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Wand spells

Oct 28, 2009
I had a really cool idea this morning for a new spell. You know with most wands you get no pip, 100% spells that do like 45 - 130 damage, well what if they could heal?
Maybe in the next update KI could bring out wands that come with 4, 5 or 6 no pip, 100% healing spells. These wouldn't heal too much only about 50 hp for low level wands and 100 hp for higher levels.
The amount healed wouldn't reflect the school of the spell. What i mean by this is that storm generally has higher damage than ice but in the wand spells they do the same amount.
The healing spells would be in every school, but that does't matter cos they would all heal the same amount. I was also thinking death could have mini steal spell. Something like take 60 damage to opponent, convert half to health.
Oh, and these wands would also give the necessary amount of pips, powerpips and critical damage/block.
Positive feedback and constuctive criticism welcome!

Valdus Lionhammer, Pyromancer

Dec 10, 2009
the other day i saw a high level wand that gives 6 minor blessings (minor blessing heals 65 health) this card also has 0 pips and 100% accuracy. i believe it is for lv. 65 or 66 and above i think.