome to the Dorms

Feb 28, 2010
heronin wrote:
Hi I was Just thinking it would be cool if we could interact with are housing items Like if we could sit on a sofa or light a fireplace even grab a tomato out of the bowl or eat a slice of cake also if we could jump on/over things i find myself wanting to jump over fences in wizard city alot i have also tried to jump in the fountain at my house to get in the water lol i think it would make it easier to get realy into the game without getting bored. also if are pets/mounts could grow in size that would be pretty cool. if there were more leisure places in the game that would be cool too like a place you could go to hangout with other wizards or something. I would love too see any of these ideas added to the game. :) :-) :D

I love all of theses ideas, I hope they all go through these would make the game funner because sometimes i find my self sitting there.. bored.

Level 50 wizard,
Brandon Thunderglade

Feb 28, 2010
shade3 wrote:
I am jealous that people can have these awsome pets that they find in battle. ex. life minitouar, mustard troll, midnight sprite, life banshee, sprite, nightwalker (death minitouar), minitouar, snow serpent, poisen serpont, death scarab, life scarab, troll, silverback wildclaw, storm cat, fire salamander, regular ghoul, some pet that looks like grubb or wormguts, frog, blue cat thug. I think all of the above and more should be able to be sold at the bazzar.

Yea but then they would not be special

Feb 28, 2010
Clamperts wrote:
What about a new world if we could go to Earth because creatures got lose from the wizard world and got in to the real world? And then there will be new clothes so we can travel to the real world and fit in? Please like the idea i think the wizard world needs to help not only people in the sprial but on Earth!
Anthony RavenThief

I like this idea, that would be awesome!!

Lvl 50 wizard,

Brandon Thunderglade

Dec 21, 2008
I think it would be awesome if we could equip 2 pets . Eventually, we might be able to have a large collection/army of pets following us everywhere ! that would be so cool!

Aug 13, 2010
I thought I'd post some Spell Ideas on this board rather than clog the Forum with my own Topic. Of course none of it has to be taken seriously, and I don't expect it to. In fact I'd like to hear other peoples' opinions on the matter as well...And ideas of their own :)

Here's a few ideas I had for possible Spells in the future...

Weaken Magic: Star, 3 Pips
Power Pip Chance -50%
This could be an alternative to the dreaded Dampen Magic of old.

Shift: Balance, 2 Pips
Reverses the attacking order.
Whether or not you go first in battle when spells are cast is a crucial factor in many PVE Battles, and I assume for PVP as well. This could be a spell that makes the people who attack first go second, and vice versa.

ReAnimate: Death, 4 Pips
Polymorph a fallen teammate into a Life or Death Monster for 10 rounds.
Basically if one of your fellow wizards is Defeated in battle, you could cast this spell on them to not only revive them, but temporarily turn them into a ghost or something.

Fang's Roulette: Balance, 10 Pips (Or more even)
Activate a random 7 Pip spell from any School
As Balance is the 'Jack of All Trades' school, and they already do harness the powers of the Elemental Triangle of spells, perhaps they could be able to use the GrandMaster spells as well? (You can already do this with Item Cards, but with this Balance could use Power Pips for said spells, albeit at a higher cost)

Spectral Surge: Balance, 4 Pips
450 Myth, 300 Life, or 375 Death Damage
Spiritual version of Balance's Elemental, Spectral Blast. 'Nuff said.

Polymorph Raven: Moon, 0 Pips
Basically a Polymorph for a Myth monster, which I realize the game lacks. I said Raven because the Troll, Cyclops, and Minotaur already make appearances as your Minions, so it would be kind of repetitive.

Polymorph Celestian: Moon, 0 Pips
Ah, to be able to transform into one of those uber-cool alienoid monsters who have Star or Sun as their element rather than something with a Boost or Resist!

And lastly, some spells for the cheating Post-Celestian Bosses out there. Only Treasure Card form for us human Wizards...

Protect, a universal Dispel that will destroy any damaging spell you attempt to send out, regardless of its School. Also there could be universal Dispels for any Shield or Charm you attempt to dish out also. The Pip Costs (If any, darn cheaters) would be up to the NPCS.

As for Post-Legendary Spell monsters, well...Just to throw it out there as a possibility, perhaps a Dragon Titan for Fire, and maybe Cthulu or a ManBearPig for Myth?

