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Useful Addition to Stitching

Aug 19, 2014
I'm sure everyone knows stitching is taking the stats and moving them onto another aesthetically different piece of gear. This includes every aspect of the stats, but I was wondering if anyone finds my idea to change the dynamics interesting:

Stitching Cards. Basically, any item cards would be separate from the actual stats. This means you could get the stats you want, but then say the card that is with it is of no use to you, while another piece of gear has stats you do not desire but a really powerful spell, you could then do additional stitching and switch the cards. Stitching cards would have an additional crowns cost, based on the number of cards you are trading (say you are getting two cards from a single piece of gear while the one you have has only one, the cost will b higher). Higher level spells will cost more too. I think this will make gear much more strategic as you could have more control over your stats and spells as well as so many times there's been a spell on gear I like but the stats are just of no use, making the spells useless. Perhaps card stitched gear could be no pvp, if people think it would be unfair. Please share any advice

May 13, 2010
I totally agree! Sometimes I find really good stats on gear, but the spells aren't even my school. I would love to at least swap spells that are different schools.

~Jacob NightHunter 110 Reading Room Roustabout

Aug 19, 2014
So some rules

1- You can obviously only stitch cards between the same types of gear (so no putting robe item cards onto a wand)
2- You can trade any amount of cards (so even if there are three cards, the gear you stitch will have all of them, the cost will just be higher if he original gear only had, say, one item card or no item cards.
3- You cannot mix and mash. Say one robe has two out of its three cards that interest you while the robe you have has one so you just want to take two of them and keep one of the item cards on your robe. Sorry, you have to trade all of them.
4- you can stitch the gear appearance and also then stitch cards. It allows both but separate costs.
5- higher level cards cost more crowns (up to ki to determine how much more)
6- unbalances cost more. So trading out a low level card for the higher level card you want will be more pricey , as well as trading out a single card for three cards
7- just like gear appearance you can unstitch cards.
8- you have to be a high enough level to use the card you want to stitch (no being level five and getting that fire dragon amulet for level 50)

Mar 31, 2009
I don't really like the idea/I don't think it will really work because the item cards are part of the STATS so changing the item card is changing the STATs. There is also already a current implementation in progress called Jewels/Socketing! KI did hint that they wanted to eventually maybe potentially expand the socketing to other things than just amulets, athames, rings and pets. So maybe they will add socketing to hats, robes and shoes etc. I do wish that there were some Item Card giving Jewels that were like round or square in addition to the Triangle ones. That would be nice.

Aug 19, 2014
Item cards aren't really part of the stats. The stats are all numbers, health, damage, crit, etc. After the stats it then says gives "X" card(s). This addition to stitching basically just lets you trade cards between gear of the same type. It would basically be another way to optimize the usage of your gear. Like some said, many times we get really good stats but then a card that is pretty much useless and just takes up space

Jun 17, 2014
want to toss in a quick note here, if you dont like the card, go to your deck customization.... go to where the spell is, at the bottom of the screen, where all your wands show up, and click it, a red x appears.... it will no longer show up in the deck