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Wants and Wishes

Sep 15, 2013
I would like to see the game evolve a little more from where it currently is. I get a little bored just battling all the time. I wish our wizards could have other kinds of magic they could learn that they could use randomly during the game. Perhaps the ability to use fireworks or other random fun spells. Just something so that they seem more wizardly throughout the game.

Also, I would really like to see new furniture, more modern. Maybe if they could add some really cool sofas and chairs, art objects, real kitchen appliances and better cabinets, etc. I also think they should increase the item count from a max of 300 to a max of like 500. I just can't furnish all the rooms of some of the larger houses the way I want with such little space. I really like the new build a castle feature but the way they have it packaged makes me not want to even try. It's too expensive and you end up throwing away things you don't need. I think they should create several packs. For example, a roofs and ornaments pack, walls and windows, flooring and stairs. I think they may sell more if they could make it more user friendly and economic.

One other thing, in PvP, balance wizards are way too hard to fight. There is no good defense for their magic. They should introduce better counter spells to make it more of a challenge for both wizards. I know a lot of players that feel the same way. It's just not worth joining tournaments with balance wizards because nine times out of ten, they're going to win.

What do you all think?

Jun 15, 2013
As a Balance wizard, I don't get why some people say we're hard to fight. Have you seen those Storm and Fire monster cards? And just last week I had my a** handed to me by a Necromancer! We have some good cards, but I don't think they're all that strong. As for shielding against Balance, you would have to use the Tower card which belongs to the Ice school. Either train it or buy it as a treasure card.