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WC Battle Music/Character Screen Music Toggle

Dec 30, 2009
Hey all! Sorry if this suggestion has been made before, I tried doing a search to see if this idea has been suggested but wasn't able to find anything. Anyways, as a longtime player, this game means a lot to me in a nostalgia type of way, and as a part of that nostalgia, I'm one of the 5% that still use Classic Mode when playing the game, as I still like to see The Commons as the original way it did when I started playing years ago.

So I've noticed that when you switch between Classic Mode being on or off, the music that is being played in The Commons changes. If classic mode is on, the original Commons music plays, and if you don't use classic mode, the newer, revamped Commons music plays. Also on the note of new music, the Wizard City Battle music also got an update when I think the Commons graphics update went live (don't quote me on that), and plays now when you're in a battle in Wizard City.

I think this is great as it gives players the option to have the classic look of the game and the classic music, or the new look and new music!

However, what I've noticed is while the Commons Music will play its Classic track with Classic Mode on, the Wizard City battle music, no matter if Classic Mode is on or off, will play the newer/updated version and not the original. As a nostalgic person, I'd love for the ability to be able to hear the original battle music again when I'm battling in Wizard City. It helps me remember those great after school afternoons playing the game.

So what I'm asking for is the feature of, if Classic Mode is enabled, have Classic Graphics and Classic Battle Music be playing in Wizard City during combat, and for Normal/New mode, have the new graphics and newer battle music during combat?

In addition to that, if Classic Mode was on when you quit the game last, would it be possible to have the original startup music play as well when you are starting the game up the next time? The music I'm referring to is the Character Screen music. Currently, it always plays the updated soundtrack every time I'm on the character screen or starting the game up, and I'd like to be able to hear the original version of that soundtrack if the game is set to Classic Mode.

Thanks for reading KI and everyone! Let me know if anyone has any questions/comments about what I'm trying to convey here! Happy questing!