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User interface suggestions

Jan 11, 2011
I have a rather large monitor I can use of 32" and all settings at high along with the max resolution. The issue I am having is that during combat the text on my cards is extremely small to the point of not being readable. I am curious if other people have this situation and would like to see a scalable user interface. The game looks great and runs great other than the cards text being so small and I would also like to suggest being able to have a lot of the ui hidden unless you mouse over it or perhaps a setting where these things can be adjusted. The Pirate 101 ui is nice since you have to mouse over a lot of it to get it to pop open. I think it would be better for both games to have similar ui's so that people that have started on one and want to try the other can come in already knowing their way around the menus. That really could make a difference in people deciding whether they want to play both or not giving one or the other a fair chance.