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Wands for Reading

Aug 11, 2009
The first time I saw the Dread Grimore I thought it was a wand. It was still cool as a pet but I thought a book wand would have been cooler. What do you think about KI making a book wand? If you like it, post ideas about book wands!

Autumn Emeraldleaf Lvl 46
Fallon Emeraldleaf Lvl 6

Jun 14, 2010
I agree. I think it would suit being a wand, as well.
It could be closed when you hold it out of battle - only opening as you cast a spell.

I think it's great as a pet, too. The way it just hovers close to you, is very cool.
The only prob I have, is that it has a name floating above it. I think pet names should be turned off for that particular "pet".
It's really odd to see a flying book named 'Princess Sam' zipping by you. Kinda takes away from the arcane feel it's trying to present.
Which again, is a good reason for a wand version to be made.

Aug 11, 2009
When I saw the part about "Princess Sam" I laughed. Since I am storm and want to decorate my house with books, I always see a book called "The Magic of Storm" or something like that. That would be a fun wand. When you cast a spell your lips would be moving like you were talking. Then after you finish the spell you promply close the book. Do you want to meet up sometime in Wizard101? Write back soon!

Autumn Emeraldleaf lvl 46
Fallon Emeraldleaf lvl 6

Oct 27, 2009
That is a great idea, making a book wand. I like the idea of a storm one being named Magic of Storm, but they might need to give it a different title if the storm book is already a furniture item. I can't remember the exact title of the furniture book.

Aug 11, 2009
I looked and the name of the book was "The Magic Of Storm". Do you have any ideas? If you do then please post them here.

Autumn Emeraldleaf lvl46
Fallon Emeraldleaf lvl6