I wonder what people think of those? Just off the top of my head, I wanted to jot them down before I forget. Anyone else think they're sound?

May 24, 2010
Ok i think maybe we should get a gift on our Birthdays. it would be good to get at least 100 crowns on your Birthday, or maybe a cool housing item.

May 24, 2010
I also believe that the permanent mount costs should be lowered. the mount that me and a lot of my friends want the tiger mount, but its way to expensive for any of us to buy with gold, since we don't use crowns.

Feb 21, 2009
I have been playing Wizard101 for several years now. I love it. There are a couple things I would like to see the developers work on.

- transfer Gold to your shared bank so your other characters could use it.
- I know the gold limit just increased, but increase gold one puts in the shared bank to 500,000. keep Gold at 200,000 for personal use.
- Make your gardening XP bar viewable from your Profile page in your book.
- Make XP for pets easier. It takes way to long to get your pets to ancient.
- increase the number of items you can carry in your backpack. (100)
- increase the number of items you can put in your shared bank. (250)
- allow Treasure cards to be placed in your shared bank
- allow a parent to transfer childs character to his/her account if child is not playing anymore. The child must be under the parents main account.

- NEW WORLD IDEA: The World the Gobblers came from that was taken over by witches. I think that would be awesome, and it would follow the story line of the game.

Just some thoughts.
Thank you for your time in reading this post.

Fire Wizard Level 60.

Feb 15, 2009
kodywolf wrote:
troybtxn wrote:
i think that in marlebone they should make a sidewalk that actually works. too many times i have been forcefully sucked into a battle while i was still on the sidewalk. it takes up the little time that i do have on this game and its just plain annoying.

I agree to that.

Ok, yeah. This is one i completely agree on. I'm nearing MB on my lvl 20 and i completely remember how it was with my legendary. However, how do you think they will put a sidewalk on top of a building? :?

Ian FrostBreeze
Ice/Storm/Moon Wizard
Lvl. 60 Thaumaturge

Ian AnvilSpear
Balance/Fire Wizard
Lvl. 20 Sorcerer

Mar 21, 2010
This is an idea I've had for a new world. (I've been getting into a book series where the idea came from, yes it's Percy Jackson and the Olympians)

Please note, the only source of info on Greek Gods and Goddesses for me is Percy Jackson book series

Mount Olympus is the name.

With it I think the Max Level Cap should be increased to 80

Unlocking it would require beating Celestia and being level 60

Like Celestia, Balestrom would request you to his classroom. Once you arrive he'd start going on about the Greek Gods entering the Spiral. Receiving a distress call that the Titans were rising again and needed help against the newly-risen and more powerful than ever Titans.

Of course, being Mount Olympus would have just entered the Spiral. There is not a Spiral Key or World Gate. Balestrom sends you on a quest for materials to create a portal to get there. Two materials from each pre-existing world.

Once all the Materials are collected and brought to Balestrom. He requests that you go to Ambrose and tell him of the Olympians entering the Spiral. As you do, he creates the portal. And after telling Ambrose, he tells you to return to Balestrom and go to Olympus. (The portal would remain in Balestrom's classroom at all times)

I'm a fan of Bosses right off the bat. So once you enter Olympus. A satyr there in front of the portal tells you that you are summoned by Zeus after asking if you're from Wizard City.

At the end of the first part of Olympus (no name idea for that area yet ) there is a dungeon. (no name idea for the dungeon yet either)

Once you enter. All the Olympian Gods are there. Zeus starts speaking with a high-and-mighty tone. Saying that to prove that you are the hero of the Spiral he has heard of so much, you must fight him.

Zeus Boss Details:
Rank: 14 Boss
School: Storm
Resistance: None
Boost: None
Cheat: Removes all blades and Traps casted.
Health: 13,500

That's the beginning of it. I am not good with dialogue (excuse my spelling) and such. That can be done however. I put a lot of thought into this and would love to see it considered :D

Wolf FireSword
Level 56 Grandmaster
Fire/Balance/Moon Wizard

Jan 04, 2011
May 27, 2010
shipleyv wrote:
HaroldArgleston wrote:
I'm Harold Argleston. While I'm usually in the Library in Ravenwood, I do like to read what our players post in the Dorms section of the Message Boards. The Dorms are for all your ideas for Wizard101.

You may also know me from the monthly newsletter, where I tell students about books they can read that are appropriate for younger readers, and that resemble areas of Wizard101.

