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Weather/Day and Night

Dec 23, 2008
Wizard city has weather and day and night
Is there an IN GAME TIME. if not there should be one like a little clock and therres a WIZARD101TIME thing :P then people can be like get on at 6 or something and everyone would know because it would be like the in-game time.
lol idk just some ideas.
i seriously think they should have weather....

Oct 10, 2008
hey you right. if someone in like say, HAWAII wanted to when 5am central us time was, your idea would and could help them :P

Feb 16, 2009
I like the clock idea, but i don't like the weather/day and night thing

Look at Collosious Bolivard. It is snowing because it's an ice place. Imagine all the snow melted. It would not look like an ice place

Marleybone, it is night there. There are theives on top of the buildings. Theives steal stuff at night. If it was day, the O'Learys would leave.

Say it rained in Krokitopia. That would ruin the whole desert theme.

Dragonspyre, imagine it being bright and sunny there. I thought so.

Firecat Alley, if it rained, the magma men and fire elves would leave and all that would be left is the skeletal warriors

Mooshu, if it was thundering, it wouldn't be peaceful

Haunted and Dark Caves, if it was sunny, it would not be so scary