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Ways I believe would improve on Wizard101

Jan 03, 2014
I have more than a thousand ways you could improve the game but there is no way I am going to waste my time entering them all simply to be ignored.

I will say that if you want to improve the game, stop cheating. I am not referring to the boss cheats, those are an awesome aspect of the game I totally enjoy. I am referring to the in game cheats that you have on that block criticals from occurring at a rate comparable to the supposed rating/percent chance. When a player has 40 - 50% critical chance and it only occurs .001% of the time, then something is very wrong with your algorithm or you are cheating.

The same is true with fizzles and accuracy. When the player spell is 80% and they have 12% accuracy they ought not be fizzling 70% of hits. This is NOT random. It is blatant cheating.

And then there's the drop rate for items: not loot items, but quest items. A player ought not have to fight 100 minotaur to get the key to finish Cyclops Lane yet the free-to-play do. I have never seen a member have to fight so many to get a quest item.

Give us the ability to block random people from joining fights. It could be a privacy setting and would be controlled only by the player in the first spot and he/she can choose to allow anyone/friend/group/none thus restricting those high level players too scared to fight their own level bosses from messing up lower level player games. We don't pay to watch, we pay to play; when these high levels interfere, it ruins the game. it was also my one factor why I didn't renew membership for 6 months.

List wizard levels on the school icon in the team up window and on the kiosk. Stop awarding team up points to wizards when they join a team started by a player more than 10 levels beneath them, incur a badge penalty twice the award instead.

Allow the trade of some snacks in the trade window. Also, eliminate the icons and card images in the trade window and make it a list and quantity instead. And allow more than 4 different tc per trade. Takes hours to transfer a significant number of different tc from one player to another. So much so that I refuse to be bothered when people are asking for tc in the commons as it simply takes too long and I'd rather stand there doing nothing instead.

This one will get a lot of flak but it has to be said, and I am guilty too, that dead plants should NOT give other plants a boost (like). In fact, dead plants ought to have the opposite effect on the like but twice as much. Also, on plants, you discourage stacking by making game performance take a massive hit when tending stacked gardens yet you still charge a house 2 spots when gardening. We pay one for the plot and one for the seed. Greedy much? gardening spots ought not decrease the housing limit of decorations since we already paid for that plot. And make some fancy plant holders that encourage use unlike the medium triple pots which are spaced too far apart for a single medium spell.