Each section of the message boards is intended for different discussions so make sure you post in the right area.
Ravenwood Commons is for general questions about Wizard101, such as how things work.
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Crafting is for questions and answers about Crafting.
Pets is for questions and answers about the Pet Pavilion and raising and hatching your pets.
Player vs Player is for questions and answers about the Arena, and Player vs Player combat.
Wizard City is for questions about your adventures in Wizard City.
Grizzleheim is for questions about your adventures in Grizzleheim.
Krokotopia is for questions about your adventures in Krokotopia.
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MooShu is for questions about your adventures in MooShu.
Dragonspyre is for questions about your adventures in Dragonspyre.

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Knowledge is power.

We REALLY need a way to report bad activity by multiple payers who you can not ID since they have the friend feature blocked. Yesterday, several of us were having to battle the Gurtok Demon for 3 hours because some kids using the character names Ethan Shadowhubter and Robert Deathcaster decided they owned the realm (Unicorn) and that we needed to all go elsewhere. So, they got on the battle and began to heal the demon etc. If we had some sort of live monitor who can be alerted to a realm and area to see whats happening, it would be better. What makes it worse, the kids reported the rest of us as having broke the rules and we got the warning window...NOT FAIR! A simple alert button in the corner, near the compas would alert a monitor to check in that spot/area.

i think that story is just plain wrong and the kids who "own" that realm should be kicked off or suspended or something. that button idea is a good idea and i support it. :-D

Jun 13, 2010
Members (even if they are under13) can use text chat. Also, a couple new spell ideas...

Ice lv 50 (not school only) ArticChill: X pips. Similar to heck hound but 100 per pip.

Fire lv 50 (not school only) Holy Flame: 6 pips. Destroy one of your own shields or blades for 1000 health.

Storm lv 50 (not school only) Thunderbird: X pips looks like a pheonix but a physical blue bird with electricity around it. 101 per pip

that's all.

Feb 25, 2010
Maybe the horse mounts can carry more than one person at a time. And seriously, the pet games need to award more points. I had other ideas but now I'm too tired to think. Have a good night!

Oct 03, 2009
Well, I think the biggest priority for the game right now should be things for high level players to do. Once you reach max level, have done all the quest, and seen all of the world...there is not a whole lot to do. So I definately think that "end game" material should be the #1 focus for everyone to brainstorm on...things to do besides dueling, or repeatedly killing boss's for your best gear.

I would like to see more interaction with the world and particularly wizard houses. Being able to sit on chairs/couches, click on furniture items for various animations (like eating when you click on that bowl of turkey legs=). It would be awesome to have special furniture pieces that allow guest to play games together that are unique to wizard homes only. Also, it would be very cool to add dueling rooms to the big wizard homes for friends to host privet tournaments or to just play around/practice tactics together.

Another idea to add a little more depth to the game and let players have fun being wizards....Emotes! Players could be able to do a variety of universal emotes and of course some that are available only to their specific school. Perhaps ice wizards can hocuspocus themselves into snowmen for a few moments, death wiz's can go skeleton, life into tree-people, balance into angels, etc. Emotes are always a good thing to add a little depth to an mmo.

More open world content that is not focused on grinding monsters would be great. Scenic places to hang/play around in that are meant to just look cool, plain and simple. Of course, having things that people can interact and mess around with would also be nice touch. It is a world of wizards and magic, so the ideas for such possible places are near limitless.

I have plenty of other ideas, but I think I've written enough for now. lol.

Thanks for reading and listening to what your players think! :D

Oct 25, 2009
I also believe that priority of invention should go to new areas and challenges for advanced wizards. Legendary wizards have allready proved dedication to the game and as one just bringing my 4th and final wizard through Celestia I will have little to do but farm and help. I play for the challenge and will shortly have none. I also miss the ability to find goodies about in Celestia, such as fountains, pictures and such I picked up in Moo and DS. Even random items from celestia such as tiles and lamps I would love to find occasionally. Making things allready established as items available would take little effort for the fun involved to players. Seems like all I get are treats and plants most days.
My other primary comment is about gardening. I believe it should run on game time not real time. I very much enjoy it, but had to let my gardening go as I am unwilling to HAVE to play everyday to keep things alive. Most that I have talked to have also let it go, referring to it as a baby or puppy that always demands attention. It doesn't have to be a whole new land, but please keep giving us towers or challenges to match our hard earned status as legendary. We have earned your attention. Thanks for a great adventure!

