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We have the team up function,so why not expand it?

Sep 06, 2011
The team up function is something with room to expand upon,and this is just one thing that could happen,if at all.
The Social Panel. Hotkey is "o".When you open up the Social Panel,you can:
Access your friends list
Warp in between realms
And access the LFM/G(looking for more/group)
the first two are self explanatory,but i'll have to talk about the LFM/G function

You can start or join a LFM group,when you create a group,you set:the quest,level range,schools allowed,and a 30 character max note
When you join a group,the group creator,can either accept or decline your request to join.If the group is filled,they are teleported just inside the dungeon or area where the quest is located.

Example scenario:
i have an LFM up for tomb of storms,i've set it to where myth and fire can't join,and the level range is 20-26:
Ian dragonshard(Balance,level 22) would like to join your group,accept or decline?
i accept,and he's in the group
Amber Deathweave(Death,level 24)would like to join your group,accept or decline?
i decline,and she doesn't get to join
Anna Amberdust(Life,level 25)would like to join your group,accept or decline?
i accept,and the're in
Joseph Jadehaven(storm,level 20)Would like to join your group,accept or decline?
i accept,and then the entire group is ported to just inside the temple of storms

Now let's say that Joseph starts using other peoples traps on purpose,as the group leader,i have the ability to start a vote dismiss on him,if the other two people agree,Joseph gets removed from the dungeon and group.So how's my idea,yay or nay?

Sep 17, 2012
Too complex and would just cause more problems. If the team doesn't work, just leave and try another team.

Sep 19, 2013
Oh, how badly this will go...
Myth will be banned from Team Up forever, unless they encounter someone who doesn't know how to bar certain schools. Also, I can see three guys joining a group and booting someone out, or someone getting booted for a mistake. I think one should be able to make a group and use team up to avoid getting sucked in and leaving a friend behind, but you take it a step too far.

Aug 15, 2012
Nay nay nay! Team up is supposed to help people find a group, if you want to be that specific then you can just ask your friends or request help here on the message boards. Also, it won't be fair if your're trying to find a group and you can't ... just because someone else doesn't want a death wizard in their group. Chances are, both the death wiz and the person that set up the group won't find many people to do the dungeon. Also, what if someone that does all side quests and side worlds gets to tomb of storms at level 30? And if you can see someone's chat status before declining or accepting, menu chatters would have a really hard time finding a group. Finally, sending someone out of a dungeon is JUST WRONG. Three exalteds, done with the game could just pass the time by luring a legendary into waterworks then sending him out right before the final boss. Just because you don't like someone and/or their play style doesn't mean that you should have the ability to gang up and send them out. I can see too many ways players would exploit this to bully others for it to work.

Jun 08, 2009
While I unsterstand how this system can be abused, the fundamental idea is sound.

Though not a problem for everyone, I know that there are plenty of people out there who solo areas sometimes entire worlds because they can't find people doing either all the quests or just the main quests - or not find anyone at all - like they are. But that doesn't mean we're anti-social or anything, the truth is that they're lonely - we're lonely. We don't want to sit on the couch or a chair or on the bed for hours at a time doing quests: casting the same spells over and over and over again. But we suffer through it anyway. Why? We all have our reasons: new spells, new worlds, new equipment.

But that's not what Wizard101 is about. It's about the people playing, not the game. Even the most novice wizard knows that battles are so much interesting when there's more people. It's people that puts the umm.....0 (?) in Wizard101. So how dare we let space and time stop us from having fun.

The team up function was just a prelude; this is the future.

I second the integration of the LFM/G function.

P.S. I do give professional pep talks.