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Updated Weapons

May 01, 2010
Hi KI, I just wanted to know if you could accept this idea. I'm a big fan of weapons and I just don't like having to play the game with only wands, staffs, and swords. I was just wondering if you could add more weapons. You know, spears, bows, whips, axes, etc. Also, if you do accept this idea, It would be great if you could add seperate weapon abilities, so then we can use spells AND abilities like slashes, stabs, etc. I would love to equip spears. And also, instead of using training points, we could learn new abilities as we level up.

I hope you enjoy my idea!

With focus, comes victory.
Tyler Soulstaff Lv 60 Conjurer

Dec 09, 2008
that sounds cool! I had a idea about that not long ago. i thought about maybe a pair of magic gloves so you could cast spells by hand like some of the enemies in Dragonspyre do.

Feb 16, 2009

I understand where you're coming from, but I don't think that bows, axes, and whips would fit in a game called Wizard101. It's not WoW, it's a kid's game.

Don't get me wrong; it's a cool concept,and I personally wouldn't mind weilding that sweet flogger that Astraeus uses in the Trial of Spheres, but it doesn't seem very practical.

Feb 09, 2009
Technically, they all have that stuff alredy. Some wands look like spears and axes. I don't think the whip and bow and arrow ideas would work because they'd require a lot of animation work. Weapons do have abilities to slash and stab; that's what the cards that come with weapons do.

Sep 11, 2010
Unfortunately, we're wizards - not warriors. If you wanted to be a warrior, you had to head north at Golem Court and talk to Aron, the leader of the Wizard City Armed Forces - I heard that they're looking for new recruits to help clean up the chaos Malistaire left behind.

Though, of course, you must have noticed that all of the novelty wand-swords and spears sold in the various shops around the Spiral have blunt edges, and the same magic-channelling properties as a normal wand. They're just fancy wands, really, though some people think they are entertaining to use to poke enemies to death with (I'm quite fond of the double-spin air-slice for Balance oriented magic slashes).

Though, I must say that I like Jack's idea of having gloves. That way, we could get the benefits of a wand, but not actually having one equipped - making us feel a bit more badass by not having to rely on a visible wand to channel our magic.