Dec 07, 2009
I think you should make a new world, call it what ever you want but my idea is to make a world that is all ice and you fight polar bears, most bosses are whales, and the towers and dungeons are igloos!!!!! honestly it doesnt sound like a good idea but just imagine it. ITS AN AWESOME WORLD!

~ Love,

Kayla FireBlood Lvl 60 Fire~

May 05, 2009
Hey people!
the question of what you want to see behind of, i have a idea for what the empty place in the shopping district next to the hat shop, why dont you make hair dressers. like wizards can go there and change there hair and colour, that would be so awesome..because i always see people yelling about how bad there hair is and they wished they could change it. So its just a idea that i think would satisfy many players.

Nov 15, 2009
um ok if you can make a new world can you make the underworld lol it would be fun with lots of bosses and you get like 99000 xp and go up to level 900 with lots of new spells houses and pet andmy friend wants to see whats to see the whole spiral so can you plz let him see it but if you dont and i may not play if he plays i play

Nov 29, 2009
i dont know if this idea has been posted before or not, but here goes. due to the onset of the gardening area, i get a lot of unwanted tresure cards because they dont belong to that school, i have many chars and i was wondering can you fix it so that i can put them in my shared bank, so my other chars can then swap chards. thx

mycin owlfist

Jun 06, 2009
Jun 28, 2010

We REALLY need a way to report bad activity by multiple payers who you can not ID since they have the friend feature blocked. Yesterday, several of us were having to battle the Gurtok Demon for 3 hours because some kids using the character names Ethan Shadowhubter and Robert Deathcaster decided they owned the realm (Unicorn) and that we needed to all go elsewhere. So, they got on the battle and began to heal the demon etc. If we had some sort of live monitor who can be alerted to a realm and area to see whats happening, it would be better. What makes it worse, the kids reported the rest of us as having broke the rules and we got the warning window...NOT FAIR! A simple alert button in the corner, near the compas would alert a monitor to check in that spot/area.</div>

I agree with shipleyv, my friend hunter and I were at the pet pavilion and hunter just lost his race so he was a bit angry, then this random guy we didn't even know came up to us and reported us! well I think that there should be monitors in all the areas for human mouths can lie while true evidence shows us the truth.

Alan-level 59 thaumaturge

Dec 10, 2008
King, look at my other posts because I don't feel like typing another page long idea thing. You will find many ideas that you should use. You guys are getting to become a good online game, but a LOT can be done to make it a LOT better!

Aug 16, 2009
I have two great ideas for wizard101. First of all is a new world if you ever decide to make one. My idea for a new world is called THE VOID.
The void is the raw spiral, like outer space but more colorful and mystical. there are plenty of enemies that would fit this world like aliens. this would be a great world because it wouldnt be in world at all. the game talks about the spiral all the time but there isnt anything to do with it.
My second idea are new rank ten spells. These spells arent like any other. I call these spells FUSION SPELLS. fusion spells take to different schools elements and combine then to make an entirly new spell. For example, lets say i am a death student, my new spell would be called element of death and it would cost ten pips or five power pips. then you get to choose a secondary element to mix yours with. lets say fire. but since im death and fire is the secondary it costs no pips only the pips from your element spell to combine them. you can spend training points to buy other elements whwn ever you want. but you can only mix an element with your school and not two secondary schools. one spell example is the fire demon. it would be a death and fire fusion. it would mix the effects of both schools together. like fire is damage over time and death is steal health. i hope these ideas get put to good use and not just forgoten about. thank you for listening

Jan 10, 2010
I really like the idea to create a land through a door in the Gobblestone Castle. I agree with a similar idea that another wizard had that all the candy and cupcakes remind me of Candyland or Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. Perhaps a land where the Gobblers come from with chocolate rivers, candy factories, bakeries, cookies, cakes and pies!

Another cool area could be an extension of Nightside under the waterfall in Wizard City. A land where Dworgan came from. Winding roads through the woods with headless horsemen, forest elves, sprites into the haunted forest with woodsy cemetaries, ghosts, flying witches. The land has a giant castle that has vampires, werewolves, zombies. Quests that have you collect reagents for a witches brew for the witches council to create spells that help you get through the haunted castle.

Thanks for reading. :P