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Upgrading Pack Gear

Sep 19, 2013
I think all of us have some assorted pack gear that we still use, but is not at our level. I for one am an Exalted Necromancer, and my wand is the level 90 Frosty Stare Tiki Torch. As much as I would like to get the level 100 version, it's not worth it to me to dig through a potentially infinite number of packs for only a slightly better wand. Then I had an idea: What if we could upgrade our existing pack gear to the next 10-level mark for a Crowns fee? Some people are going to say that this will lose KI money and they won't do it, but I disagree. Because people like me know exactly how much they're going to pay for that upgrade, we might be more likely to get it rather than blow all our crowns on potentially nothing. Also, the fact that pack gear can stay with your wizard might lead more people to buy packs to get the item in the first place. The "I must have THE most powerful weapon EVER" crowd might spend less, but I think it will at least balance out.

~Kane WildThief, Exalted Necromancer

P.S. Some of the robes and other gear need better stats. My level 90 Tiki Armor of Riptides gives me only 600 max health, 6% damage, 39 critical rating, 5% pierce, and 6% inc. healing. That's awful.