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Updates to help tab?

Jan 31, 2013
Are you planning on updating the Help Tab? Its missing a lot of new icons like all of the Shadow Magic, the new resist icon for Jewels, the new damage icon for jewels. Castle Magic and Monstrology isn't in the Help Tab for "Quick Help", also the new friends list interface should really be in the Help Tab, also with chat channels as none of these things are explained. Should really add a keybind for the Help Tab like "H" since it isn't used for anything and H = Help.
I've always loved reading help interfaces even though I don't really need help but to see if they're updating it with new things that might needing a little explaining. I just feel like the help tab needs a little updating, it doesn't have to be in depth but a little "Quick Help" that anyone needs at anytime. Don't have to update it, just my opinion.

Thanks for your time, and have fun!